How To Have An Anal Orgasm: 
Techniques, Tips, Positions & Benefits

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: March 3rd, 2020

When you've been around the block as many times as I have, you start to notice one thing: there's a heck of a lot of different ways out there to have an orgasm. Clitoral, penetration alone, G-spot, a whole load of other spots, and men even get to enjoy the beauty that is a prostate orgasm.

It turns out that orgasms can be achieved through anal penetration thanks to the vast number of sensitive nerve endings within the anus and a bit of how the anal cavity helps add more stimulation to the rest of the body's sensitive spots. I'm no stranger to anal play and have delved deep into my behind itself on top of everything related to it. I've written guides on anal sex as well as how to use anal toys, but it's about time I wrote about how to get the most out of anal play.

Don is pretty adventurous with his rear end as well, though it did take quite a bit of coaxing for him to finally see the light.

Whether you're like my husband and a little apprehensive about stuff being in your rear end or a total anal aficionado, here's everything you'll need to know about anal orgasms:

My First Anal Orgasm

My first anal orgasm came as a complete surprise to me if I'm being completely honest. Before that, anal stimulation was just another fun thing in my sometimes excessive repertoire of sexual fun.

This time was different. I had a fair bit of clitoral stimulation going on thanks to Don and a sex toy or two, yet I was still craving to feel something a bit more.

On this soon to be special occasion, the toy I wanted to try on for size just happened to be a particularly well endowed butt plug.

Lubed up and ready to go, the butt plug went deep inside me while Don also focused on my clitoris. As time kept rolling on and the excitement was building within me, I knew I was coming close to the edge. IN raw pleasure I managed to buckle a little bit which set everything off within me.

Suddenly, I was filled with mounting sexual tension that seemed to come right from the anal stimulation on offer. I quickly told Don to slow down with what he was doing to my clitoris so I could explore this sensation some more. I still remember the look on his face as he was figuring out what exactly I was up to, luckily he's a patient and understanding man so he just watched the show.

A bit more writing around on my part was done as I slowly felt myself climb towards orgasm. I had to make sure this was entirely because of the anal play and not because of anything else happening. I do think the clitoral stimulation helped to get me into the position to enjoy my first anal orgasm, but I digress. Now in that particular moment I felt myself rising up towards orgasm, with each specially thought out movement adding more fuel to the fire.

Then, just like that, it happened. My first anal orgasm of the many to come later in my life. It changed how I viewed sex forever, it was similar to the other orgasms I've had but the feeling of full body release was something I couldn't easily replicate before. I could feel my anus and vagina tense up like never before as I quickly fell to the bed shivering because of the raw sensation coursing through my entire body.

That night, Don had no reason to ask me whether or not I enjoyed myself, it was blatantly obvious. Next thing for me was to look into how anal sex could get turned up a notch way more consistently. In my efforts to try and make it easy to describe to anyone, I figured a few things out.

Guide To Have An Anal Orgasm

Get The Right Supplies On Hand

A few physical items are necessary if you plan on enjoying this kind of play for yourself. The first thing I would say to be absolutely necessary is the right kind of anal lube.

Typically I reach for silicone based lubricants in this case since they are the slickest and have the most staying power. 

Nobody wants to end their anal sex session early because its getting a bit too hard to keep going without it being painful.

However, there are some other good oil based options if you plan on using silicone based sex toys (which are incompatible with silicone based lubricants).

If you're not going to use a silicone based sex toy, then I'd absolutely recommend going with this great anal lube.

If you absolutely can't part with your favorite silicone toy, then choose this lube instead.

Once you have your lube picked up, you should also invest in a quality anal sex toy to make sure you're getting the most out of play time. One that I highly recommend would be any vibrating butt plug, the Lovense Hush being a particularly good model since you can change the settings through a smartphone instead of having to awkwardly crane your arm back to push some buttons.

Just about any anal toy will help, though. That includes using a male prostate massager if you want (Aneros has a great lineup of these for those curious), even if you're a female. Those of the male persuasion can also opt for a prostate massager since you'll be able to take advantage of prostate orgasms on top of what anal stimulation can offer you.

Besides those two items, you'll need a comfortable place to set yourself up where lots of wiggling around comes easy.

Warm Yourself Up And Go Slow

I feel like pretty much the only kind of sex that can't be turned into a quickie of some kind would be the anal variety. It's a very sensitive part of the body where roughness does not have a place.

That means when you first start off you need to be cognizant of the fact that your anus needs some time to relax and get used to foreign objects being placed inside. A finger or smaller sex toy is best suited for the early stages. Just try to insert the toy slowly then also see if you can get a feel for this kind of play. Listen to your posterior: don't go any deeper than you can handle right off the bat. Just slowly stimulate the area bit by bit until you have a good foundation to work with.

Slow and steady wins the race here. Anything like nervousness or even being too aggressive will cause your booty hole to fight back, so to speak. Breathe deep and let the orgasm come to you. Relax.

Start Exploring

Now that you're all warmed up and good to go, you'll need to figure out what parts of your anus are the most sensitive if you expect to have an anal orgasm any time soon.

Get out the toy you're going to use for the rest of the session, the one that'll really make a difference. There are a handful of different ways to try and see how to best play with the sensitive nerve endings at hand. One easy way to do it is to insert the toy fully then start moving your body around slowly to have it push up against different parts of the anal tract.

This can be done as quickly or as slowly as you want, try to visualize how the toy is moving around inside you as you feel the differences in pleasure. Another great technique is to use the base of the toy to move it around yourself, now you can have full control over the movement of the device within your body.

If you still have something you can move around in and out of the anus, that's also another fantastic way to figure out what parts of your anus respond best to anal sex. The whole point here is to try and hit every part of your behind with every kind of stimulation you can until you figure out what starts your engine. All of these more sensitive areas will factor in heavily in your quest for stellar anal orgasms.

Don't Neglect The Rest Of Your Body

I've found that while anal orgasms have a lot to do with stimulation from within the anus, they aren't completely divorced from your overall sexual drive. That means clitoral or penile stimulation can help turn up the heat on the sensations coming from your behind while also guaranteeing an orgasm of any kind.

It's worth noting that in the female body there is a shared wall between the anus and the vagina. Once something is inserted deeply into the anus, that pushes this shared wall forward in a way that stimulates the vagina as well.

So having an anal toy inserted while having regular sex or using the average vibrator can add a whole new dimension to your regular sexual play.

Men need not keep their hands off their penises either, a fun tug of war can be effectively made by sharing orgasmic power between what's going on with your rear and what's going on with your front.

I notice myself that not doing away with the regular aspects of sex helps to keep me relaxed & loose in the anus department. The more pleasure I'm having in general the more likely I am to have an anal orgasm, plain and simple.

Select Your Position

Once you start feeling the climb it's time to commit to a certain position, an anal orgasm is a lot more difficult to pin down than your average orgasm. So that means you're going to use the information you learned while exploring your body to better keep yourself edging towards the finish line.

For me, positioning my midsection properly in a doggystyle position works best. I've still had an anal orgasm in missionary style and also while on my side, but in my house a good butt plug and doggystyle is the quickest route to a knee buckling good time.

This is what will be different for everybody at the end of the day. Don't worry about what you have to do to get there, just figure out what's most pleasurable on your anus and keep chasing it until you have that anal orgasm you're looking for.

Other Anal Tips Worth Mentioning

Follow my earlier steps and you're sure to get to where you want to go. Of course, there are still some things that can make the whole process a little easier:

  • Have some small towels on hand that you can put your used anal toys on. Between usage and clean-up, it can be really helpful to have a safe zone to lay your toys down on without worrying about getting bum molecules all over the place.
  • Don't be afraid to stop to reapply lubricant. The end of the human digestive tract is quite sensitive and you risk causing microscopic tears by doing too much too fast. Trust me on this one, more lube is nearly always a good idea.
  • Shower power should not be underestimated when it comes to anal. Getting yourself nice and clean is absolutely essential plus a good shower beforehand will help you get into a more relaxed state of mind. You don't need to douche your anus or have a soup-only diet that day. Just give it a bit of prep time in the shower before getting too carried away.
  • Let your partner know beforehand if you're really going to go for gold with an anal orgasm. It can take some time to actually cross the finish line into orgasm when you're focusing on the anus, a little heads-up is a thoughtful gesture.

Which Anal Sex Toys Do I Recommend?

Using anal vibrators are by far the easiest and more efficient way to achieve an anal orgasm. They also allow you to have an orgasm completely by yourself or with a partner, the choice is yours.

These are the two main toys that I use whenever I'm in the mood for anal play:

The first one is the We-Vibe Ditto. I like it a lot because it's on the smaller side while having a very powerful motor with lots of different vibration patterns. Sometimes I feel as if my butt caps out on a certain type of stimulation and I need to switch things up if I'm to keep it interested.

The remote control makes that really simple for me since I can change the pattern as well as the intensity on the fly without having to lose my preferred position.

Since it's also nice and small, a little bit of back and forth penetrative action is also well within the realm of possibilities and a whole lot of fun to boot. Finally, the small size also lets me move it around slightly with a lot of precision.

I've lost count of how many times I've set the Ditto to a lower power setting then carefully moved it around inside of me in a circular motion until I find my sweet spot of the day.

If you want to hear more from me about the Ditto, feel free to read my full review. If you'd rather learn about it from We-Vibe, click here!

This next option is the favorite of my husband for anal play in general as well as anal orgasms, so it'd be a crime not to include it. I've used it a lot as well and find it to be well suited for this kind of thing for different reasons than the Ditto.

Its name is the Lovense Hush and it has a lot going for it. Those who want a satisfying feeling of fullness should be overjoyed to know the Hush is slightly above medium in overall size and even sports some pretty ingenious ridges around the stem to help keep lube in the area for longer. That makes for a comfortable toy that is sure to fill you up good & plenty.

I'm a lot more targeted in the sensations I like, but whenever I use the Hush I enjoy the wide array of sensations that come on nearly immediately. Once it's inserted it's all but guaranteed I'll be able to focus a lot more on my level of pleasure itself versus small, delicate movements.

So whenever I'm feeling a little lazy and just want that anal fun I've come to love, you bet your bottom dollar I'll be grabbing the Hush.

There's a lot more to the Hush than I can explain in this little blurb, read my full review for more information!

Final Words

Keep at it even if it doesn't seem like you're getting anywhere with having an anal orgasm you can be proud of. I had experienced quite a bit of anal sex myself before I really honed in on the fact that I could use the sensations to drive myself over the edge and into a blissful state of sexual release.

It could very well take some time before you get all of the movements down. When you do everything will click together nicely without any worry to speak of. Follow the steps, don't rush, and stay safe.

If you have any other questions about anal orgasms, don't hesitate to leave a comment below! I understand how difficult it can be to get into this kind of play and would love to help anyone who seems to have some hurdles to overcome.

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