Liberator BonBon Review: 

Testing The Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: July 2nd, 2023

For those who aren't aware, bonbon is a French word meaning "candy", although it can just as easily be used in conversation the same way the word "treat" can be used. So it stands to reason that the Liberator BonBon should be able to bring something into the user's sex life that they were sorely missing before, much in the same way a box of chocolates can spice up your day.

The BonBon is a piece of sex furniture that can be used either to improve range of motion when a couple is having sex, but its main selling point is the fact that it can very effectively hold a dildo/vibrator in place that can then be used however you please. 

If you think about how people most frequently use vibrators, it is typically a missionary position or similar position in which controlling the toy with the hand is easy and straightforward.

This means that riding your dildo is essentially completely out of the question unless you manage to think up something to keep it in place while you steady it with your hand. 

Not an appealing prospect, now is it?

With the BonBon, having a sex toy and no partner is much less of an inconvenience than it was previously.

Design & Specs

The BonBon is shaped like half of a cylinder and resembles a pillow in both look and size.

It is 15'' x 8.5'' x 12'', not extremely bulky by any means, it's more or less just an especially tall throw pillow in shape.

Three components make up the toy, the first being the outer cover that comes in 7 different colors and is made out of either Velvish (synthetic velvet) or microfiber.

Underneath this cover is a protective polyester liner that's meant to serve as a moisture barrier between the cover and the core of the toy. The core is made from polyurethane foam, the same kind of foam that goes into Memory Foam mattresses.

What really sets the BonBon apart is the hole in top of the toy that's meant for a vibrator or a dildo to be placed inside. The base of the toy will rest inside of the pillow, so toys that allow for remote control have an advantage over toys that need their controls changed manually as it can be difficult to change settings while in use. 

Any toy with a diameter of 1.25''-3'' will be able to be accommodated by the Liberator BonBon. The hole is deep enough to cover the base of most toys I own without sacrificing much if any of the toy's usual insertable length. Those who want to use a dildo might want to consider purchasing a slightly longer toy than usual to make up for the inch or two that can be "lost" to the hole.

So the toy's main function is of course to make a comfortable place for anyone to ride their vibrator for some girl-on-top action, and to that effect lots of thought was put into the design & curvature of the pillow. It can also be very effectively used to prop up parts of the body during partnered sex, its small size & efficacy can be appealing to those who don't want a massive piece of sex furniture, and especially want one that can be hidden among normal pillows with ease.

Do everything in your power to not get the inner foam core wet as fully drying it out is a resource and time intensive process. The liner comes off easily and is completely machine washable, after a few months of ownership our liner still returns to 100% smell-free status after a wash and hasn't lost its color any more than any other kind of material can reasonably be expected to lose after consistent washing.

What Do I Think About It?

In the interest of full disclosure, I do have a bit of a sweet tooth. Normally my bonbons are covered in chocolate, although the Liberator variety does have a kick to it.

Jokes aside, we bought our BonBon from the official Liberator store, since they offer the lowest prices on all of their own products. Not only that, there's a ton of fake Liberator products available online from places like Amazon and other shady retailers. I paid around $70 after using the coupon code "MORESEX". Click here if you'd like to use the same discount yourself. 

First thing I noticed was that it was easy to move around, it isn't awkward in the slightest to hold and move however I wanted it to. Now was the time to select my champion to go into the vibrator slit in the middle of the toy. After much deliberation, I chose the Kiiroo Pearl 2 (full review here) for its shape and the fact I could use my smartphone to change the settings without having to reset the whole friggin' unit. It slips in after a bit of manipulating. 

I was initially concerned about how well the vibrator would stay inside, how the pillow grips the toy is in such a way that the toy is securely anchored at a 90 degree angle. Any dildo I tried in it had more flop around the shaft than movement at the base while vibrators worked just fine for extended use.

I don't mean to toot my own horn but I think the Pearl 2 was a great choice for this mount. When you consider how it's shaped, it makes the most sense to pick a relatively straight & simple vibrator that's perfect for riding. At some point while I was using it, I had the genius idea of positioning it against the wall and attempting to use the toy that way. The flat base is useful but I did have to modify my bedroom slightly to get it to work properly like that. 

One technique I've grown fond of is putting the pillow on the bed,  leaning forward with my elbows resting on the mattress while I control the vibrations of the Pearl 2 remotely via my phone. Mid riding I can switch up the vibration patterns in so many different ways at the touch of a button. You know in those old Disney cartoons when characters would have steam blowing out of their ears? That's how I felt, just for much different reasons.

As I began to get myself situated for riding, my inner thighs began to move nicely into the foam core of the toy. It squished down about an inch or so before staying there, I appreciated that I could use this thing without having to worry about what surfaces my body would end up touching. It was simple to keep myself confined to where I wanted to be while still using the toy vigorously. Some knee high socks or the right pantyhose meant I was using it in any room I felt the urge to try it out in.

I don't know what came over me but one of the first times I used it I began thinking of myself like I was on a really weird bull riding machine. It made me laugh and I got really into it, that's when I knew this little BonBon wouldn't end up becoming a regular pillow in a few months out of boredom. Without getting into too much detail, the cover is a frequent member of my weekly laundry basket.

There have been times my husband and I have used this as an aid to sex, to those ends it is not without its utility. It's kind of like an odds-and-ends piece that can fit in perfectly for a select few applications. I've used it as a place to rest my knees many times, otherwise it's usually supporting either my upper or lower body for way better bedroom choreography.

Without the added dildo mount it would be harder to justify the toy on the pillow aspects alone for the price, between the two options though there's a full-fledged addition to the furniture collection here. We've also used it in conjunction with the Liberator Wedge (review) as well to orgasmic ends, we'd be lying if we said we weren't having a good time with all of the opportunities our furniture can provide.

Something referenced as a "squeeze me" design is referenced on their store page and there's no indication of what that means whatsoever, at this point I'm inclined that they included the fact you can squish it with your hands as an extra feature. Sure, it is a legitimately smart way to use the pillow, if an odd way to tell us about it. Also on their page are some hilariously campy videos that must have been hilarious to film (Warning: Videos are NSFW) since they play out like old 2000's soap operas.

They don't have to be good filmmakers though. They're in the pillow business, and they make a darn fine pillow that you can have sex with.

Where Can You Get One?

The company that is responsible for this toy, Liberator, is also responsible for numerous other pieces of sex furniture, to the point where I jokingly refer to them as the Sears of sex toys. There's entire chairs, or just small ramps. Personally, I never expected to have this much furniture made out of foam and be completely okay with it.

Liberator uses discreet shipping methods and also is nearly always running some kind of sale.

Currently, they're running the code "MORESEX" if you're interested in taking advantage of 20% in savings. Click here to redeem discount! The percentage changes frequently, while the code is sometimes kept as MORESEX, always look at the top banner of the website to see what promotions are currently available and what codes you'll need to use to redeem them.

The size will more than likely instantly clue you in to whether or not your new cuddle buddy is in that brown box on your doorstep.

Parting Words

I appreciate this piece from Liberator a lot because it fills in a major gap in how women can enjoy a phallic object during solo sex. It's simple in the form of a pillow as opposed to some kind of giant rig and gets the job done if I want to get my jollies from riding one of my extremely powerful vibrators. 

It also works well as a smartly shaped pillow that can be subbed in during sex. It allows for more of the room to be used; for instance if the pillow is used against a wall to brace your body against spontaneous sex that ends up covering every square inch of a room becomes a very tempting & very viable option. It is fairly clear that I'm a big fan of sex furniture by this point. I just find it such a simple but pragmatic way to deal with the fact that human beings don't fit perfectly into each other or even into the world itself.

Comfortable sex is memorable sex.

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