Squirting Dildos:
A Simple Guide To Ejaculating Dildos

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 14th, 2019

In A Hurry? Here's Our #1 Squirting Dildo:

For it's realistic size and full junk complete with ejaculation via syringe, The Amazing Realistic Squirting Cock takes home the distinction of being the best squirting dildo.

It manages to avoid the uncanny valley and it's mountable to boot, something a lot of squirting dildos can learn from. With these syringe style squirting dildos manufacturers have a lot to consider. Do they make the tube extremely long and risk making the toy more tube than dildo? How long do you make it so it isn't inconvenient at the same time?

Mountability deals with this perfectly as it becomes much easier to press in the syringe from a variety of positions. The size is supremely satisfying, to cap it all off.

The dildo industry has gone absolutely balls-out (pun very, very intended) as far as the sheer variety and features you can find now. There's dildos in nearly every shape, color, and size.

Now thanks to the advancement of synthetic materials there's just about every kind of different feel and texture to boot so if you really wanted you can get pretty close to replicating the real experience of being penetrated by a human being, or even go as far to get sensations absolutely foreign to the human vagina.

However, there is one kind of sensation that dildos haven't been able to replicate until very recently: the feeling of ejaculation. To make up for the lack of money shot there are hundreds of cum squirting dildos now available to fulfill the desire to have a satisfying finish without any of the risks of unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. That's right, a dildo that cums.

I've tried several different ejaculating dildos over the past few years with mixed reviews. Many products I've tried we're good quality realistic looking dildos, while others left me pretty disappointed.

In this article I'm going to be covering everything you need to know about squirting dildos and I'll also be covering my top 3 favorite models.

Maybe you're a little confused as to what exactly cum squirting dildos are and how they work, so I'll break it down for you...

What Is A Squirting Dildo?

A squirting dildo can be a dildo of any shape and size, the only thing that makes a squirting dildo unique is that it has a place for storing mock-up semen and a way of delivering it through to the tip of the toy. Ideally the lubricant you receive is safe for the vagina and skin and is also easy to clean up afterwards.

There's really not much else to them other than the fact that they allow you to tick off a few more boxes on your sexual desire list when it comes to using a dildo.

They vary in how they deliver the ejaculate, some have a sort of pump on the bottom that you push for a somewhat realistic experience while others are connected to a syringe via a tube that allows you to push the plunger down and deliver your pseudo semen at the rate you'd like in whatever position is most comfortable for you.

What Exactly Is Being Squirted?

My biggest question when I first looked into cum squirting dildos was what exactly is being ejaculated from the toy? I understand that its mocked up to look as close to human semen as possible, but its not like you get a packet of sterile donor jizz with every purchase that you then have to make a standing order for. What exactly comes out of these things?

Most people use common lubricants because of how easy they are to obtain and the fact that they'll help the experience go more smoothly. What you need to consider when finding out what kind of lubricant you're going to use is that it is both safe for the body and safe on your toy. For instance, silicone based lubes are not to be used with silicone based dildos and some materials don't respond well to oil based lubes like latex or certain rubber products. Make sure that the ejaculate of choice won't irritate the skin or cause a bacterial infection inside your vagina, I cannot stress this point enough.

Others choose to buy specific "cum lubricants" that look explicitly like cum while some buy a powdered lubricant product and then mix it with the desired amount of water to get the consistency they like best. I've tried a number of different cum lubes myself, some of them resemble the real thing more than others.

Here are the cum lubes I've tried if you'd like to learn more about them.

How A Cum Squirting Dildo Works

If you plan on getting the most out of your experience with your squirting dildo, you'll need to adequately prepare.

This means completely filling the compartment on the dildo with your liquid of choice before getting down to business. Some people like to warm their lube a little bit before putting it in, and if you plan on doing this I must caution you to make sure you don't overheat it and burn your insides. Anything past seven seconds in a microwave and you should seriously be reconsidering your decision.

The next part is to make sure you understand exactly how your specific squirting dildo works. This means check if it works via hand pump at the base of the device, a button found somewhere else along the device, or by pushing down the plunger on a syringe. It'd be bad to get to exactly where you'd want to be but then ruin the mood by fumbling with a dildo you didn't take the proper time to figure out.

Of course, you don't need to fill the device every single time, it is still a dildo after all and will function just fine without anything inside. Once you've gotten to this point, just use the dildo like you would normally and then make it ejaculate at your leisure: you're completely in control!

The Best Squirting Dildos I've Tried

I've admittedly only every purchased a few different ejaculating dildos (one of them was pretty crappy) so there's only a few that I can recommend. 

That being said I've had a good experience with the following toys.

#1 - The Amazing Squirting Realistic Cock by Doc Johnson

This ejaculating dildo is by far the most realistic looking dildo I have in my collection.

The Amazing Squirting Realistic Cock is a mountable dildo that I recently purchased. The only reason it's not higher on the list is because I only just received it before writing this article.

It's absolutely perfect if you're craving a toy that looks exactly like a real penis. 

Something I've admittedly used this toy in the past for is filming videos for my husband while he's away. Since it looks so realistic, it's a great toy for filming sexy videos for your partner (if that happens to be your thing). Not to mention, the cumshot at the end is something you can play around with depending on what your partner likes.

Anyways, if you're looking for a squirting dildo that is both life-like and satisfying, this is the one I'd recommend. It's by far the most realistic looking dildo that I own.

It's a little bit on the shorter side in-terms of dildos (or average in-terms of men) and measures 7.4 inches (5.5" insertable length). Considering realism is what they we're after when creating this toy, I'd say they nailed it as the average penis size for men is just over 5 inches.

#2 - The Bust It by Doc Johnson (Editors Choice)

My personal favorite ejaculating dildo is the Bust It by Doc Johnson.

The Bust It squirting dildo is a life-like looking dildo which is realistic both in the way it looks as well as in the way it functions. For me this dildo is the perfect size and shape to suit my fancy. It's just the right length and girth for me. It measures 8.5 inches total (6.5" insertable length) with a girth of 6 inches.

The syringe provided allows you to empty the fake cum with some pressure which will provide a decently realistic "cumshot" minus the moaning man that would typically accompany it.

The Doc Johnson Bust It comes with a small bottle of "Bust It Nut Butter" which admittedly doesn't taste great in my opinion. However, it does kind of taste a bit like semen which is what it's supposed to emulate so they kind of nailed it in that regard.

I personally prefer to use Master Series "Jizz" as I find it tastes much better and is just as realistic looking both texture and color wise.

#3 - The Deep Dickin Derek by Sexflesh (Most Popular)

The Deep Dickin Derek is a toy I picked up towards the end of 2018.

I was originally introduced to this toy by a friend of mine who owns one. She gave me a "demo" of how the toy works and I decided immediately that I had to have one (especially since it costs under $30).

The way this ejaculating dildo works is you fill the toy up with your favorite brand of fake semen and simply squeeze the balls when you want the toy to ejaculate.

I'm not 100% sure how it works to be quite honest with you. From what I can tell, when I squeeze the balls and release there is pressure that builds up inside the toy when you squeeze, and when I release the toy will shoot the liquid inside.

It's quite a bit longer than the other two toys mentioned in this article, it measures a whopping 12 inches (9.5" insertable length). This is quite long in my opinion, but that might be quite appealing for some readers. If you're into a dildo with a little extra length, you'll love this toy.

For my taste it's a bit on the long side, not only that but it's not the most realistic looking dildo. I personally am more of a vibrator kind of girl and when I reach for a dildo it's because I want some added realism. This toy isn't as life-life as the other two toys mentioned.

Ejaculating Dildo Usage Tips

Much like real sex, things can get pretty messy pretty quickly with a squirting dildo. I absolutely don't advocate for holding back and denying yourself the full experience on offer, but you should definitely be mindful of the mess you're about to create. Depending on the chemical makeup of the lube, cleaning could be a simple wipe down with water or it could mean all of your sheets and blankets need to go through a thorough wash and dry cycle. Be sure to check out our personal lubricant guide to see which lube will work for your dildo.

Be mindful of how much you've filled your toy. While it might seem like the obvious choice to fill it to the brim each and every time, any leftover lube is essentially wasted and you might be more apt to indiscriminately use more lube than you really enjoy using if you completely fill it each time. You can quarter fill or half fill most toys and have only minimal different in overall experience. Some of the hand pump toys need a bit of priming so the toy is ready to ejaculate on the next pump, but they will still work as prescribed. 

Planning ahead can reduce the amount of post-orgasm regret you have once you realize you just painted your entire bedroom full of fake spunk. This means putting a towel down anywhere you expect to get some splash damage or even something massive like bed sheets so you can roll around indiscriminately while you go at it. Just do a little bit of due diligence beforehand and your cleanup will be as quick and effortless as possible.

Don't forget to clean yourself up with a shower afterwards to deal with any leftover lubricant still inside of your body. Certain lubes leave you at risk for bacterial infection as they are chock full of nutrients some bad flora might think will make a tasty buffet, so it's essential to clean your system out afterwards with some shower and soap.

The next step is to thoroughly clean the toy of the leftover lube. Even if you squirted all of it out, there's still lube leftover on the walls of the holding tank that will eventually go bad or crust up and reduce the appeal of your toy over the long term. So, you should remove any plugs on the tank or if you have one of the better toys the whole tank itself and make sure all of the lube is completely cleaned out and then ensure you allow it to properly dry before returning it back to its original position. Also, give the squirt hole a good rinse so everything is as good as new.

Once you've done all that, you've successfully had a romp with a squirting dildo. Nice!

If you need a bit of a refresher or want some tips on the best practices when using a dildo, you can check out our guide on how to use a dildo.

Last Remarks

There are a few things I've noticed with squirting dildos, so I'll go over them here to give you the most well-rounded view on squirting dildos as possible.

As far as their benefits go, they're a fantastic way to fulfill any pent up fantasies without the risks of unprotected sex. You can also tailor the ingredients that go inside the dildo to be of nearly any consistency, flavor, and color of your choice so there's no limit on that front, and they can be an interesting addition to any couple's bedroom war chest.

When it comes to the negatives, I noticed that squirting dildos aren't really the best if you're explicitly seeking an orgasm. They were designed with the squirting aspect as the #1 focus, so you might not get serviced otherwise to your liking. Dildos that target the clitoris and/or the G-spot are a much better choice as they were designed with orgasm in mind. Next, they can be a hassle to clean compared to other dildos as there's both a squirting hole and an entire fake urethra like system that need to be cleaned, but that's just part of doing business I suppose.

That's just what I've noticed. I don't mind them personally and I like what they're able to provide people, so if squirting dildos sound like they're right up your alley, the technology is here waiting.

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