We-Vibe Bloom Review:

Do I Think The Bloom Is Worth Using?

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 6th, 2023

Kegel balls are a great way to strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor and vagina. Its a lot like the female reproductive equivalent of push ups and can help things from sexual dysfunction to bladder control. I've babbled about kegel balls and how to use them in another article, so I'll stick to the important stuff from here on in.

What I don't cover in that article is that many women also use kegel balls not just for their health benefits, but for the sensation using them can bring. They can stimulate the vagina just like sex toys do, and arguably are sex toys. This has led more than a few companies to release their version of Ben Wa balls, except there's a much more bigger focus on this workout ending in an orgasm than your typical trip to the gym to do squats.

What Are Bloom Kegel Balls?

This is a set of two kegel balls surrounded by a body safe silicone shell. The base that does the vibrating is 35g in weight while the other end you can choose between a 10g, 30g, or 45g weight. This gradual increase makes the We Vibe Bloom balls appealing to someone looking for a set to ramp up their kegel workout over time.

While most of these toys settle at being weighted spheres, We-Vibe just couldn't let the Bloom roll off the production line without adding some options for added vibrations. I'd say its more rumbly than anything else. Ten different vibration patterns are on offer, that's ten reps before I finally managed to go through them all.

The bottom line was that some were definitely less conducive to me being able to focus on the workout aspect, in a good way I might add.

What Do I Think Of Them?

There's enough digital features to justify the price tag, the low power alert symbol is nice for letting me know when I should charge it again. I often do kegels on and off without too strict a schedule, so I usually have enough time to get one last set in before having to put it down for a 90 minute charge. Unfortunately I don't use kegel balls in a way where I end up going through the battery life to know just how long it lasts, but if the trend with We-Vibe batteries is that they usually last at least as long as it takes to charge them, so it's probably somewhere from 90-100 minutes of total use.

Clean up is extremely easy, its entirely waterproof so sometimes I even use it in the shower to make use and cleanup the same activity.

If removal is a concern for you, a 90 millimeter silicone rod extends from the balls making it extremely easy to remove once you've had your fun.

As far as actually using them, I always made sure to have lube on hand as silicone doesn't always work best for me with objects as curvy as attached kegel balls are.

They're pretty run of the mill size wise so I don't have much to speak on there, but I'm not complaining. I could feel that they were big enough to work at least as I got the same typical sensation of a successful kegel workout afterwards.

I mostly do kegels for health reasons, but adding pleasure to that routine is more than welcome in my books. They're absolute darlings and with a little bit of clitoral work I get a lot of stress relief into my day thanks to them.

Where Did I Buy It?

In the past I've always bought all my We-Vibe toys directly from their official online store

When I was originally interested in buying the We-Vibe Bloom, I wasn't able to find a price online that came within $5-$10 of the price they offered on their site. 

Another thing I'm always worried about when buying sex toys is knock-off products, so I'm always making sure I vet the retailers I buy my toys from. I encourage you to do the same.

Kegel Ball Tips & Reminders

Don't underestimate how much you might need lube. Using this type of toy is much different than using a vibrator or a dildo, its meant to be completely inserted and then stay in position, it isn't meant for rapidly being removed and reinserted from the vagina. Because of that, chances are you'll really appreciate having some lube on hand. It will help prevent any less than fortunate accidents.

Next, make sure you're using the lowest weight possible if you've never used kegel balls before. The pelvic floor muscles are like any other muscle and can be overexerted. You don't bench press 200 pounds on your first go, same thing with kegel balls.

Always go slow during removal, it's when a lot of problems can happen if you happen to rush it. Think gracefully pulling a carrot out of the ground as opposed to plucking a hair. I recommend that those interested in doing kegels only use balls that have a long removal string/rod until they are able to more finely control their vagina muscles.

Final Words

The We-Vibe Bloom is an excellent introductory set of kegel balls with enough different weights for it to be worth stopping to look. Its a beginner to intermediate set that should serve a wide majority of women just perfectly. All of the extra pleasure from the vibrations is just icing on the cake.

If you've never heard of kegels I really suggest you look into incorporating them into your lifestyle, kegels have shown to increase blood flow and in general keep anything related to the pelvis in healthy shape.

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