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Testing Out The Liberator Fascinator Throw

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 24th, 2023

Irritatingly enough, this piece of sex furniture can go by several different names, but they all refer to the same product.

The Liberator Throe, Liberator Throw, Liberator Fascinator, and Liberator Fascinator Throe/Throw all refer to this specific item.

How this came to be and why is a mystery, but luckily for us, we don't care about naming conventions nearly as much as we do whether or not it's actually worthwhile to have a Liberator Throe.

This is yet another addition to Liberator's massive catalog of sex furniture, to compare them to another company in the industry I would say they are the Fleshlight of sex furniture. They've been in the business for years now and if they keep releasing new items it's going to get to the point where more of our furniture comes from Liberator than IKEA. We adore their Esse, Wedge, and Ramp products when it comes to enhancing our sexual fun, so when we came across the Throe it can be safely said our interest was piqued.

The Throe isn't as bulky and significant a piece of sexual equipment as Liberator's other options, but it's clear to see what spot this blanket-like sheet occupies in the great landscape that is better sex.

What Is This Thing?

The Throe part of the name comes from the fact that it is in essence a throw blanket, something meant to be tossed on to any area you plan on having sex on top of to act as a barrier between you and that specific item.

At first glance it might seem like an overpriced blanket you can get anywhere, but the truth about this toy's design is far from ordinary. The Throe comes in 9 different colors making it quite difficult to not find one that'll match perfectly with your overall decor & desires.

First thing's first: how big is the Throe? It is precisely 74'' long and 54'' wide. That's 6.2 feet long by 4.5 feet wide for those who don't want to do the conversion.

So, in total surface area it can handle approximately three average sized human beings of any gender laying on their backs side by side. That gives it more than enough wiggle room to find itself in some pretty interesting spots during use.

One side of this sex blanket is made from a material called velvish, a 100% polyester blend that mimics the fluffy decadence of velvet. 

The other side is made from satin, a material only matched by silk for it's erotic connotations and smooth feel. The middle portion contains a moisture barrier that's made to make sure not a single drop of sweat, lube, or other miscellaneous bodily fluids soak all the way through and dirty up (or stain) your bed sheets, couch cushions, leather furniture, or anything else you think you just absolutely need to have sex on top of. It does not matter which side is used primarily, the moisture barrier works both ways.

It's a clear choice for anyone who is a squirter, it's quite easy to become fed up with having to wash the bed sheets after each and every night just because you happen to know how to enjoy yourself. People with expensive furnishings who want to keep their sex life private and not written all over their things in lube stains & who knows what else are also extremely well-served by the Throe. Want to have sex on the rug? The floor? Throw the Throe down, and then get down.

The materials are stain-resistant and can be machined washed. It should be noted that Liberator recommends washing the Throe in cold water with a light detergent and then drying on the lowest heat setting possible on your dryer or ideally via air-drying.

Do We Enjoy Using It?

My husband and I are big fans of spontaneity, and we're also big fans of "breaking in" various pieces of furniture and surfaces in our home by having loud, soul-fulfilling sex right on top of them.

For the longest time we simply dealt with the fact that some of our furniture might be a bit dirtier/smellier than the rest until I manage to get around to sanitizing them, but getting a generous serving of oil-based lube on one of my favorite pillows really soured my mood surrounding our impromptu sex sessions.

Don, ever the thinker, immediately hit the books and went to finding a way to enjoy the entirety of our home the way we like without none of the parts we don't, namely the extra cleanup and concern for the long term health of our household items.

One day while I was reading in the living room that's adorned with one of our favorite rugs (I'd even go as far as to say that it really ties the room together) the familiar sight of the delivery man showed up. The issue was, we weren't expecting anything, at least I wasn't.

After convincing me to sit down in the living room again and wait for him to un-box what just arrived, there was a quick flash of purple rushing past me and it landed firmly on the rug in the center of our living room.

No words were necessary at this point, I think Don moving towards the blinds to make sure they were closed tight sealed it for me as to what we were about to get up to.

The blanket was surprisingly soft and nice to lay on, I think the first time around we used it on the satin side. If I want a minimalist feel, I go with the satin while the velvish side is perfect if I want to feel as if I'm sinking in to something that's more significant than just a throw blanket. Of course our first session we went easy in the fluids department since we still weren't really sure how well it would perform.

Lo and behold, after a standard lovemaking session the nice rug underneath the Throe remained unstained and unchanged. The only difference between this blanket and a typical blanket is that you can kind of feel the moisture barrier in the middle if you look for it and it does make a slight crinkle noise if sufficiently agitated. Besides that, it's a pretty comfy blanket overall.

Next it was time to kick things up a notch. I must have gotten just about every different kind of lube I could find. Everything from the water-based Fleshlube to the oil-based & staining YES Personal Lubricant to finally the silicone-based #Lubelife lube.

First came the tests:

Water based lubricants tend to stick around to the fibers that make up the blanket pretty well, small amounts of lube quickly become impossible to notice once spilled over. Larger spills contain themselves pretty quickly and there wasn't much more to worry about.

Oil based lubricants will stick around for longer than water-based lubricants in that they can't really be rubbed away and unnoticeable, whatever spots that get some oil based lube on them will be soiled until time to wash. A similar thing happens with larger spills, although they do tend to stay in one area as opposed to slowly creeping toward all the edges.

Finally came the silicone-based lubes. Small stains were like a mixture between the oil and water based in that you could tell something was there but could easily ignore it. Larger stains had more power to run away than other kinds of lube, so if you do happen to drop your bottle of silicone-based lubricant on the Throe it can be worthwhile to keep an eye on how far it is traveling so it stays on the Throe.

Despite having three different kinds of lubricants stained into it's purple coating, none of the different lube types penetrated all of the way through the moisture barrier, and even after pouring about half of a bottle of water on the thing it still refused to yield to the fury of wetness. One wash later in which it was the only item being washed, it was practically as good as new.

Do We Think It's Worth It?

It isn't out of the question for us to use this for more than just purely sexual related purposes at this point. Whenever my husband and I give each other massages we "throw" it down so we don't have to worry about where our massage oil gets, in essence it really helps us connect to each other physically without any kind of apprehension of what we'll end up having to deal with after the fact. The peace of mind and ability to get fully zoned in to any experience with each other is what makes the Liberator Throe so very worth it in my opinion.

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Where Can You Get One?

The best place to look for any Liberator products would be the official Liberator website. When you buy directly from them you can guarantee that your 1 year warranty will be honored and that the product will be up to Liberator's standards.

Liberator consistently impresses me with how they decide to improve & work on the idea of providing better sex. I'm like a giddy schoolgirl every time I browse through their catalog to see if anything new has landed since I last visited.

As of writing, they are running the promo code "OHBABY" for a discount for 20%.

Just one more reason to give Liberator products a shot, click here to redeem discount!

Should that promo code be expired by the time you read this, they often have new codes running along the top header of their website, so take a look there before you give up on saving a bit of cash!

Expect the Liberator Throe to arrive in a small, nondescript brown box. No eyebrows will be raised even if you did show them what was in the box though, in simplest terms the Throe is just a waterproof blanket.

Concluding Words

At first it seemed hard to justify spending the money on a blanket dedicated solely to sexual encounters. The thing is, the value of the things the Throe protects from stains & damage or the costs associated with getting some of that damage reversed is typically several orders of magnitude more expensive, plus just plain old annoying.

To that effect, it's much more than just a blanket to us. It represents our desire for sexual freedom and liberation in ways that few products can sum up. We can use as much or as little lubricant as we want, of any kind, and we can get all manner of bodily fluids practically saturating the thing while still protecting our delicate sheets underneath. That kind of freedom and worry-free sex is what we live for, so it's worth it every time for us.

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