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My Thoughts After Extensive Testing

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: December 4th, 2019

The Lelo Noa is a couples vibrator which has been designed to be used by couples during sex.

Me and my husband love using vibrators during sex, so the Noa has been on my list for awhile.

For a couple's vibrator to be "good" in my book, it needs to satisfy about three different criteria...

First off, it should be able to stay in place during sex so it isn't something that breaks up the flow of any encounter.

Next, it should have worthwhile vibrations that upgrade the experience for both partners involved, otherwise it doesn't serve much purpose at all, now does it?

Finally, it needs to be big enough to satisfy the two first requirements without being so big that it makes penile insertion difficult.

Satisfying all of those requirements is what We-Vibe has tried to do with their expansive line of couple's vibrators, but today we're talking all about the Lelo Noa and whether or not Lelo understands what makes a good couple's vibrator.

Lelo is usually pretty good when it comes to balancing ergonomics and functionality, so they had the benefit of the doubt right off the bat.

Still, more established manufacturers than them have tried to make a couple's vibrator and fell short, so let's see where the Noa stands in the grand scheme, shall we?

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What Is The Lelo Noa?

This is a U-shaped vibrator meant to be inserted inside the vagina during sex. The Noa is made from 100% body-safe silicone with a few of the accessory parts being ABS plastic.

It measures in at 3.3'' x 1.7'' x 1.1'', with the 3.3'' representing the length on both ends of the U, the 1.7'' referring to it's width, and the 1.1'' dealing with it's depth. For reference sake, if this was a standard vibrator it would be firmly within the smaller end of the size scale. The majority of the length is insertable, at 3.2'' of insertable length.

The larger end is meant to rest on the clitoris while the smaller end goes inside the vagina.

One part of the vaginal arm worth noting is the small ridge/plateau  towards the bulb part of the toy. I find that this was included to better anchor the toy while in use, couples toys with a smoother bulb tend to have more issues staying in place.

At 31g grams in weight, it's a bit more weighty than a AA battery (23g) while slightly over an ounce (28g). Since the weight is distributed along the U-shape, it's pretty lightweight and unobtrusive all things considered.

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How It Works

There are six different vibration modes that vary from hardly anything to consistent pulsation that's sure to be felt by both people involved. These different modes are controlled via a button on the top of the toy instead of by a remote or smartphone app.

Lots of people are concerned about how noisy these things are, as they can kind of ruin a mood if they sound like a jet plane taking off. The maximum noise level is 50 dB, about as loud as a casual conversation. A bird call is 44 dB, for reference's sake. That means it is pretty quiet overall, and if you use this toy missionary style a lot of the noise is blunted by the skin-to-skin contact involved.

It is completely waterproof so there's nowhere you can't take it and you can be pretty forceful with how much you rinse it off without having to worry about frying the inner electrical circuits.

Here's a useful video made by Lelo which illustrates how the Noa works:

Battery Life & Charge Time

As far as battery life is concerned, we're dealing with a two hour charge to two hour use time. A 1:1 charge-to-use ratio is pretty standard, but most toys like this tend to only last an hour at a time. 

Compared to other wearable vibrators like the OhMiBod Esca 2 and the Lovense Lush 2, the Lelo Noa actually has a slightly shorter battery life. That being said, I think 2 hours is plenty enough time for most people. I only had the toy die on me once (and this was because I was testing the battery life). I've never had the Noa run out of battery while using it. I've made it a habit to charge my vibrators after every use.

What Comes In The Box?

Upon unboxing the Noa, this is what was included by Lelo:

  • The Noa vibrator itself (surprise, surprise)
  • A USB charging cord
  • A small satin storage pouch
  • A warranty information card
  • A user instruction manual

My Experience Using The Lelo Noa

The pictures online can be kind of misleading, this toy is really diminutive and in this case that's a good thing. Too many couple's vibrators are far too big, period.

By this point I'm woman enough to admit that I have a bit of a love affair with opening Lelo boxes. They are rather exquisite looking and to me are just as iconic as the Tiffany box. After unboxing enough Lelo products, I really do wonder if diamonds deserve the position of being a girl's best friend.

The toy charges by unscrewing the clitoral portion of the vibrator and attaching the magnetic charger to the port concealed within. This does mean that it only has one motor, meaning the vibrations are strongest at the clitoris and weaker the further you move away. After charging it up, it was time to go.

This does mean that the vibrators are centralized in the clitoral arm, any vibrations from the insertable arm are mostly due to spillage. I find that this does help keep the toy in place much better than some toys that have different motor placement.

Don was practically begging to give this toy a shot, and after some playful teasing I gave in. I wouldn't tell him at the time, but I was just as eager as he was to get things going.

First came insertion, which after using the entire sample pack of lube was an absolute breeze. These types of toys work best when you use gravity to your advantage, meaning that positions like missionary where the toy falls down on itself or girl-on-top where both bodies can work together to keep the toy in place work best. Shockingly, doggystyle was fairly effective with this toy, with Don having to do only minor adjustments during sex and a little bit of helping to keep the toy firmly on my clit.

Each of the different vibration modes is surprisingly powerful for such a small toy and I think each has its own time and place. The initial setting works great to set the mood as it is on the lower end of the intensity scale while the other options you should go through yourself before settling on what you like best. I personally like the alternating pulse setting, as it's kind of like a 1-2 punch type of sensation. 

Changing the modes while using the toy is relatively simple, all you need to do is give the button a quick press and voila. The button isn't too sensitive that it'll press itself while in use, it does take some deliberate force to push it down. Typically, it took no longer than 5-10 seconds for Don to get the job done and change the settings.

As far as my pleasure was concerned, I thought it was absolutely heavenly. This toy is absolutely stellar  if you have trouble reaching orgasm through penetrative sex alone, it is small enough to be barely noticeable by vision but powerful enough to be quite noticeable by sensation. The vibrations are more on the rumbly side which are great for penetrating deeper into the clitoral tissue than buzzy type vibrations. In the end, I still use this toy whenever I want a quick orgasm while still having penetrative sex with my husband.

He mentioned that the vibrations were strong enough to transfer slightly into the penis, but the real treasure for him is how the toy affects how the muscles in my vagina contract. As the waves of pleasure roll through my body, my vagina responds in kind by tightening up intermittently. Depending on the setting used, Don can effectively predict how my body will react and anticipate it accordingly. He mentioned that out of all of the couple's vibrators we've used before, this one was the least uncomfortable for him since the insertable portion is relatively flat and doesn't take up much real estate.

There were some times where we had to put the toy back on my clitoris, but these were often minor and were the device pivoting slightly as opposed to legitimately moving out of place. All in all, it is a very stress free addition to the bedroom.

The Pros & Cons


  • The Noa stays in place very well during sex
  • It has 6 different satisfying vibration patterns
  • It's big enough to stay in place but also small enough to allow for penile insertion while the Noa is inserted
  • The toy is completely waterproof which makes cleaning very easy and also allows for shower play
  • It's a pretty quiet vibrator in comparison to most products
  • The vibrations are strong enough to stimulate your partners penis while in use


  • The battery life is about 2 hours which is a bit shorter than competing vibrators
  • The toy must be controlled manually and cannot be controlled via remote or smartphone app

Where's The Best Place To Get One?

As one might expect, the best place to buy the Noa is directly from the official Lelo store.

You can ensure the lowest possible price (barring flash sales elsewhere) and prompt customer support by purchasing directly from their offical website.

Be sure to use coupon code "DRCLIMAX" at checkout to save 15% off. 

It's also ensured that you have the most up to date version of the Noa this way, occasionally Lelo does make small adjustments to their toys based on customer feedback, so other retailers might actually have an older model in stock and there'd be no real way for you to tell.

Bigger upgrades tend to add a "2" to the title of the toy, but quick fixes usually aren't mentioned. This is of course on top of the fact that you'll always receive a genuine product by shopping with Lelo directly.

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My Final Thoughts & Rating

Remember those three requirements I mentioned at the top of the article?

If you do, I'm flattered! If you didn't it's no big deal. I mentioned that couple's vibrators need to be unobtrusive, powerful enough to matter, and firmly anchored in place while in use.

The Lelo Noa satisfies all of that criteria swimmingly, all because of deliberate design details from Lelo. The toy is small, flat where it needs to be, bulbous where it should be, surprisingly powerful for the size & battery life, and has special grooves along its housing that I find help keep it in place rather well.

Many other manufacturers have failed in this endeavor, and I'm happy to say the Lelo Noa is a resounding win for people fed up with the current state of couple's vibrators.

If you've got any questions about the Lelo Noa, I'm happy to answer them based on my experience using it. Just leave a comment down below.

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