13 Cheap Sex Toys For Men & Women: 
The Ultimate Guide To Cheap Adult Sex Toys

Written by: Don & Angela Watson | Updated: January 29th, 2019

  • Made from hard plastic
  • With 7 different vibration patterns, with 3 different speeds
  • AAA Battery Powered
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  • With 5 inches insertable space
  • Tight entrance
  • 2-3 months life span
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  • Has a flared base
  • Made of body safe silicone
  • Has 3.75 inches insertable length & 0.9 inches diameter
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After posting on this website for about two years now, something dawned on me: a large majority of the toys I've covered are quite expensive. I suppose that it just stands to reason that most of the better sex toys worth covering will be on the more expensive side.

Then again, not everyone is ready or willing to shell out over a hundred dollars just for some silicone assisted masturbation.

So to help balance out the huge list of luxury toys I've covered, it's about time I show off as many of the cheap sex toys I've managed to use that actually left a lasting impression.

Just because cheap is the operating word here it shouldn't be thought that these toys are more difficult to enjoy or fundamentally flawed. Inexpensive would be a better descriptor without a doubt.

You don't always need the most perfect toy of them all to have a great time, in fact most of the toys on this list check all of the bare minimum boxes for what a vibrator or masturbator should do for you.

Think of it like flying a budget airline, the seats might not be as comfy and the food might not be as tasty, but you're still going to get from point A to point B without issue.

No matter your gender, don't fret: this list will include tons of options for females, males, and everything in between.

Cheap Sex Toys For Mendctblv2-table__imageBeaded Realistic Vagina Stroker
  • With 5 inches insertable space
  • Tight entrance
  • 2-3 months life span
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Cheap Sex Toys For Womandctblv2-table__imageTickled Pink Classic 7 Inch
  • Made from hard plastic
  • With 7 different vibration patterns, with 3 different speeds
  • AAA Battery Powered
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Best Cheap Anal Toysdctblv2-table__imageUberlube
  • Has a flared base
  • Made of body safe silicone
  • Has 3.75 inches insertable length & 0.9 inches diameter
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Cheap Sex Toys For Men

A majority of this article has been written by myself (Angela Watson - a female) but I decided to get my husband to write the part of this article which will talk about the best cheap male sex toys. The following section has been written by my husband (Don), in case you were wondering how one website could cover both of the applicable genitals.

The Best Cheap Pocket Pussy

Beaded Realistic Vagina Stroker

So the standard for what can be considered "realistic" has been stretched a little here since the vaginal orifice itself ticks the most basic of boxes with the overall body of the stroker having a very basic flesh like color. That's not what we're here for though, the real question is whether or not this $7.50 stroker is a cheap new way to get an upgrade from your hand.

It's made from TPE not unlike Superskin or FantaFlesh although it's certainly not on the same level of realistic overall feeling. There's also only 5 inches of insertable space, after that you really risk breaking the thing. It requires a good bit of lube to get going plus if you overdo it on the lube there's a weird noise that comes from it, it's far from perfect as far as strokers go. Still, the beads inside provide an experience that makes the entire penis feel taken care of in a way that's a huge upgrade from your hand.

The entrance is pretty tight which is why the extra lube burden is so pronounced. As for the body of the stroker itself it's more on the tight side while still giving you the option to squeeze down if necessary.

Overall, it's a clear upgrade from the hand while costing less than a twelve pack of beer. Life span wise I'd say you can expect about 2-3 months before it starts to tear itself apart. By that point it's just a matter of getting another or upgrading to a better option like a Fleshlight once you've determined this is the life for you.

The Best Cheap Stroker

Lovehoney Head Master

Not all strokers need to be an imitation vagina with just one end. Here's an option that is meant to be used just for some quick fun or to turn up the volume a little come time for a blowjob.

It's called the Head Master because those who make sex toys just can't get enough out of cheap puns relating to how their products should be used. When receiving a blow job, the Head Master can be used to stroke the rest of the penis while your dearly beloved goes to town on the tip. That's why this TPE stroke has an open ended design and is a mere 2.5 inches in length. It's a stroker in every sense of the word, you'll definitely need to use in in such a way that your whole hand strokes up and down the length of your genitals.

That just means you'll get to really enjoy what the supple protrusions have to offer. Most of the cheap toys for this purpose all make use of long, thin rods meant to gently massage the penis until orgasm. Thankfully this makes for a good way to play since I really do like feeling the few hundred little dimples run across the length of my member. Nothing's stopping me from turning it inside out for a more smooth experience, either.

Durability is shockingly not an issue either, I'd say it's perfect for men of any size although the particularly well endowed might have to use a bit more lube than someone else would. For the price it's a clear winner with very little bringing it down. I could pick apart how it doesn't really compare to some of the more expensive toys I've used but at $12 it's exactly what it needs to be.

The Cheapest Fleshlight

Fleshlight Quickshot

Luckily for those among us who want the security that comes with buying from an established brand with a lot of prestige behind it there is one very solid option: the Fleshlight Quickshot.

It's the cheapest option out of their entire catalog coming in at a mere $35, although I would suggest paying $40 for the special Riley Reid Quickshot as the texture within is to die for. Still, this review is about the $35 model in the spirit of being frugal. The main difference between this and their other toys would be that it's much smaller with an insertable length of 3.5 inches while the overall length is about 4.5'' with the caps on. It's open ended much like the Head Master but it has a much better feel and a much better texture.

Fleshlight uses a special blend of TPE known as Superskin that is by far one of the best materials out there in male masturbators. Any other option being "better" is mainly more about personal preference than it is about the material's quality.

Fleshlight also spends a considerable amount of time carefully designing the textures within all of their toys, with the Quickshot being no different. The Vantage model is circular and wavy in such a way that I often find myself not only stroking up and down but also in a circular motion for the most pleasure possible in the shortest amount of time.

The only real difference between the experience offered from the Quickshot is that you can't change the tightness of the masturbator like with a full sized model and the shorter size means you won't have 100% coverage all of the time. It's a Fleshlight through and through at the same time, so have at it!

I've actually written a full review if you're interested in learning more about this toy.

The Best Disposable Male Masturbator

Here's another good option from a proven manufacturer: the Tenga Egg. I remember seeing the ads for these toys before porn videos a lot in the late 2000s and always wondered what the big deal was.

Despite their concealable egg like design, the TPE stretches to accommodate men of any size while also revealing the inner texture in it's full splendor. What makes this toy different from most is that while it is inexpensive, it's also only meant to be used once or twice before being thrown away. It's still a very pleasurable option and I would suggest it mostly to anyone who wants to know what a well made male masturbator can offer without risking any buyer's remorse. Each egg is about $10 a pop, I usually have some around to take with me for an overnight trip when I want something small but devilishly worthwhile.

The innards are supple & deliver a lot of pleasure without a whole lot of work. Some people wash theirs out and use them about 2-4 times before they break although I can't really speak to that myself since I don't reuse them myself. Lube is still an absolute necessity but Tenga has been kind enough to supply a little bit of their own water based lube with each toy. Not bad at all Tenga, not bat at all.

The Best Cheap Cock Ring

BASICS Vibrating Love Ring

The cock ring might seem a bit crude at first, but it's utility is not to be understated. A good vibrating cock ring can give stimulation to the female clitoris while also allowing a man to last a bit longer in the bedroom thanks to the effect the pressure around the base of the shaft provides.

I'd say that every couple should give a cock ring a shot at least once just to spice things up a little in the bedroom. I describe this particular model as a kamikaze since the batteries are meant to be used for a single 30 minute session.

Luckily your first session is provided, after that it's up to you to decide if this $7 bundle of joy is worth keeping around or not. Whenever my husband and I travel we usually take this one with us since we don't care if it gets lost or breaks down when in use.

It's stretchy enough to be comfortable to Don and powerful enough to be worth it to me, likely thanks to the one-and-done style of vibrator power.

Give it a shot if you're stumped for new ideas in the bedroom or just want to see what the big deal with cock rings is.

Cheap Sex Toys For Woman

The Best Cheap Vibrator

Tickled Pink Classic 7 Inch

Those among us who want something that can get the job done without any extra bells or whistles won't be able to find a better deal on the market than the Tickled Pink vibrator.

At the time of writing, it's a mere $7.50 although that is marked down considerably so it might be out of stock or discontinued fairly shortly.

As the name states, it's seven inches long but has a more bulbous head to make tracking down the g-spot all but guaranteed. It's made from a hard plastic material which means it is completely rigid from bottom to top.

Surprisingly for such a cheap option it has seven different vibrating patterns each with three different speeds. The patterns are the same ones you can expect from a more expensive vibrator, namely a choice of patterns that are consistent, gradually increase/decrease, pulses, or waves.

The rigid shell helps to conduct the vibrations nicely since it doesn't have the most powerful motor out there.

You'll have to bring your own batteries to the party unfortunately, so pick up a pair of AAA batteries while you wait for this vibe to ship out if you don't want to be left out in the cold.

So long as you remember to properly tighten the battery compartment the toy is also 100% waterproof to boot.

For a vibrator that's under $10, it offers just about all of the same features as some of the $200 toys I've featured on this site. Some notable differences would be that the motor isn't insanely powerful, it isn't rechargeable, and it is a little bit louder than toys that have the research budget to dampen the noise. Still, it's more than serviceable and I've even managed to use it to hit my g-spot on more than a few occasions.

An Awesome Cheap Love Vibrator

Buzzz Powerful Love Egg

Here's another toy that goes for a mere $7.50, the Buzzz Love Egg.

A love Egg is essentially the same as a bullet vibrator except they tend to be a lot more ovular like the name would suggest. It's still a sex toy that's small enough to the point where either name would fit just fine.

When it comes time to use the toy it comes attached to a remote control through a 30 inch wire to enable you to lay back and enjoy your play time. This hard plastic love egg has 2.5 inches of insertable space with a diameter of 1.2 inches.

The way toys like this are supposed to be used is that they are inserted as deeply into the vagina as someone is comfortable with, then the remote is used to let the fun begin. It isn't out of the question to use it externally to play with the clitoris or tease your partner either though.

Play isn't limited at all from the Buzzz either, there's a whole seven different patterns each with three levels of power.

After giving them all a shot, I'd say there's only about one or two of those seven that I didn't care for much at all while the rest definitely have their time and place. No matter how great any one setting is, the ability to get a new kind of stimulation from a single toy is a big deal no matter the price point.

Also, I don't know if it's in spite of its size or because of its size but it actually packs a real wallop. The medium setting does just perfectly on most patterns for me but for whenever I'm on the search for g-spot stimulation you can bet I'll be going to the highest setting.

With 30 inches of room on the remote there's also no reason to be in any kind of awkward position just to get down to business. Remember though that this vibrator is powered by a group of three AAA batteries so you'll need to have some of those on hand.

If it's any testament to how worthwhile this cheap sex toy really is, I managed to figure out just how long it takes to drain the batteries through organic use. I'd say I used it for about three weeks every night before it finally died on me.

The price to value ratio here is pretty off the charts in my humble opinion.

The Best Cheap Bullet Vibrator

Lovehoney Love Missile

In a world where a sex toy can take nearly any shape, size, and form, the bullet vibrator is one type I've always had a love affair with. The simple fact is that in the search for a great orgasm a woman would be foolish to neglect the clitoris. At the same time, there's only so much you can do with your own fingers looking from the top down.

That's why I'd like to introduce the Lovehoney Love Missile, a waterproof bullet vibrator that has a low price of $9.99 but more than enough to like. Like most inexpensive sex toys it's made of a completely rigid hard plastic material that's easy to clean and keep sanitary without having to put too much effort into it. As far as length is concerned it's a mere 1.5 inches long and 0.8 inches in diameter. With bullet vibrators size is the least of your worries though, the small size actually makes it perfect for teasing the labia and clitoris to wonderful effect.

It uses small LR44 style watch batteries but thankfully the three batteries are included in this case. Those batteries will give three different speed settings all while being way quieter than one would expect from such a cheap toy. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say it's a good option for those who want to enjoy a little bit of stealth while they enjoy themselves. Whether you want a small bullet vibrator to put into a pouch on a different toy or just an inexpensive toy to get started with/travel with, the Love Missile does not disappoint.

The Best Affordable Dildo

Motorhead Rock Hard Glass Dildo

No sex toy collection is complete without a good dildo on hand. No worrying about charge time, no hoping that the motor is powerful enough to actually get you off, just you and the perfect end to a long stressful day.

It's a mere $15 for a fully functional glass dildo. It's marked down from $50 but the wording leads me to believe this is a permanent choice as opposed to some sort of flash sale. You simply can't find a similarly well made dildo at this price point, I'll tell you that much. I would like to caution anyone who's looking up dildos at the sub-$20 range since most of them are made of a soft plastic or PVC. These materials are absolutely awful to your bodily health on top of the fact that they can never truly be cleaned.

It's a full 7 inches long and 1.5 inches at the widest point which puts it firmly within the range most women prefer from a phallic sex toy. It really shouldn't be as cheap as it is yet I understand why it probably wouldn't sell too well at the original $50 price tag. There simply isn't much else going for this toy to justify spending over $20 or $30, so $15 is the perfect price.

There isn't much to say about a glass dildo, really. It was great to use for penetrative stimulation although it didn't do much for my g-spot. Since it's made out of glass it's also ludicrously easy to clean, you could boil the thing if you wanted to then be left with a 100% sterilized dildo.

Best Affordable Clit Vibrator

BASICS Pocket Clitoral Vibrator

It's a crime that the clitoris is as under serviced as it is in the modern world. I hear that in some schools in the Deep South that health class teachers debate it even exists at all. Those people need to get their hands on this pocket clit vibrator then that non-issue can get put to rest immediately.

It's actually exceedingly simple in design, there's just four different vibrating heads that connect to three vibrators underneath to give them their power. Each head is made from hard plastic and does a great job at hugging the clitoris while giving the soft tissue somewhere to move into for even more surface area to be titillated nicely. Just one AA battery is all you need. I don't use the tips all the time to be quite honest, I find that the smooth metal balls do a great job at surrounding my clit and giving me the kind of pleasure that reminds me of a good g-spot session.

It's like a bullet vibrator but there's definitely a lot less usable space overall. For $10, I'm not complaining.

The Best Cheap Anal Toys

Best Cheap Butt Plug / Prostate Massager

Lovehoney Booty Buddy

I really thing it's funny that they went with Booty Buddy as opposed to butt buddy here, I'm guessing Lovehoney thinks people are much more ready to have a booty buddy as opposed to a butt buddy. Name notwithstanding, it's a great option to get into anal play for a mere $13.

This T-bar styled plug has a flared base which makes it entirely safe to use while also being made of body safe silicone. Silicone tends to be a more expensive material which explains why the toy has just 3.75'' of insertable space and 0.9'' of diameter. It's definitely on the small size but it's an attractive choice for anyone who wants to give anal toys a try without having to worry about stretching themselves out too much.

The silicone construction is what makes this toy such a steal at this price, most toys made from this material start at around $60 and up. The gentle curve makes it entirely usable as a prostate massager for men and I can easily imagine it being a pretty good tool for those on the search for their g-spot as well. The exterior is rather firm with a sleek overall feel once you get some water based lube going.

Safe and versatile sex toys are few and far in between, so the fact that this toy even made the list of cheap sex toys at all is worthy of note.

Best Cheap Anal Beads

Tracey Cox Anal Prober

As far as well known anal sex toys are concerned, there's pretty much just the butt plug and anal beads. Here's a $15 option from Tracey Cox, I've asked my wife about her and she's apparently the Debbie Travis of sex toys. She's an author involved in the sex industry, I sincerely doubt these toys have much more to do with her than having her named attached. Still, having her name on it helped me feel comfortable that the silicone they use is actually of a high quality instead of being a risky choice.

Anal beads are fun because each individual bead can take advantage of the series of sensitive nerve endings within the anal cavity. I have slowly become addicted to the feeling of each bead working its way through me until I make a new sound I never thought I could before. There are seven beads to speak of with the biggest one being in the middle, it has an insertable length of 7 inches though so I doubt most of us will make use of all of them. That widest bead is 1.2'' in diameter, for reference's sake a "medium" sized toy is usually about 1.5'' in diameter so this is yet again another accessible silicone option for anal newcomers.

I do enjoy the feeling of fullness provided by this set of beads and I'm overjoyed that they are made from silicone. When it comes to anal play, having the most comfortable & safe materials possible is an absolute must in my book.

Best Anal Training Kit

Lovehoney Rump Workout

One of the biggest issues I had when I started with anal sex toys is trying to figure out what size I should go with for the most enjoyment. Of course I could just go with the smallest one possible because I had never really put things in my behind before, but what if I got used to it in a week then got bored?

An anal training kit is something I wish I stumbled upon during those trying times. I later learned that small toys are about 1'' in diameter, medium toys about 1.25'' to 1.5'', with large toys being anything bigger than that. This kit comes with three individual plugs that have a diameter of 1.1'' , 1.35'', and 1.6'' respectively. As far as length goes they are 3'', 3.5'', and 4.25'' in overall length respectively as well. That gives you three different toys to use over time and figure out where you stand in the big world of anal sex toys.

They're also made from smooth silicone similar to the expensive models so they offer an experience of anal play that's extremely close to what you'll get from a more luxurious toy at the end of the day. For $12 you can end up saving a lot more than that by skipping over toys that won't be any good for you once you actually give them a shot.

So I'm thankful that this option exists for people just getting into the game or even for people who want to pad out their collection of sex toys without having to empty their wallet. The plugs themselves are extremely pleasurable and are also easy to manipulate thanks to the circular handle at the end.

What To Look For With Inexpensive Sex Toys

There's good reason why most of the toys I stand behind tend to be on the pricier range. Sex toys can easily fall on the underwhelming side of things, it took me a long time to figure out what attributes really make a sex toy memorable and what makes a piece of junk.

So when shopping for cheap sex toys, keep these attributes in mind before settling on any purchase:

  • Material: Most cheap sex toys are made from unsafe materials like PVC or "jellies". These materials are unsafe to expose the body to in any amounts, with females being at a greater risk since there's little in the way of protective layers within the vagina. Besides that, these materials are also porous which means there are microscopic holes that bacteria can easily fit inside. The general rule of thumb should be if you were to dip that toy in spaghetti sauce, do you think you'd be able to return it to it's previous state?
  • Power: A lot of toys on the less expensive side of things just tick the box of being a vibrator just barely. Nobody likes a bullet vibrator that can barely vibrate at all, which is a major issue with some toys. I always recommend that you look through what's offered. If a toy powered by a single AAA battery is trying to act like it's the most powerful vibrator ever made, there's something wrong there.
  • Battery Life: A rechargeable battery is the hallmark of a well made sex toy, it's just the way things are. These less expensive toys use disposable batteries and risk either being too strong in a way that soaks up the battery life too fast or just plain inefficient to begin with. Getting at least an hour of use is all but necessary, even for cheap toys.
  • Noise: More expensive toys can put more research into figuring out how to make their toys truly silent. Some manufacturers have even designed toys from the ground up to be as silent as possible. These cheaper sex toys won't always have stealth on their side which is something to have in mind.

Just Because It's Cheap, It Doesn't Mean It's Bad

So I hope that this list will give everybody something they can try out so they can get their jollies. At the end of the day you don't really need to spend hundreds of dollars on sex toys. It's just a matter of the ones that provide a completely awesome experience with all of the different aspects tied up nicely tend to cost a bit more than lunch at a fast food place.

I've ensured that the toys on this list are at least functional while some of them were actually pretty impressive overall, even after trying out toys in excess of $300 myself. The main goal is just to make solo sex or sex with a partner more enjoyable than it was previously. For that, these toys have it in spades.

Hopefully this was enlightening for everyone who's had a chance to read through. Should you have any questions about the toys on this list or want to know if I have any experience with similar inexpensive toys, don't hesitate to comment below!

About Angela Watson

I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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