Lelo Luna Beads Review:

My Experience Using Lelo's Kegel Balls

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 14th, 2023

I'm back at it again with another pair of kegel balls meant to lift the your pleasure ceiling and increase your pelvic fitness all at the same time. As a quick reminder, kegel balls are weighted balls meant to be used as an aid for kegel workouts, sort of like how dumbbells help you work out your arms and upper body. Kegel balls are appropriate for women of all ages and can even help with issues like incontinence besides their ability to make your orgasms much more powerful.

Sex toy manufacturer Lelo is just another one of the many companies who have decided to branch out into the exciting realm of Ben Wa balls.

As they are a sex toy company, pleasure is on the forefront of their minds so the Lelo Luna beads have a focus on being addictive enough to keep you into a solid kegel workout routine. Many women have sought out kegel balls for their effect on strengthening their bodies, but how do they stack up as sex toys?

Well, I'll tell you.

I first purchased these kegel balls after a recommendation from a friend of mine.

I had previously tried the We-Vibe Bloom kegel balls with good results and wanted to try another brand of Ben Wa balls mostly just to see what else is out there.

Without wasting any more time, here is my experience using the Luna Beads...

What Are Lelo Luna Beads?

Out of the box you'll receive a silicone harness in which you can place the Luna Beads in. There's two beads weighing 28g each and another two weighing 37g each for a total of four balls you can put into the harness, two at a time. It also comes with a satin storage pouch should you want to keep things out of view while they're being stored.

The weights on offer make these an intermediate choice as far as kegel balls go, as the lowest weights you can typically find being sold are somewhere in the realm of 10g.

The balls themselves are made of ABS plastic and can either be purchased in an average size or a miniature size. I personally chose to go with the classic size since I like being able to feel the beads inside of me. There's no motors inside of the balls so these toys are entirely battery free and don't provide any extra sensations besides the ones you get from sheer virtue of having them inserted. 

At the end of the beads is a convenient string for easy retrieval once everything is said and done.

My Experience Using The Luna Beads

I've been aware of the existence and benefits of kegel balls for some time now, but its only now that I'm in my 30s that I've decided to do everything in my power to maintain my sensual side. So, it was time to try out the Luna Beads. I went with them because they didn't require any charging or maintenance besides a quick rinse afterwards.

The silicone harness is soft and pliable with the middle piece that joins the two beads being just bendy enough to move around inside of me but not be a hassle during insertion. I was most worried about whether or not the beads would stay in the harness during use, but after specifically toying with them and dropping them on the floor a few times for good measure I found they stayed in place quite well.

If you just want to ease into things slowly, you can start with a single bead that has the removal string attached and see if it is too much weight for you. I'd suggest walking around a little bit and manipulating the area so you know whether or not you'll be comfortable, as the weights on offer aren't towards the lighter end of the scale. They aren't particularly heavy, but if its your first time you might be surprised.

I choose the Luna Beads when I want a quick and simple kegel workout without any extra bells and whistles weighing me down. I'm just a quick application of lubricant and a gentle slide away from a satisfying kegel workout. Since there isn't any vibrations they aren't a knockout in the sex toy department, but the way they move around in the harness as I squeeze my muscles definitely makes for a pleasurable time.

They're simple as far as kegel balls go, which gives them their own special place in my sexual health arsenal. In the end, I found they did the job well and there's no outstanding issues. Walking around with them makes for an interesting experience on top of it all when my goals aren't solely to get a workout in.

Where To Buy Them?

I bought my Luna Beads from the official Lelo website.

It's where I've bought all of my Lelo toys in the past since they always offer the lowest prices.

Get an extra 15% by using coupon code "DRCLIMAX" at checkout. Click here to redeem.

Another thing to keep in mind, there are a bunch of knock-off Lelo products available online, so it's best to shop directly to ensure you get a genuine product. 

If you decide to purchase the Lelo Luna Beads just be sure their a reputable retailer.

Doing Kegels With The Luna Beads

Many women are woefully under-educated about how to maintain their vaginal and pelvic muscles as they age. Incontinence and a loss of vaginal sensitivity can be effectively mitigated by just a half hour workout three times a week.

While lying on your back, apply a small dollop of water based lubricant onto your kegel balls and then insert. After you've done this, you contract the same muscles you use when you're trying to stop yourself from urinating mid stream, hold them for a few seconds, relax, and then do that about nine more times for a single set. An average kegel workout has anywhere from three to five sets.

Women who have gone through child birth and want to return their genitalia to its former condition are perfect candidates for adding kegels into their lives. Since the pelvic floor muscles support many of the organs above them such as the bladder, womb, and bowels, long term discomfort that comes with aging can be managed by taking the time out of your day to do a few kegels.

If you'd like to learn more about how to use kegel balls, I've written a full guide.


As far as the Lelo Luna Beads are concerned with regards to keeping your pelvic floor muscles in tip top shape, they're fantastic. As sex toys, they're not at the top of my list of things I'd reach for to get an orgasm, but that's not to say I don't have my fun with them.

If at any point during a kegel exercise you feel pain in your abdomen or back, you should stop immediately. Your muscles should be relaxed and only your pelvic floor muscles should be engaged during kegel exercises.

If you're vagina contractions have lost their oomph, I'd highly recommend trying these guys out.

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