Liberator Wedge Pillow Review:

Our Experience Using The Liberator Sex Wedge

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 1st, 2023

Getting inventive in the bedroom is a massive part of the whole experience.

When that hit of inspiration radiates through your core and you just figured out what might very well be one of the best positions of all time, now you have to deal with how you're going to make it a reality.

Queue awkward fumbling and/or sore parts with a sub 100% chance everything went smoothly.

If only something out there could help provide appropriate cushioning and elevation.

Of course someone has invented it, you can bet your bottom dollar just about all sexual needs can be catered to with a few internet searches. 

We're talking about the Wedge by Liberator right now. A simple foam wedge ended up making all of the difference for my wife and I.

Not everything (in fact, very few things) is made explicitly for having sex on/around.

Perfect for knees, elbows, backs, and a laundry list of other parts, the Liberator Wedge/Pillow allows for unmatched spontaneity in any sexual encounter.

What Is The Liberator Wedge/Pillow?

You know those wedge shaped pieces of foam you'd see at a jungle gym kind of place? One of those is really similar to the Liberator, but it's where it differs from one of those that it shines.

Sloped at 27 degrees and with a soft microfiber liner that deals with any and all moisture on the outside and foam on the inside, they managed to get the density perfect. The trick is for it to be able to take as much body weight as possible while still retaining its overall shape. If you haven't caught on yet, this is a special sex pillow meant to help fit two people together like puzzle pieces.

Coming in at 14''x 27''x 7'',  its the smallest actually useful piece of furniture in my household's entire collection. 

It's about as big as a large pillow with five different colors available for the exterior liner. The interior foam is the variety that intends to absorb as much weight as possible as opposed to the bed underneath it which stays relatively in place. 

Why even pick up this toy in the first place? Having a sex pillow on hand makes finding & staying at the G-spot a much simpler task, among a few other things. It shines as a way to reduce neck strain according to my wife. Many great positions that normally can only be held for a few moments can be kept in place indefinitely.

The liner is moisture resistant and machine washable, a quick laundry run is all that's needed for it to be as good as new. If you plan on leaving it out like regular furniture like we do, we recommend giving it a wash before letting it lay around.

How We Use The Liberator Wedge

Thrilling & spontaneous sex is thankfully a consistent theme in my marriage. Like many couples, we explored as much as we could almost as quickly as we could. After a while, we needed to get a bit more creative to hit the same levels of novelty and perfection. We knew we wouldn't have to go as far as gag balls and sadistic torture (different strokes, right?), but something was missing.

In reality, the Wedge made the most sense. It's a sex aid but not necessarily a sex toy, it's sex furniture. There's no fumbling with drawers or charging to get to the good stuff, it's for those times we just absolutely have to go at it but need a little bit of help.

How does it help? We're talking doggy style, froggy style, off-the-wall style, the sky's the limits now. I find it works great as a platform for the limbs or to help the back get into the proper shape. There's hardly a way we haven't tried by this point and ours is still going strong. It doesn't look rode hard and put away wet even after all the use we've put through ours, much to our surprise.

Consider something as simple as missionary. Even simple moves like moving the legs above the head can cause discomfort pretty quick. But, if the wedge is positioned just right it'll make both penetration and holding a variety of different poses a lot easier. You'd be surprised how much difference a slightly improperly arched back can make vs a much more comfortable pose. Obviously sex is just plain better when everyone is as comfortable as they can be.

The Wedge doesn't have to stay planted on a horizontal surface either, people. Bracing ourselves against a wall or allowing the perfect placement of an elbow for stability in otherwise harsh terrain is exhilarating to actually pull off and our results speak for themselves.

Whenever we've slipped a little bit the fabric was pretty forgiving, worst case scenario is a bad case of red rug burn. It's an excessively easy toy to keep around, what with it just being a comfy square of special foam, more or less.

Where Can I Find One?

Liberator makes a full line of sex furniture, from full sized Esse chairs to the relatively tiny Wedge. It's useful, affordable, and actually not a half bad pillow at the end of the day.

So, I recommend going right to the source for the cheapest possible price.

Currently, they are running the promo code "MORESEX" if you're interested in taking advantage of 20% in savings. Click here to redeem discount!

Shipping was quick and came in a regular ol' brown box, no surprises there.

Final Thoughts

For whatever reason a precisely 27 degree incline was chosen, after using one myself I can say that some kind of science went in to picking that number over say, 25 or 30 degrees. I'd like to think it was the product of lots of sleepless nights and complex math in a Liberator laboratory somewhere out there.

If I try and consider my entire collection of sex related items, few have the same amount of utility and actual usage time behind them as the Liberator Wedge. It's made my wildest fantasy positions a reality for both me and my wife. It just so happens that a lot of the places she finds feel really good have a reciprocal effect on me of being absolutely fantastic. As far as shooting up my sexual satisfaction, the sex it makes for also makes me feel like I'm a lot closer to my wife.

All jokes aside, it's a sex pillow made from high density foam with a polyester microfiber liner that can be machine washed. It's compact, it's noteworthy, it's darn good.

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Eddy - September 2, 2019 Reply

Me and my boyfriend Jeff absolutely LOVE our Wedge, it allows for easy anal access and provides the perfect angle for prostate stimulation!

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