Best Sex Chairs, Sofas & Couches: 
The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: March 3rd, 2020

Sex furniture is a pretty vast category I've discovered.

One subcategory that stands out is the humble sex chair. 

They're a fan favorite because they're often on the smaller side while still allowing a huge range of additional sex positions to be tried out. They aren't as inexpensive as a sex swing but the extra sturdiness makes them easier to use overall.

Some can be pretty affordable nonetheless, with sub $200 costs while the more fancy furniture options that you actually wouldn't mind finding in your home after a long day tend to cost a pinch more. Nonetheless, anyone who is adventurous in their sex life can benefit greatly from furniture sex.

Why deal with the awkwardness that can come from trying to re-purpose an already existing piece of furniture in your home when you could just get a purpose built sex chair right to your door? If you're on the same page as I am now, then these chairs should rock your world!

The Liberator Esse II

Liberator is one of the few brand names out there in the world of sex chairs.

They have a full catalog ranging from tiny pillows all the way up to the sofa lounger type chair I'm about to speak on, the Esse II.

The outer covering is made from an easy to clean faux leather material that I've found to not pick up lube stains (or other stains for that matter) that fits nicely around the foam core.

What's really wonderful about the Esse II is just how much thought went into the delicate angles that are a part of the sex chair itself.

It's a full 64'' long, 24'' wide, and 28'' tall at the highest point. Both ends have a gentle slope that make it extremely easy to bend your body around while also including the removable headrest pillow as well as another pillow that goes in the middle dip if you'd prefer to have a flat surface to work with. The overall width of the chair is an underrated design feature, it's just wide enough to be a great lounger but not so wide that straddling it is impossible. Even just using the taller end to brace yourself on can help make for a much more entertaining doggystyle session.

Ultimately it's a sex chair that you'll get as much out of as you put in. All of the required materials are there for you: smart curves, easy to clean covering, and a fairly discreet overall design. Personally, my husband and I have discovered new positions to try out just about every time we decide to get down to business using this piece of equipment.

Liberator Esse (The Original)

If you'd like to save a few bucks on a sex chaise lounge, the original Liberator Esse is a great option. 

It's over $300 cheaper than the new Esse II and in my opinions it's nearly just as good. In terms of value, the original Esse is a much better choice.

We've had our Esse for several years now and it's held up great over the years. It's also provided us with some great memories. Some of the best sex I've had with my husband was with the Esse.

The dimensions are nearly identical between the new Esse II and the original. The old version is 64" x 24" x 24", the only difference is it's 4'' shorter in height.

I'd actually personally recommend the original over the new one just from a pure value standpoint. It was a really great buy for us and it's the piece of sex related furniture that my husband and I use the most often.

Bondage Boutique Sex Enhancer Chair

Sure, that last option was more of a sex sofa than a full on chair.

So here's another option that definitely errs more on the side of chair than anything else while still providing a great option to make any sitting style sex position some of the most pleasurable parts of your sex life.

Did I mention it's also under $100 dollars?

That alone made it all but impossible for me to not want to add it to my collection of sex chairs.

It's a fairly simple concept, really. It's two pieces of elastic material stretched across a small chair that allows your body weight to be supported as you bounce along merrily.

The elastic material is extremely durable, I needed Don's help stretching it out when setting it up initially if that's any indication that it isn't going to break regardless of how vigorously used it is. It's rated to 330 pounds so I have a lot of faith in what this rather simple piece of sex furniture can accomplish.

I've even used it for oral sex, having my husband sit down in the stool while I push down on his thighs to bounce him along has quickly become probably his favorite sex position of all time. I was kind of worried at first that there would be difficulty in me being able to reach all the way to his penis when I was sitting on it, but it's very straightforward to push your midsection between the two elastic bands and then bounce away. Plus, seeing him put in that extra effort for that last inch or two always boosts the experience that much more for the both of us.

As far as raw value for dollar goes, Bondage Boutique outdid themselves. It's a testament to the fact that cost does not necessarily have to be a quality of a worthwhile piece of sex furniture.

Liberator Obeir Spanking Bench

Now the Obeir bills itself as a spanking bench, but it works just fine as a chair as well. It's actually modestly hard if I'm being honest to find a good number of proper sex chairs that are both useful and not dangerous to use. That leads to the Obeir, while it might not look like a sex chair, it does absolutely everything you'd ever want it to.

There are some included BDSM shackles but you don't have to use them if you don't want to. What the Obeir does that not all other sex chairs do is give you a comfortable platform at the front to give you a great place to rest your knees while still allowing you to put your elbows down from a semi-upright position.

Doggystyle or assisted missionary is most often the position that comes to mind the minute I lock eyes with the Obeir we keep around the house. It's also a worthwhile option for me to have oral sex performed on me by allowing a much more comfortable angle of attack for my husband.

It does allow for a good bit of experimentation for those out there who want to try out some new positions to get the most out of their purchase, the microfiber outer cover is in typical Liberator fashion in that it is extremely easy to clean. I've even just spot wiped from time to time instead of throwing it all in the wash without any foul smells to speak of days later. The body of the chair itself is made from a foam core but it is noticeably stiffer than the rest of their toys that I've tried.

It may not be as fancy as the Liberator Esse, but that doesn't mean it doesn't add some very worthwhile ways to get off.

Prelude Bench

It shouldn't be a huge shocker that Liberator is going to feature onto this best of sex furniture list quite a few times, it is what they do, after all. The Prelude Bench is yet another quality sex sofa that I find does quite a bit for its overall cost.

It comes in three sizes: PrinceQueen, and King. These are equivalent in overall length to their bed counterparts, as I'm assuming the goal is to make a bench that can fit on the end of your bed without looking out of place. For those looking for a sex chair specifically, the Prince model will be the choice you want the most.

The outer covering is a very lustrous and silky material that has a lot of moisture resistance built in, hardly new stuff coming from a piece of furniture from Liberator. It also has the typical foam core but much like the Obeir it is a lot more stiff than the Esse II which is by design. It's meant to be a straight-shot bench that has just the right amount of give to it to still be comfy.

Any sex positions that involve straddling come extremely naturally while on the Prelude Bench. It's extremely easy to have one partner lay down with their legs comfortably planted if desired while the other partner does everything they can to add their part into the equation. That's one big benefit of the Prelude Bench, it allows for a very wide range of motion in a fashion that's rivaled only by a sex swing.

In short, I'd say the Prelude Bench is a very trustworthy ticket to a new, better sex life.

Fetish Fantasy Ultra Inflatable Position Master

So last but not least is another affordable option from Fetish Fantasy.

It's really scratching at the category of sex couches but I like to think it fits nicely into the world of furniture sex next to all of the other chairs featured in this article.

One concern that's new to inflatable toys is that the seams tend to be a bit pointy, so know that in advance before thinking you can depend on the areas full of seams for the most comfortable sex experience possible. On this sex sofa they're pretty smartly placed around the sides of the toy where you likely won't want to touch very much anyways.

This toy is meant to be put firmly on the ground and held onto tightly with just about every position you can think of with either side of the body facing up or down that you can think of.

There are four handles included, with two of them towards the bottom and the other two being towards the top.

Since it's inflatable the two handles make it easier to keep it in place if your body weight can't do that alone. I was worried that this would be a very slippery piece of furniture but the textured nature of the material keeps things in place surprisingly well.

It also has the distinction of being one of the most supremely portable sex chairs out there. When deflated it isn't difficult to stuff it in a small cardboard box then take it on the road with you. Having a foot pump or an electric air bed pump will make the traveling experience a lot easier though. All in all, it offers quite a bit for its $50 overall cost.

Final Thoughts

Sex furniture is growing in popularity wildly as more and more individuals understand just how important it is to add a few degrees of body movement when it comes to the most satisfying kind of sex possible.

We've seen it ourselves, many of our readers read some of our other articles on furniture from sex pillows to sex swings and we keep getting loads of emails to this very day!

I know in my case it all started when I first had sex with the assistance of a very modern looking chair with a whack load of weird angles all over the place. I was surprised to find that the positions I had grown used to were actually just a few inches away from being absolutely godly as far as raw pleasure is concerned after I made sure to add the right oomph to it.

So please, if you have any questions at all about how you can find pieces of furniture to improve the way you have sex, don't hesitate to comment below or even email me directly! Everybody's personal biology is different, why not get the right equipment to exploit all of its tender spots just the way you like?

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I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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