Stronic Drei Review:

Is The Stronic Drei Dildo Worth Buying?

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 8th, 2023

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I like having a well rounded out list of sex toys so I can always have a super customized selection of sensations I'd like to feel. Yet short of big rideable machines, there aren't really any handheld sex toys that deliver a back-and-forth action.

After a while, it can get pretty samey when you can only work with vibrations to all of your sweet spots or taking out a trusty dildo for the umpteeth time.

It's exciting to stumble onto new subcategories of toys, today's object of desire is the Funfactory Stronic Drei.

Don't know how I'm supposed to pronounce that, it honestly sounds like some sort of magical German sword, but luckily names matter very little when it comes to actually using these pulsating toys. The Stronic Drei is designed to push and pull itself inside of you. Of course, lube is essential during this experience as it isn't something you want much friction with. Can't be letting drag get the best of you, but there's a lot going for this style of sex toy that I find very desirable.

The shape is a bit different compared to most of my silicone dildos for sure, but it doesn't thrust in any way comparable to sex, so I honestly don't think I'd have liked a toy shaped more like the real thing. Anyways, I'll get to the fun stuff now.

What Is the Stronic Drei?

Here's some vital information about the Drei:

As I've said already, the Stronic Drei is a "thrusting dildo" made from 100% body safe silicone

It's a 9.5'' long vibrator shaped like a little bumpy curved sword. Of those 9.5'', 5.5'' of this toy from Funfactory are insertable, and the widest point of this toy is 1.67'' in diameter. That's to say, it's pretty heavy duty in size alone.

Now as much as I'd love to call it a thrusting vibrator, that's not really part of the equation here. A bit of the force does transfer in a way that feels similar to a vibrator, but this toy is by and large a pulsator as opposed to a vibrator. For whatever reason the shops that sell this toy use the word "naturalistic" a lot, but I think that's underselling this toy big time. It isn't natural, it's a dildo that can move itself back and forth in perfect, exact increments. Sex toys should really stop trying to describe their toys by comparing the experience to real sex. I understand it's the most accessible thing to describe, but there's not a single toy on the male or female spectrum that is really similar to sex besides the fact that orgasms are involved.

So to further explain, three buttons control all of the action on the Stronic Drei. The big red FUN button (common to all of their toys) is the on/off switch and the plus and minus control what pattern you're on. It'll start on the medium setting and from there it's up to you to take a step up or down or navigate your way to the pulse setting that's a bit more stop 'n' go. For those who find themselves on the move with their dildos, it has the ability to be locked so it doesn't accidentally turn on. You can't really be to careful these days, I suppose.

Obviously we'd all love to know how the rechargeable battery does with this new way of propulsion. It's surprisingly a pretty good workhorse with 3 hours of playtime on a single charge. I usually find ways to hate on toys that charge with the magnetic prongs for chargers, but besides how delicately they snap on and off, it charges just as well as any plug toy I have. 

Much to my delight, the toy is completely waterproof so there's nowhere you can't bring it with you.


Quick Facts About The Stronic Drei

A vibrator that's meant for thrusting inside of you instead of the standard vibratey-type, the Stronic Drei is a pretty logical toy for a sex toy company to make if you think about it.

  • Made from firm body-safe silicone
  • 9.5'' long, 5.5'' insertable length
  • Widest point 1.67'' in diameter
  • 10 Vibration modes
  • 3 hours of play on a single charge

My Experience Using The Stronic Drei

Turns out I was on to something when I mentioned the German name. It is German and translates to the Stronic 3. The other Stronic models have their own special outer design, the Drei's is a little different, for sure. Its ribbed shaft and light curve that goes right for the G-spot is what makes it so distinct.

Some of the firmest silicone I've ever encountered makes up the exterior of this toy. It isn't too supple and doesn't have much give to it, and has a big of drag to it if you try to run your finger down the length of the toy. Lube is entirely essential for this toy unless you happen to be one of the lucky women who are downright fountainesque in your ability to provide your own lubrication.

To the best of my knowledge I'm somewhere in the middle, so I made sure I'd have enough lube to deliver me through the entire experience. I've never tried it without lube, but I'd imagine it's less than ideal.

This is also one of those toys where you need to plan out how you're going to use it a little bit. I don't really advise turning the toy on and  letting it make its way inside of you on its own. Typically I'll use it as if it didn't have any power to get myself used to the individual ridges and allow the lube to properly spread around. In my experience, I'll usually then bring it to the entrance of my vagina and turn it on, but once or twice I felt like turning it on when it was pretty close to fully inserted and I managed to get away with it. 

You're probably wondering exactly how this toy "thrusts". Well, it doesn't push itself itself, but the motor provides very reliable forward motion, almost like the toy is trying to escape your grip.  The thrusts are fairly shallow, but on the right settings with the right technique this toy has rightfully earned a spot on my list of most interesting vibrators.

Because of how it moves it also doesn't make too much of a noise compared to a real vibrator. They probably call it a pulsator because calling it a jiggler isn't the most marketable term, but it definitely isn't a vibrator. This translated to a pretty quiet experience overall.

Ten different settings are on offer, allowing for a few fun types of sensations specific to certain rhythms and enough variety that I didn't get bored by the first time I used it. 

Remember how I mentioned it was a bit sword looking earlier? They put some thought into the base the clitoris is not left out of the equation. Funfactory mentions it could be used as a prostate massager too, but for hygienic reasons I've yet to share it with Don (Lovense Edge is his favorite prostate toy, for what it's worth) so unfortunately we can't speak to its prostate prowess, but I'll do everything I can from the perspective I received.

How powerful the thrusts are can be customized in a sort of obscure way I learned. It all comes down to how tightly I held the handle, the tighter you hold the toy the more forward motion your hands absorb. I found that letting the toy have a bit more freedom showed off the thrusting aspect a lot better. Still, it's nice to be able to tailor the strokes with a little bit of effort because sometimes the ribbed shaft needs to be controlled carefully to be most comfortable. I'd say that's because it's a pretty big toy all things considered, not mammoth level but pretty big nonetheless. Length wise it's just fine, but it's rather girthy.

I was worried it would be a pretty steep learning curve, thankfully that wasn't the case. Just listen to what your body says in response and adjust grip strength and position a little. A thrusting dildo/pulsator is definitely more than just a gimmicky toy, it has proven itself in the bedroom many times, that made me pretty happy. I can squeeze out an orgasm every fifteen minutes or so, I like the journey more than the destination more however.

Where To Get One?

If you're interested in purchasing the Stronic Drei, I recommend checking out

They offered the lowest price I was able to find online and it's where I ended up purchasing mine from.

We've shopped with them before and have always had a positive experience. SheVibe is a very well known retailer and have built a name for themselves over the years. 

Wherever you decide to purchase this toy, be sure you only buy from reputable retailers to avoid fake products.

Parting Words

I'd recommend this toy to anybody who isn't particularly overly sensitive or can tolerate a bit of roughness while you get used to the toy, as it does have a life of its own and requires to be tamed a little. Having a taste for larger than average toys will definitely make the Drei a much more appealing choice, and I'm glad I took the chance on this type of toy overall.

If you're looking for a very firm toy but still made out of safe silicone I'd say out of all silicone vibrators this one comes the closest to the firmness offered by plastic. I enjoyed my time with the Drei, so long as I had the right amount of lube I was in for an orgasm by the end of it all.

If you have any questions, drop me a comment down below! Own this toy? I'd love to hear about your experience in the comments!

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