Zumio Review: 

Testing Out The Zumio X & Zumio S Vibrators

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 20th, 2023

Sex tech has evolved to the point that if you really want to make waves in this industry, you can't just walk up with your typical vibrator that's just been fancied up and made to look like it came from the Apple Store.

That kind of behavior might have been acceptable in the early 2000s and 2010s when things were first getting started, but now innovation really requires reinventing the wheel. That's if you want people to take notice en masse, that is.

The fact that the Zumio more closely resembles an alien probe or perhaps some kind of niche art stylus further cements this way of thinking, it isn't the average clitoral vibrator, in more ways than one.

In fact, it isn't even supposed to be held like a regular vibrator, proper technique (as per the company's videos, at least) involves holding it much in the same way you would a marker but instead of writing about your yard sale it essentially translates each flick into a corresponding moan.

At least it does for me, anyway.

Design & Specs

zumio x logo
  • Taller, narrower and firmer tip.
  • More intense vibrations.

zumio s logo
  • Shorter, wider and softer tip.
  • Slightly less intense vibrations.

There are two models of the Zumio, the Zumio X and the Zumio S. While they bear similarity superficially, they differ in vibration intensity and tip design. The tip of the Zumio S is shorter, wider, and softer while the toy itself offers significantly less intensity than the Zumio X. The picture to the right illustrates all of the differences between the X and S clitoral vibrators that are worth knowing from a consumer standpoint.

For the purposes of this review, I obtained the Zumio X. It is the original Zumio product and an intensity level of 5.5 to 9.5 sounds a lot more appealing to me than a relative intensity level of 4-7.5. That means the Zumio X on 1/3rd of its maximum power is just as strong as the Zumio S, when it comes to clitoral vibrators I'm the type who likes power and a toy that has some history to it.

The tip itself is made from body-safe silicone while the handle is made from ABS plastic, this is a very common material choice since they require the same kind of cleaning care and do a great job at staying sanitary.

The tip is affectionately referred to as the SpiroTIP, this silicone tip rotates & vibrates in a 360 degree motion. Stimulation can come from either strongly applying the tip to the clitoral region and letting the vibrations transfer directly into the tissue, a light application meant to let the tip move around, or by using the sides of the toy directly below the tip to apply power in a much more generalized fashion. Both the Zumio S and the Zumio X have 8 different speeds, you can rely on the intensity graph above to estimate where each speed lands on the overall scale for each toy.

Also worth noting is that the toy is completely waterproof, the point where the picture on the side of the box depicts the toy soaking in a glass of water not unlike a pair of dentures might, so you can take this sucker right into the shower with you. Completely waterproof toys are also much easier to clean since you can be a lot less careful and precise. Remember, this kind of toy cleans best with warm water and a mild soap, harsh cleansers are likely to make micro-pores in the silicone which is the last thing anyone wants.

Another worthwhile aspect of this toy is the noise level. Whisper-quiet is more of a marketing term than an actual assessment of sound level, but I sincerely doubt this toy hits 50db (any higher and a toy is absolutely not a stealth sex toy) even at the highest settings.

Inside the Zumio is a NiHM battery that is charged on an induction charging base connected via USB that comes right in the box. What's atypical about the Zumio is that it is an extremely low maintenance toy when it comes to charging. There are no set in stone charging rules, the company suggests that a full charge is complete after an overnight plug-in session with most of their consumers saying they charge it once every six months or so. In my experience, the Zumio has anywhere from 1.5-3 hours of total use time depending on what intensity level you use and how hard it is applied. What is nice is that if it ever seems like it is going to die on me a quick hour or two is enough to get me enough use to get off and give it a proper charge.

If your toy doesn't last at least an hour regardless of intensity level or the tip snapped off in transit, rest easy knowing there's a 1-year warranty on Zumio toys.

Here's a helpful little video made by Zumio that will explain exactly how to use the Zumio:

Do I Recommend These Vibrators?

Because of the silicone construction of the Zumio tip, only water-based lube should be used. Since it is a toy that is used externally I find that it requires little reapplication and my own natural lubrication can help increase the longevity of any lubricant applied.

Using the Zumio has a bit of a learning curve to it, you don't hold it like the typical vibrator, it's a stylus that requires the same kind of gentle care writing does. Because of this, I found that over time proper use of the Zumio is more in the wrist than it is in the hand itself.

After my first 15 minutes of fiddling around, I had it down pat. From the get-go the vibration speed is satisfying, constant, and far from too much to handle. I enjoy warming up on the lower settings by lightly bringing the Zumio around my labia and clitoris and let it go in complete circles to get the blood flowing. If you don't apply too much pressure, the tip is free to move more or less how it pleases, I must say it is surprisingly nimble as well as excellent at getting in some of the more obscure folds of my personal biology.

Whenever real force is applied, the vibrations will penetrate deeper but overall the experience will be less intense, that's why having so many different speed settings is so essential to make sure any kind of craving for clitoris stimulation can be fulfilled. I find that it only takes one or two intensity bumps to get back to the same intensity that was felt with more light control of the toy.  One worry I had was that it would be easy to snap off the tip and I'd end up never truly using the toy at its true potential for fear of breaking it. There's enough give to the tip that you'll know when you're pushing the limits and it seems to me that it is highly unlikely you'll snap off the tip unless you were explicitly trying.

At maximum intensity, the toy has lots of power going for it. The small stature of the toy means it isn't necessarily the kind of force that will bowl you over, instead the speed & vibration intensity are kicked up nicely in a way that linearly scales pleasurable feelings. Very quickly I noticed that I tend towards the final three intensities for the majority of my time with the Zumio, although I do have a much higher tolerance for power on my clitoris than a lot of women I've talked to about sex toys.

I do like to use the toy in my own hand, but one way it has changed my bedroom play forever is whenever I can give it to my husband. Don enjoys using his fingers & mouth to get me off, but he's not always in the mood for spending extended periods of time down there. The Zumio allows him to not get sore/uncomfortable while getting me off, plus it knows a thing or two that his fingers just can't replicate.

All of that has made me completely enamored with the Zumio. It's new, it's groundbreaking, and it actually works. Despite my usual skepticism at anything that uses "patented [something] technology", the Zumio really did step up to the plate and give me something I can't get anywhere else.

As far as vibrators that stimulate your clit go, there are a few toys I'd recommend over the Zumio vibrators. These toys include:

Where Can You Buy Zumio Toys?

Personally, I got my Zumio  directly from the MyZumio website as they offer free shipping to anywhere in North America. That alone was enough to win me over, I find there's nothing worse than going to checkout just to find that my "perfect budgeting" was anything but.

I also like buying toys with warranties directly from the manufacturer as there tends to be less flak any time there happens to be a problem. Knowing that I've received the most up-to-date and genuine toy possible is also a plus, since tons of sex toys out there get minor tweaks on a yearly basis that aren't always represented by the toy you receive from a second merchant that has some old stock.

Simply put, buying directly from Zumio is as simple as it gets.

Parting Words

Truthfully, I'm glad this somewhat experimental toy turned out as well as it did. Besides a short learning curve the concept works really well and I wonder other unique clitoral vibrators will be released in the coming years. With the rise of clitoral stimulators in recent years, I think we'll finally be able to decrease the population of women who can honestly say that they've never had an orgasm.

Looking for something that's non-threatening, functional, and darn good fun? Zumio!

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