Vixskin Mustang Review:

Taking The Vixskin Mustang For A Ride

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 13th, 2023

It's rare for me to dedicate a whole page to a dildo, there's typically just not that much going on that requires talking at length about one since you get more or less the whole idea of what to expect simply from the material and dimensions of the product.

The Vixskin Mustang is a realistic dildo that changes up the script entirely. While it does have the moniker of being a "realistic dildo", it isn't flesh colored which makes for a way less unsightly appearance. I picked the Vixskin that went with a caramel approach that preserves the realistic details but doesn't look like you stole the genitals off of a way too true to life mannequin.

Of course, the option is available to get it in other skin tones, tie-dye as well, and even fluorescent orange if you happen to be in to that sort of thing.

I doubt this will be as long as most of my other posts, but I do like this dildo enough for me to not want it to go unnoticed in the middle of a big top 5 list.

What Is The Vixskin Mustang?

As a silicone dildo that comes in at 7.5 inches long (6.5 inch insertable length) and 1.5 inches at it's widest point, it's at a size that while not perhaps every woman's ideal size, it's a size that just about anyone can have some fun with.

Looking at the toy head-on it's definitely one of the better realistic dildos I've ever seen. Everything from veins to wrinkles in the foreskin area underneath the glans is accounted for, making me wonder exactly how they managed to pull off such a feat.

Either they found a way to get a great mold of the real thing or someone spent a lot of time perfecting it by hand. The Mustang isn't straight as an arrow, either. There's a gentle upwards curve that I knew would make for some excellent G-spot fun.

There's a very rigid inner core while the exterior of the toy is made of soft, flexible silicone. While I typically find these types of claims dubious, Vixskin says that their proprietary silicone blend has a special lubricating chemical that's also silicone based that's been engineered into the silicone itself, allowing for a much more realistic texture and an elasticity much more reminiscent of actual skin.

 Sometimes these claims are hard to believe because they aren't objectively provable or the alleged effects are so subtle there's no telling if they're actually telling the truth.

For any inquiring minds out there, it's absolutely compatible with a harness.

Since there's no motor inside like most toys I talk about there really isn't much else to say about the raw specifications, so let's get into a more hands-on explanation of the toy.

Why I Love The Vixskin Mustang

I'm actually usually not that much for dildos whatsoever. When they're too hard I'm usually left wondering why I wouldn't just go for a vibrator and get a little more oomph, and when they're too soft, well, usually that means it's either an unsafe jelly toy I shouldn't have let near me or it just isn't all that fun to use.

Whatever Vixskin does to make their silicone so special, it's absolutely marvelous. It's not just a realistic dildo in looks, it's absolutely a realistic dildo in feel as well. It isn't super apparent by touching it with your fingers, though.

It's slightly clammy in a way but the toy itself isn't "wet" to the touch either, it's a strange feeling. 

But what really makes this dildo extremely worthwhile is how the flexible outer silicone layer squishes in use around the solid inner core. 

I can feel any of my inner contractions actually pushing in on the toy a bit which allows for the most satisfying squish around.

The fact that's just about the perfect shape and size helps out immensely, too.

I'll add that the inner core is much more rigid than the squishy exterior, but it isn't immovable either. There's some give to it that allows for light bending, although it'll always quickly go back to its original curve.

The light curve is great for honing in on my g-spot, and I like feeling the tip of the head push in a little as it caresses the top of my vagina.

Remember that slightly clammy sensation I mentioned and the elastic nature of the toy? This isn't a toy you'll be able to rely on solely your natural lubrication while using, unfortunately.

There's some resistance associated with using the toy without proper lube that really hides all of the positive attributes of this toy, so if you really want to take advantage of everything this toy can do some water based lube is an absolute essential.

Its interesting outer surface is also a pretty big magnet for dust and lint, but I keep mine in a special box that avoids that issue entirely,  just know that you might want to give the toy a rinse before you use it and not solely afterwards.

For me it's definitely that characteristic Vixskin squish that endears me to this toy so much, I swear it must turn on some of the same circuits in my brain that go on during actual sex since I really do feel different using the Mustang compared to my other toys.

How Can I Find More Dildos Like The Mustang?

I realize that for some people how I describe the Mustang's sensations is appealing, but the dimensions and curvature might not be for everybody. So, naturally the next question is how exactly would someone go about finding toys with a similar feel to the Mustang without being the Mustang.

Other Vixskin toys are of course a good place to look since it'll make use of the exact proprietary silicone blend, but these dildos are commonly referred to as a dual density dildo. All this means is that there's one portion that's more plush than the other on the toy,

typically though it's other toys that have a solid inner core with a much more pliable exterior. That's how you can track down other dildos with this characteristic squish that I just can't seem to shut up about.

Where Can You Get One?

There's a few different places you can pick out if this dildo seems like it's your cup of tea.

I personally recommend against buying it from Amazon as the prices vary wildly and there's just always more that can go wrong with buying from Amazon compared to other retailers.

So, I absolutely recommend buying from as they have great prices and are absolutely committed to spreading a sex positive message with their brand.

All too often I'll notice brands tend to care way more about the bottom line than about actually servicing the needs of their customers, so it was really refreshing to see such a warm and down to earth approach from SheVibe. You can argue it's just another form of marketing, which sure, it is, but ultimately they give off a much more trustworthy vibe than some sketchy sex parlor website.

Final Thoughts

Hats off to Vixskin for making a dildo I could actually commit an entire review to. This toy really does appeal to me on so many levels.

Amazing feeling to the material used? Check. ✔
Great overall shape and size? Check. ✔
The ability to cause some spine bending orgasms worth writing home about? Check. ✔

Those three things are more than enough for me to make sure to have this dildo around in case I forgot to charge some of my motorized toys, but I've also reached for this on it's own without thinking before. Vixskin has made a pretty rabid fangirl out of me, don't act surprised if you end up seeing more reviews of their products in the months to come.

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