Best Lubes For Anal Sex:

My Top 5 Favorite Anal Lubricants

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 4th, 2023

  • Silicone-based and paraben-free
  • Tasteless, odorless, and stain-free
  • It has pump style nozzle which makes it easier to dispense
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  • Silicone-based
  • Hypoallergenic and paraben-free
  • Slick and seldom requires re-application
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  • Functions as a moisturizer
  • It is non-staining to skin and clothes
  • It is safe, tasteless, and odorless
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If there's any time you're going to be needing some lube, it's during anal. In fact, I recommend against anal sex without lubrication with every single fiber of my body.

There's simply too much that can go wrong and too much possibility for injury, pain, and discomfort to not invest ten to fifteen dollars in a little bit of lubricant. As a female, I want anal sex to go as smoothly as possible with as little disruption to my life afterwards. And males should want the same for their partners, I've always said that sex is a team sport and you should always be looking out for your teammates.

The anus isn't self lubricating and truth be told it wasn't really evolved with sex in mind. Because of this, you'll need to supply your own lubrication to keep things fun.

Here are the top lubes I've found to rank best in both slickness and staying power, because there's nothing worse than having to start the process all over again because your lube couldn't go the distance:

My Top Pickdctblv2-table__imagePenchant Premium
  • Silicone-based
  • A hypoallergenic and paraben-free lubricant
  • Slickest by volume and seldom require reapplication
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Runner-Updctblv2-table__imageValm Ultra Long Lasting Lube
  • Silicone-based and paraben-free
  • Tasteless, odorless, and stain-free
  • It has pump style nozzle which makes it easier to dispense
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Best Alternativedctblv2-table__imageUberlube
  • Functions as a moisturizer
  • It is non-staining to skin and clothes
  • It is safe, tasteless, and odorless
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dctblv2-table__imageBoy Butter
  • Oil-based lube but lasts long and sticks strongly
  • Can be used for non-latex condoms only
  • Edible, non-toxic and completely washable
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dctblv2-table__imageShibari Personal Lubricant
  • Water-based and good for anal sex
  • Hypo-allergenic and compatible to be used with condoms
  • Affordable and has a blank taste/smell
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The Top 5 Anal Lubes I've Used

Penchant Premium (My Top Pick)

Penchant Premium is a silicone based lube perfect for anal sex. Silicone based lubes take the cake for performing anal sex because they are the slickest by volume and seldom require reapplication, this is absolutely true for this particular silicone lube.

Personally we're fans of this lube because there's no weird chemical odor and its completely clear so there's no risk of any unsightly stains. To top it all off, Penchant Premium is completely hypoallergenic and doesn't contain glycerin or parabens, something you'll be hard pressed to find in most water based counterparts.

It never goes sticky and it even works in the shower, you'll need some soap when it comes time to get this lube off, it really does stick around. Because of that I tend to use very little and spread it out into a very thin yet very slippery layer before having engaging in anal play.

Practically never dries out too, so my wife is never uncomfortable, a huge plus for the both of us.

Valm Ultra Long Lasting Lube (Runner-Up)

A close second favorite of ours is none other than the Valm silicone based lubricant.

Perfect for reducing friction, I find that no matter how much I use it doesn't reduce the sensations I feel when having anal sex, and my wife feels the same way. It's paraben free but I believe it contains glycerin, so it isn't entirely hypoallergenic.

As far as consistency goes, I like it because it's a little bit creamier than other silicone lubes out there, it's a real delight when used for anal sex.

Tasteless, odorless, and stain-free, the waterproof design means that it can even be used in conjunction with a water based lube to create a whole new kind of fun in the bedroom. Application is a breeze with the pump style nozzle and I find that it is sensitive enough to dispense the perfect amount once you figure out how hard you need to press.

Our bottle has never leaked on us despite us traveling with it in our carry on luggage several times.


If I remember correctly, uber is the German term for "super" and this lube would be just as aptly named Superlube.

It's billed as a luxury lube because while it does add in some slipperiness, it naturally spreads itself out to make a very thin layer that is perfect for transferring sensation. If you're going to go through the very involved process of anal sex, you better make sure you end up feeling it.

What I like most about Uberlube is that after sex it will begin to go away and dissipate on its own without the need for an aggressively soapy shower. In fact I think it does a good job as a moisturizer once it dries out. For whatever reason this only happens once it stops being manipulated during sex, so it still has the longevity typical of silicone based lubricants.

If other lubes have left you feeling itchy or just generally strange after using them, I'd highly recommend trying out Uberlube, it's worth it. As per usual, it is completely non staining to boot.

Safe, tasteless, and odorless, we make sure to always have at least a pump left of Uberlube at all times.

Boy Butter

Typically we'd be hesitant to recommend an oil-based lube for anal sex because oil based lubes are not compatible with condoms, we understand not everybody gets down the same way and some people prefer to go domeless.

This is the only oil based lube that we've found has the staying power and slickness typical of a silicone lube that makes it good for anal play. Manual stimulation with a finger or with the use of silicone toys is possible with this kind of lube whereas the other silicone based lubes on this list cannot be used with toys. If you're interested in pegging this is absolutely the lube to choose.

We've used it extensively for anal sex, and I'll admit that we don't always use condoms during anal sex and during those times we tend to use Boy Butter. It's mainly based from natural oils like coconut oil so it doesn't stain sheets like most oil based lubricants do.

It has a lovely texture and stays slick so we like it when we're a bit tired of our usual silicone based choices, it's really unique in that it's like a tub of butter and you can just scrape out as little or as much as you want with your fingers.

Shibari Personal Lubricant

While we've been burned in the past using water based lubricants during anal sex because they just don't go the distance, we were happy when we were recommended to try the water based Shibari lube and found that it worked great for anal.

Compatible with condoms, hypoallergenic, and really easy to wash away once the deed is done, it's probably the only water based lube I'd ever recommend for anal sex.

As far as consistency is concerned it's closer to a gel than it is a liquid which is necessary to make it not dry out and be long lasting enough for anal use. The taste and smell of Shibari is very slight and not what me or my wife would call unpleasant, but I wouldn't ask for a spoonful of it either.

It's also on the cheaper side so we typically just pick up a bottle whenever we're buying a lot of items anyways so we have a versatile lube we can use for everything including anal sex. It's great stuff in my opinion.

How To Use Anal Lube

Lubrication is essential to a proper anal experience. You should first apply lubricant to the penis and make sure it has been spread evenly and sufficiently. If I had to choose between using too much or not enough, I'd definitely rather too much. 

Not only should you lubricate the penis, some lubricant should also be applied around the anus of the person who will be receiving said penis. This way, both parties are lubed up and ready to go and a little bit of the lube around the anus will make it's way inside as well which makes things just a little less uncomfortable.

Applying the lube evenly and ensuring that there's more than enough on the head of the penis is a surefire way to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. It can be difficult to insert the tip of the penis into the buttocks, as long as you have that covered the rest will go smoothly.

Go slowly and inch your way forward bit by bit and make sure to listen to feedback from your partner if you're going too fast. Slow and steady, fellas.

If you'd like to learn more about how to have anal sex properly, I've written a separate post.

Parting Words

I can't stress enough how important it is to use lubricant during anal sex. Choosing to forego the lubricant is just asking for discomfort or blood at worst. If done correctly anal sex doesn't have to be uncomfortable or sigh inducing, nor does it have to be kept for special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. My wife and I really like the added connection anal sex brings because we feel like we've been intimate with each other every single possible way two human beings who love each other can be.

If you'd like to learn more about all of my favorite lubes, I've written the ultimate lube guide.

That's all for now, I wish you all the best in your anal adventures.

Leave a comment down below if you got any questions at all!

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