How To Use A Sex Swing
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Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 5th, 2023

If you're into experimentation and aren't satisfied with vanilla sexual positions, a sex swing/sling is just about the greatest way to open up your sex life to just about any position imaginable (besides other types of sex furniture, such as pillows and wedges).

These aren't just for the sexually depraved, I must add. Many people make use of sex swings either because of mobility issues or just because they make regular sex that much easier. The sheer range of sex positions that get opened up by not having to work around furniture anymore is staggering.

They aren't complex pieces of equipment by any means, usually just some fabric and some handles suspended by a hook in either a sex sex mount or their closest rafter.

As with many things, the sex swing is a prime example of when less is more. For under a hundred dollars you can enjoy the kind of sex that would make the writers of the Kama Sutra blush. Add some sex toys to the ordeal and you have yourself an excellent way to spend any night.

But before you go to town and enjoy everything a swing has to offer, you should know how to best use one. To that effect, this article is going to cover two main topics: how to install a sex swing and how to use one.

If you've not already purchased a sex swing, I wrote an in-depth sex swing buyers guide that goes over all of our favorite swings!

How To Install A Sex Swing

There are three main types of sex swings: door mounted, ceiling mounted, and stand mounted.

Let's go through how to install them all, shall we?

Door Mounted Sex Swings

These types of swings seem like the most dangerous, but they're actually both the easiest to use and one of the safest possible sex swings available. The only pitfall is that the number of positions is limited compared to other swings since there will be a door in the way.

To mount a sex swing on your door, simply follow each strap on the sex swing to the metal bar(s) at the end. Make sure the sex swing is facing away from the door and that the straps aren't flipped over, then simply thread the straps through the top of the door so the bar rests on one side. Now, close the door. That's all there is it it, you can now use your sex swing! Make sure you choose a door & door frame that can support your weight and won't come open no matter how vigorously you enjoy your swing.

Ceiling Mounted Sex Swings

These types of sex swings are perfect for couples who want to be able to remove their sex swing easily when other people come to visit as well as enjoy as much of their living space as possible. To properly install one of these swings, you'll need either a eye hook or an anchor tie down, a stud finder, and a drill.

An eye hook might have came with your toy, they're those simple circular hooks with threads that will allow you to screw it into your roof. They work, but don't have the kind of weight capacity an anchor tie down does. If you want the most secure ceiling mounted sex swing possible, invest in an anchor tie down.

First off, you'll need to find your mounting point on your ceiling. This needs to be a stud (sometimes referred to as a ceiling joist). After you've found a stud, move towards the middle of the beam. You want your sex swing mounted at the heart of the wood where it'll hold weight the best. This will also ensure that you have enough room to play around in, any swing should be set up at least three feet away from any walls.

If using an eye hook, drill a very small hole into the ceiling joist then simply twist your eye hook into place. When using anchor tie downs, you'll have to use the drill to put in a screw in both sides of the tie down.

That's all there is to it!

Stand Mounted Sex Swings

These are much easier to use and install than a ceiling mount as the stand is purpose built as well as movable. The downside of course is the bulk and size of the sex toy stand.

After you set the mount up, they have a hook which you then attach your swing to via karabiner. Make sure to use a karabiner rated for a heavy weight, this is the big leagues now. Most sex swings come with a hook or bouncy coil you can attach, setting up the stand itself is much more difficult than installing the swing. For that, you'll have to consult the instructions that came with the stand.

How To Use A Sex Swing

Now that your swing is installed and ready to go, you're ready for the fun part to begin. Chances are that you've never had sex on a swing before if you're reading this article. While it might seem intimidating at first, it's actually pretty straightforward. For this portion I'll just go over door swings vs standard swings, since ceiling mounted and stand mounted sex swings can be used more or less the same way.

Using A Door Mounted Sex Swing

Begin by figuring out how you're going to get into the swing, are you going to be facing the door or away from it?

If facing the door, you're probably going to be using the sex swing on your knees. Start by putting one knee on the swing's platform, steadying yourself by holding the two straps leading to the top of the door. Then, put your other knee onto the platform. At this point you should test out your stability, adjusting the distance between your knees as you see fit. Hold onto the straps or steady yourself with the door, it's completely up to you. Note that you might have to bend creatively to make everything work, try and move around on yourself a little bit beforehand before having your partner insert themselves.

When facing away from the door, there are more options. You should start off by sitting on the platform of the sex swing, then put both of your feet into the stirrups. At this point you'll know whether or not you need to adjust the strap length on the stirrups, you should feel secure when you push down on your feet but should also feel as if you could "escape" if necessary. After your feet are in the stirrups, push your feet out and allow yourself to push yourself down on the platform a little bit to extend your crotch forward a little bit. Then, either hold the sides of the door for stability or the straps above you.

In both cases doing a dry run is recommended since you'll have to adjust the straps to best fit you and your partner's biology. First and foremost you should be a few feet off the ground, then it's just a matter of having all of the stirrups at the right length and making sure your partner can insert themselves inside of you without getting a cramp.

Using A Standard Sex Swing

Some door swings have only stirrups for the feet, but most standard sex swings have a pair for the feet and a pair for the hands, occasionally a few more for your partner to get in on the fun as well.

When facing upwards on the swing, the same principle applies as the door mounted swings. First, sit on the platform. At this point, you should put all of your limbs into their respective stirrups. Push forward with all of your limbs and then adjust yourself to where you'd like to be, whether it be laying flat by moving the platform to your back or sitting upwards with your behind closer to the platform. Make sure you let the platform rest on an area of your back that is comfortable and can take your weight for extended periods of time, a common complaint with sex swings is soreness from improper use.

If you want to lay on your stomach, you should first start standing up. From here, put your hands into the stirrups ahead of time before beginning to lower yourself. Use your upper body strength to support you while you thread your first foot through the foot stirrup. Now slowly keep leaning forward until the swing starts to take the majority of your weight and then get your other foot in the stirrup. Alternatively, forego the feet stirrups altogether but bring the swing up high enough for you to do standing doggystyle.

So long as your body weight is supported and you aren't uncomfortable, just about any of the standard sex positions and a whole lot more are possible. Get used to the swing by keeping things simple and from there you can start to get fancier.


This is pretty much the most bare bones guide for using a sex swing you can imagine, that's because you and your partner will have to be the one to bring creativity into the mix. The amount of sexual positions is staggering since there's very little that can get in your way, and once you get circus performer level good at using the swing, they'll come to you fairly naturally. 

This should simply be taken as a basic guide for those who want to get started, it'd take me years to go through each individual position and how to properly prepare yourself.

So, get out there and have some fun!

Also, if you have any questions, leave a comment down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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