Best Sex Pillows & Wedges:

The Top 6 Products My Husband & I Have Tried

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 19th, 2023

  • It allows a wide range of sex positions
  • The Wedge was recommended as a "must purchase" in the popular book The 4 Hour Body written by Tim Ferriss
  • Simple and sturdy
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  • Designed to be soft and firm
  • Amazing for oral sex as well as many different sex positions
  • Removable cover is very easy to clean
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  • Set of two pillows that can be used on their own or together
  • The 27-degree angle is comfortable and very useful for hitting some hard to hit spots
  • Very comfortable
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A Quick Rundown: My #1 Favorite Sex Pillow

Without beating around the bush whatsoever, we emphatically came to the conclusion that the Dame Pillo is the best all around sex pillow.

It's a medium sized pillow that is both soft to the touch but also firm. By this I mean it keeps its shape well but is plush enough to not get uncomfortable. It can't accomplish everything some of the biggest options can but I'd say it has the highest value to price ratio out of any of the options on the list. If you could only ever buy one from this list, I'd stand by the Pillo.


I'd assume that by this time in our lives we've all heard our fair share of cheesy pick-up lines.

One that comes to mind right now is "Girl, are you my big toe? Because I'd like to bang you on every piece of furniture in my house."

It's really an extension of how creative we've become over time when it comes to finding new and exciting ways to have sex. The furniture angle is all about leverage and how you can contort your body to offer some truly interesting sensations for both partners. How you angle your body has a huge effect on sexual pleasure, for instance arching your back properly is essential to getting the most out of doggy style.

It's fairly safe to say though that most furniture wasn't designed with sex in mind. Some of the more adventurous Kamasutra positions require some creative thinking to accomplish.

We've seen all kinds of products get released with the intention of boosting sexual pleasure, so it was only a matter of time until we reached the point where sex furniture is a thing. 

Today's piece of sex paraphernalia is none other than the sex pillow.

What Are Sex Pillows & Sex Wedges?

Far from the plush memory foam pillows meant to give you a good night's sleep, a good sex pillow is instead designed to keep you up all night. Comfort is the name of the game here, sex pillows allow you to hold much more difficult positions for a longer period of time without having to pop an Advil in the morning for your bag or leg pain. Sometimes the body just isn't able to bend or move to allow the right range of motion to make things as sexy as possible. The addition of a sex pillow or sex wedge really changes the game.

They come in many shapes and sizes, to the point where "pillow" isn't always the right way to describe them. A ramp, a wedge, or even just "plush object" starts to be more fitting. It's like buying gymnastics equipment, you need to figure out what kind of sexual positions you'd like to branch into and then find one of a suitable design for you & your partner.

A quality sex pillow goes a long way. The cheaper ones will end up causing you much more pain and discomfort than you'd imagine. It needs to be the right mixture of softness, firmness, and shape.

Our Top 6 Favorite Sex Pillows & Wedges

dctblv2-table__imageThe Pillo by Dame
  • Designed to be soft and firm
  • Amazing for oral sex as well as many different sex positions
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Wedge by Liberator
  • It allows a wide range of sex positions
  • The Wedge was recommended as a "must purchase" in the popular book The 4 Hour Body written by Tim Ferriss
View Latest Price → Coupon code: LOVERS
dctblv2-table__imageThe Wedge & Ramp Combo by Liberator
  • Set of two pillows that can be used on their own or together
  • The 27-degree angle is comfortable and very useful for hitting some hard to hit spots
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Wing by Liberator
  • Made out of very high-quality materials
  • Weighs around 2 kg
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dctblv2-table__imageWild Nights Sex Pillow
  • The foam inner core makes it one of the softer options on this list
  • Priced under $40 on
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Jaz by Liberator
  • Plenty of awesome recommended positions to try with the Jaz
  • Branded as the "travel sex pillow"
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The Pillo by Dame Products is a sex pillow that my husband had bought for me as part of my birthday gift, among other things.

It's a very nicely designed sex pillow/wedge that is both soft and firm. It's great for a number of different sex positions and allows us to find a bunch of amazing angles. This pillow is amazing for oral sex as well as many different sex positions.

What I love most about this sex pillow is that it doesn't scream out that it's a sex pillow and it looks more like an ergonomic back support than anything. 

The removable cover is very easy to clean and is made out of a very soft and comfortable cotton based material. 

It's a pretty reasonably priced sex pillow overall and it's well worth considering if you're looking for a sex pillow/wedge hybrid that blends into your bedroom and also helps you take familiar sex positions and elevate them to the next level.

#2 - The Wedge by Liberator

Coupon Code: LOVERS

This simple wedge is a good choice in our opinion because it allows for a wide range of positions but it isn't particularly bulky or cumbersome. It's firm enough to dig your knees into and really get into the swing of things.

Don was skeptical at first about how much this little wedge could change things up, the surprise on his face after we used it the first time was nothing short of priceless. Simple and sturdy, it really helps everything line up properly between my own body and my husband's.

This product was recommended as a "must purchase" in the popular book The 4 Hour Body written by best selling author Tim Ferriss. Both myself and my husband are huge fans of his and Don follows a lot of his advice religiously. This was probably the deciding factor that swayed my husband into letting me purchase this product on our joint credit card. "Fine, if Tim f*cking Ferriss uses it to f*ck then we should too" is something similar to what he said.

It was a great purchase but if I could go back, I would have bought it with the Ramp in the Wedge + Ramp combo deal, since we would have saved well over $50 if you include shipping. Since we bought the products separately.

#3 - The Wedge & Ramp Combo by Liberator

Coupon Code: LOVERS

A set of two sex pillows that can be used on their own or together, the wedge & ramp combination has a removable & machine washable covering and a foam core that is plush, yet firm.

Hands down the most intense and involved of all of the sex wedges we've tried, it's given us the ability to try out at least half a dozen other sexual positions and increase the range of motion on all of the ones we're already used to. Some positions couldn't really get me off based on the angle of my body, not anymore with the wedge & ramp combo. 

The 27-degree angle is comfortable and very useful for hitting some hard to hit spots. It allows my husband to position himself underneath me and comfortably angle his penis in a way that stimulates my g-spot.

It's a fantastic combination which allows for a ton of experimentation in positions. We've had quite a bit of doggy style fun with the wedge and ramp combination as well and we use it quite often when my husband wants to enter from behind.

#4 - The Wing by Liberator

Coupon Code: LOVERS

Usable as either a mount on which to ride your favorite sex toys or a fun way to angle your body a bit more on top of a bed, the Liberator Wing is a 2kg pillow that gets big points for its ease of storage. It's much more plush and soft than the other pillows.

I personally like putting it behind my back to get a nice curvature when in the missionary position or something to put my elbows on in doggy style. 

We purchased the Wing roughly a year ago and we're still coming up with new ways of using it in the bedroom.

The way we use this toy normally is I will position the pillow under my lower back which positions my cervix upwards allowing my husband to enter me missionary style. This position allows for a great angle of stimulation which is normally pretty hard to accomplish without my husband lifting me up, or positioning his knees under my butt (both options aren't nearly as enjoyable as using the Wing).

It truly is another winning product made by Liberator and it was well worth its price tag. It's made out of very high-quality materials, it cleans easily and most importantly the one we have still looks about the same as the day we unboxed it (minus the new factory fresh smell).

#5 - Wild Nights Sex Pillow

Being completely waterproof and superbly soft, this is a pillow that goes great with being used on top of a bed. The foam inner core makes it one of the softer options on this list. An inventive way to add even more possibility is to put a regular pillow underneath for even more leverage.

For us, it's all of the sex with none of the back pain.

This pillow/wedge is a great cheap alternative that I can recommend to anybody looking to experiment with sex pillows and wedges that doesn't want to break the bank on their first one.

It's a great product which we picked up for under $40 on and it's served us well over the past few months. It's really the only "cheap" sex pillow that I can recommend. Most products at its price point that we've tried have been thrown in the garbage over the years.

#6 - The Jaz by Liberator

Coupon Code: LOVERS

The Jaz is a great option when you need just a little bit of help but don't want the sex pillow to be a major part of the encounter. It makes it much easier to lean up against a wall or headboard. Whenever I plan on going on my knees for a little bit of oral interest, the Jaz is always right there.

I've used it when I was sick in bed watching TV on top of its sexual benefits, it's all around a good pillow and for the price, it was definitely worth it.

It's also on the cheaper end of the Liberator product line so you can rest easy knowing you don't need to break the bank too much to own this product.

The product comes with an informative sex positions insert which gives plenty of awesome recommended positions to try with the Jaz. While it's branded as the "travel sex pillow", I also think it's worth noting that it happens to be the perfect sex pillow for girls with bums on the petite size. Many smaller sized women are picking this pillow since it happens to be one of the smaller sized ones on the market.

Things We Look For In A Sex Pillow

As fun as trial and error is, you probably don't want to end up going through the process of buying a sex pillow and waiting for it to be delivered just to find out it isn't going to work out for you. If you buy the wrong item, you have at best a new footrest and at worst a big piece of foam you have to chuck into the garbage.

So, here are the things you need to consider when getting some furniture for some added fun:

Shape & Extras

Try not to focus too much on the sexual positions themselves when you're searching, you should also have in mind how the design will help you and your partner stay comfortable in that position while using your newly acquired piece of sex tech. There aren't any returns on these kinds of products for obvious reasons, the last thing anyone thinks is appealing is "Used Sex Pillow."

Look at the shape of the toy and the slant, as well as make sure to focus on the entire body and not just where your genitals are going to be placed. Is the person on the pillow going to be able to relax their body and lay down comfortably, and is the person going at it going to be able to move around properly? Consider where you're going to have to hold on to and where you're going to place your body before committing. An extremely small pillow might work fine for putting under your back while you're on the bed, but it's hardly well suited for being bent over.

Check the dimensions carefully before you purchase, it isn't always easy to get a proper sense of scale through online pictures. There's a wide array of different shapes and designs, plus some come with smart extras like more padding around where the knees are going to be expected to be. Your desires and your physical bodies need to be factored into the equation.


Sometimes it can be fun to buy a cheap pair of lingerie just for it to be ripped apart, but that concept doesn't really apply to sex pillows. You want something that will be able to hold up after many sessions of rigorous and forceful use. Sex can get complicated really quickly, and what positions you find spontaneously might push your pillow to the limit.

Since you don't want it to come apart in use, the stitching is the first place you need to look at. Check out the pictures, if it looks like it was haphazardly stitched by a machine, it'll probably come apart way too quickly. The best pillows are hand stitched and have some serious looking threads on them. Saving ten dollars on a sex pillow isn't worth it if you have to buy a new one once a month instead of having a quality one for much, much longer.

Depending on how big and what kind of positions you're going to be trying out, the weight is also important. If you're going to be doing some pretty forceful maneuvers, you want more weight than less since the last thing you'd want is to flip mid-coitus.

Next part worth looking at is what the pillow is made of inside and out. Ideally, the exterior of the pillow is made from strong materials like synthetics/cotton or a blend of the two. Inside, the material should be something soft but will also retain its shape, like memory foam or these weird gel-like substances that I don't know the origin of. Cotton has a nasty habit of bunching up in certain areas after repeated use, so if you go with cotton make sure it looks like the pillow is rammed full so it doesn't move around too much inside.

Simply put, avoid anything that looks like junk and always remember that you get what you pay for.


There are a few different kinds and sizes of sex pillow, all with their own uses and benefits. But unless you want to have a closet full of stacks of differently shaped sex pillows, you should really try and go with buying one that is as versatile as possible.

If you bought a high-quality one that can take a bit of a beating, you should consider all the different ways you can bend, flip, and generally move the pillow around to make for a different experience every time. Keeping your options open makes for a much more exciting experience. Having your sex pillow be a general sex aid as opposed to a single aid like "doggy style pillow" is much better for reasons I don't really need to elaborate too much on. Variety is the spice of life, after all. 

If you're stuck using your sex pillow in just one particular way and have to make sure you don't move the wrong way, it's not going to be the kind of fun you were looking for. They're supposed to break down barriers, not create them.


The price of sex pillows and wedges is worth noting. If you buy a cheap sex pillow for $20 and get 10 uses out of it, that's $2 a use if you really think about it. If you spend $60-$100 on a sex pillow or wedge and it lasts as long as a regular piece of furniture or pillow would. Just think about how much more value you get out of it. It pays to buy quality, especially when it comes to something as unpredictable as furniture. We've learned our lesson buying cheap sex pillows over the years and we now stick to buying from quality companies such as Liberator for example which offers 

Part of the budget is expecting you to lose yourself in the moment and use the toy in a way that it wasn't 100% meant to be used. The right price will insulate you from having to replace your pillow after some non-conventional usage.


A sex pillow/wedge can skyrocket the amount of fun you and your partner can have in the bedroom to unforeseen levels. After a while, all of the vanilla sex positions can get tiring and bland, especially if you've been together for a significant amount of time. Getting one of these is the simplest and easiest way to inject a little bit more unpredictability into your sex lives for a much wider range of mental & physical stimulation. 

As well suited as you and your partner might be emotionally & mentally, there's a lot of variance between human beings physically. Using these pillows can really help two people bridge some of the gaps in having your bodies line up as comfortably as possible for a wholly fulfilling sex session.

Creativity is key here, the more you can imagine, the further you'll go.

Got any questions at all, be sure to leave a comment down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I read the comments daily!

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