Dame Fin Review:

Testing Out The "Fin" Finger Vibrator

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 4, 2023

If you're just entering the world of sex toys, things can seem pretty outlandish at first. All manners of zippers, zoomers, sliders, and strokers just staring you down in the face. If you're like my husband and I however, you soon get used to seeing several pronged dildos and clitoral massagers that seem like they're part of some Alien made by Spielberg himself.

Our site has covered pretty much all of the basics by now, from male masturbators to all types of vibrators to even prostate massagers and butt plugs.

What I'm trying to get at here is that it takes more than your typical flashy cock ring for us to furrow our eyebrows and look deeper. If it weren't for our supremely diverse tastes and my passion for sex technology, we'd almost consider ourselves bored with the industry as a whole.

That's why whenever a proper sex toy that breaks the mold but manages to not be gimmicky at the same time shows up, we take notice. Well, the day is upon us, my dear readers. The Fin by Dame Products has captured our attention and we're going to give you a quick rundown as to what to expect.

I'll summarize what the Fin to get that out of the way quickly. Simply put, it's the sex toy's way of bringing fingering (also known as digital sex) to the next level and giving it some vibratey goodness. The business part of the unit is meant to be held between two fingers while the optional strap can be worn towards the base of the fingers for a lot more spontenaeity without having to constantly bend over to pick the darn thing up after dropping it.

Since that's out of the way, let's get into the meat of this puppy:


All About The Dame Fin

This finger toy is made from 100% body safe silicone and functions primarily as a clitoral vibrator, but it can be applied to any erogenous zone on the body to great effect. Even though it's silicone, due to the way it's shaped and how it is supposed to use this is a completely external toy, don't get ahead of yourself and try going in for the kill with this one, it is absolutely not advised.

It's shaped like a guitar pick (kinda) but really reminds me of a school eraser. One end is pointy and perfect for pinpoint stimulation, while the other side is squishier and works better to spread sensation over a wider area. The two colors on offer are referred to as jade and navy, but they're more like teal and dark blue.

Inside the toy is a powerful motor that has a rechargeable battery as the power source. There are three varying speeds to the toy and they are all of the same pattern, just of different intensity. Easy enough to guess, those intensities are low, medium, and high.

As far as the battery is concerned, you can recharge it via USB to a computer but I always recommend attaching it to a wall adapter and plugging it directly into the wall. Charge time is seriously reduced this way, in my experience. With about an hour of use time and an hour of charge time, the use to charge ratio is passable.

Here's a video made by Dame Products that outlines how the Dame Fin works:

My Experience With The Fin

At this point, it's more unusual to get a new pair of pants or a replacement fuse than it is for me to receive a new sex toy. It's my lifestyle and I like it. The Fin came in a pretty box, but that doesn't do much good. I wanted to see how well it works in action.

I charged it up and got ready to go. For my first go around with the toy, I decided to use the strap incase I dropped it. I have very diminutive, stereotypical lady-like fingers and found I was able to hold on to the toy without having to strain fingers too much. The curves around the edges are sharp enough to form a sort of ridge and I was able to comfortably hold it in my hand.

As far as the different vibration settings are concerned, I don't think anyone is going to get much out of the lowest setting. It happens to be the quietest setting, but not by much. The medium setting is a bit more worthwhile, but the max setting is where this toy shines. It's a louder toy, I must warn you, so if stealth is an absolute must than the Fin isn't going to be your cup of tea.

On the highest setting, the vibrations flow from the pinpoint tip and radiate through the clitoris in a way few toys manage to get right, this and the Tango both do great at that radiant style of vibration. Its a shame you can't use it internally, but having it on one hand for the clitoris while I use the other hand to go inside of myself tends to be a very agreeable configuration, if I do say so myself.

It's a great aid in foreplay with my husband, as well. We take the strap off and take turns sharing it, giving each other every opportunity to rub each other down good. The little jumps whenever I put it around the bottom of his genitals is worth it every time. Also, when he's either in missionary or doggystyle it's absolutely divine when he reaches over and uses it to play around with my clitoris. 

In short, it's one sex toy that has really expanded the range of things my husband and I can do in the bedroom. While most toys seek to replace or improve on the obvious, this expands on sexual pleasure in a way I wasn't entirely expecting.

Where Can You Get One?

The best place to buy the Fin is directly from the official Dame Products website.

It's where I bought mine, since they offered the lowest price at the time. Also, be sure to use coupon code "DOCTORCLIMAX" at checkout for 10% off! Click here to redeem!

I always try and buy toys directly from their manufacturer whenever possible, this way I'm guaranteed a legitimate product and dealing with warranty claims is always super simple.



If you'd like to provide yourself or your partner with a much more worthwhile form of finger-based stimulation, the Dame Fin is absolutely a great choice. While it isn't the quietest or the most powerful, it is in a class of its own as far as finger treats go. 

It's great for foreplay and I personally bring it out once every so often when I'm working on myself alone and don't want to pull out a full sized vibrator. It has one of the most ergonomic and comfortable hand-feels of any toy I've owned, honestly, I'm surprised by how versatile this thing is. I really do have a good time with it.

So, if you need something that works great as an aid in the bedroom, the Fin is a Dame to remember.

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