Liberator Ramp Review: 

Is The Liberator Ramp Worth Buying?

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 7th, 2023

Did you know that the Kama Sutra is thought to have originally been penned sometime between 400 BC and 300 AD?

If our desire to write down & depict all of the different positions out there for our own sexual gratification goes back thousands of years, then I'd say it is a safe assumption that the desire for new sexual positions itself goes back even further, perhaps even to our oldest ancestors who only somewhat resemble us Homo Sapiens.

I've often wondered what position the cavemen were more partial to. Was sex more likely to be laying down missionary style in the jungle canopy or was doggy style more predominant?

We'll probably never know unless we unearth some kind of ancient orgy grounds conveniently preserved with everyone going at it.

Today our desire for new, inventive, and most importantly comfortable sexual positions is as strong as it has ever been. What's different now is that we have an ungodly amount of resources at our disposal to help accomplish this task. Podcasts, books, and now even sex furniture. Sex furniture is exactly what this article is all about, namely the Liberator Ramp.

It's easy to guess what this toy is going to look like, yet it is surprisingly elegant in its simplicity.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Design & Specs

There are three different sizes of the Ramp and should be selected based on approximately how much space you think you're lacking to make the biology of you and your sexual partners a pinch more compatible. The measurements of the three sizes are as follows:

  • Short - 32'' x 24'' x 10''
  • Regular - 34'' x 24'' x 12''
  • Tall - 36'' x 24'' x 14''

For reference's sake, we own the regular size. Three main components make up the Liberator Ramp. The outermost layer is the microfiber cover that comes in either black, dark blue, red, brown, or deep purple. This cover is completely machine washable and serves as the skin of the piece of furniture.

Under the microfiber cover is a moisture resistant polyester layer meant to keep any bodily fluids that have soaked into the cover away from the inner core of the Ramp.

Finally, the majority of the toy is made up of the polyurethane foam core within. This material is similar to Memory Foam in feel, softness, and construction. The level of plush is just enough to evenly spread out the weight of a human being as opposed to ending up with sore knees or elbows.

On average, I don't think either me or my husband has ever sunk more than an inch or two before the structural integrity of the foam core took over the rest for us. There's never a sense that you'll fall too deeply into the Ramp, I know it only has one layer but it almost feels like there's a sinking layer and a firm layer, the foam is a good choice, period.

The slope of the ramp itself is a 45° degree incline, the main positions meant to be improved by this slope design are doggy style, missionary, while girl-on-top is almost made much easier by allowing for a much wider range of motion.

This piece of sex furniture can be used on the floor, on other pieces of furniture, or even on a bed. The way the foam within disperses weight there's minimal sinking of the Ramp into any bed or couch while it is in use.

Avoid getting the inner foam core wet at all costs as that will end up complicating things as it is not a simple task to fully dry it out. The liner in the middle of the toy does a superb job at keeping moisture out, while the microfiber liner should be washed periodically in the washing machine to keep things sanitary and smells acceptable.

What Do We Think About It?

Receiving sex furniture is always a glorious occasion in our household. What's not to love?

No charging or preparation necessary besides placing it down & preparing our genitals and all of the new pleasurable feelings are as natural and organic as can be, we're simply exploiting physics to our advantage and reaping the rewards.

We bought the Ramp by Liberator directly from the official Liberator store since they offer the lowest prices available (not to mention there are tons of knock-offs available online).

After receiving the Ramp, the first thing Don and I decided to do was engage in some prime-time G-spot hunting, for this we put the Ramp on the bed and I laid across it with my head towards the bottom of the Ramp while my lower torso was hanging off the top portion ever so slightly. In this position, I found it ridiculously simple to adjust my own hips while Don used his own leverage techniques to sultrily graze over all of my sensitive spots at the forward-facing portion of my vagina. All things said, we both reached orgasm about twenty minutes after taking the toy out o the non-descript brown box it arrived in on that fateful day.

Our experimentation was far from over, it had clearly just begun. I don't know if I'll end up embarrassing Don with this tidbit but I figure I'll ask for his forgiveness later: on most surfaces like a bed, when I'm on top it can be difficult to get into an actual thrusting rhythm with a consistent in-and-out motion. Gravity simply works against us and neither of us can easily get comfortable in a way that works out. The Ramp changed that forever. With my husband's back against the Ramp I'm able to ride him in such a way that there's some room for and up and down motion that gives us both exactly what we're looking for out of me being on top. It turned girl-on-top from an awkward college hookup to sensations of nearly pornographic proportions. Let's just say the neighbors probably thought we left some adult films on too loud as opposed to them actually being our own moans of delight, it changed how we perform that position forever.

As far as doggy style is concerned, it is also significantly changes the game regardless of which angle you'd like to take advantage of. I don't feel the need to go into doggy style so much, just know that it is much more sustainable and the angles necessary are easily reached.

The use of the Ramp as an accessory piece is what this paragraph is going to focus on. I've used it as a platform to perform oral sex from while my husband is standing, my husband has used it to steady my body's silhouette during more intense sessions, and I've ever used it to take heavy items out of the trunk of my car without them dropping directly to the ground.

Whenever we use it, we sink slightly into the Ramp and then we're supported  by the rest of the foam.

It isn't as squishy as the Memory Foam that goes into mattresses is, it definitely has much more structural integrity to it while still being comfortable overall. We throw in the cover with our weekly laundry and it doesn't take much extra space in the machine, nor has it shrunk. It can sometimes be a little bit difficult to get the cover back on perfectly, yet it's nothing a little teamwork can't solve.

In closing, I absolutely love the versatility the Liberator Ramp has brought into our bedroom and I'm having a difficult time talking poorly about it. It is larger than most other pieces of sex furniture that are made explicitly for sex, so if you don't have an extra closet or a tall bed-frame to hide it under then storage might prove challenging, besides that all of their design philosophies came together nicely to deliver exactly what Liberator says they'd be delivering.

Where Can You Get One?

The web shop ran by Liberator has all of their products at the lower price points possible, any re-sellers will be tacking on their own charges to take in more profit as far as I've seen. Their entire catalog is worth checking out, there are a few options where the Ramp is included in a combo set for an even more creative sex experience.

To that effect, I recommend going right to their website and nowhere else when looking at Liberator products. They are also 100% transparent about the specifications of their toys, fully eliminating any bad surprises that can be all too common with toys that have something to hide.

Currently, they are running the promo code "MORESEX" if you're interested in taking advantage of 20% in savings, Click here to redeem discount! Very often they keep the code MORESEX but change the percentage, so always check the top banner of their site for what promotion is going on!

I have no complaints about their shipping policies, it was prompt & quick and there was no indication of what the box contained.

Final Words

A favorite saying of my husband is that a relationship is a lot like a photograph, it takes time and sometimes a dark room to develop properly. He rests easy now that the Ramp is around, as the Ramp has changed how effective our dark-room techniques can be.

Sex is a very energy intensive process, but not all of that energy goes directly into sex. It can be hard to maintain certain positions from a physiological stance, it is much harder to enjoy sex when you're focused on your knees not giving out. This way, my husband and I get more of the feelings we live for and much less of the discomfort we loathe.

It's devilishly simple and irreplaceable all at the same time. Nice one, Liberator.

About Angela Watson

I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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