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Realistic Dildos Molded From Male Pornstars

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 2nd, 2023

Fleshlight has long had their Girls line of toys in which the orifice was cast from the starlet's real life genitals by a professional modeling team and then put onto the toy. The experience being given to customers being that they could penetrate a 1:1 scale replica of their favorite pornographic actresses.

But what about us girls and guys who have our own male favorites from the smutty screen? 

Fleshlight has answered our prayers by releasing the Fleshlight Guys line of pornstar molded dildos that are excellently molded from the penises of Manuel Ferrara, Ryan Driller, and Mick Blue. There's also the Fleshjack Boys line for all the gay men reading this.

This article will focus on the Fleshlight Guys line since I've not tried any of the Fleshjack Boys dildos. However, if you'd like to learn more about the many gay pornstar dildos available, simply click here to learn more!

As for the Fleshlight Guys line, as times goes on I expect more and more of our favorite male pornstars to have dildos cast in the likeness of their penises, but for now we'll have to settle with the options which are currently available.

What's So Special About These Pornstar Dildos?

So, the main draw to these toys is quite obvious: they are 1:1 scale replicas of the genitals of famous male porn stars. Seems simple enough, right?

Well, the toys are made from body-safe platinum cured silicone. What this means is that they are unique in their texture, firmness, and overall feel. The dildos from the Fleshlight Guys line have a realistic yet not off-putting skin tone, a little bit of give to them that allows for a bit of bend to the same degree as a real penis, plus their exteriors are quite soft and plush.

Another aspect of this line from Fleshlight is that each and every one of these dildos is compatible with a suction cup that is sold separately. You can either get a bundle that has the dildo, the suction cup, as well a full bottle of Fleshlube for an added $30 or just buy the suction cup on its own for about $30. If you think you'll want the suction cup at all, it's more worthwhile to just get the bundle.

There are also a few couple's bundles, such as the bundle that comes with the Manuel Ferrara dildo & the Kayden Kross Fleshlight, or a different bundle that comes with the Mick Blue dildo & the Anikka Albright Fleshlight. Both bundles comes with an 8oz bottle of Fleshlube Water.

The Fleshlight Guys Pornstar Dildos:

dctbl-table__imageMy Top PickMy Top PickManuel Ferrara's Dildo
  • 6.5 inches of insertable length
  • A realistic looking foreskin
  • The girthiest option available
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dctbl-table__imageBest For G-Spot StimulationBest For G-Spot StimulationRyan Driller's Dildo
  • The perfect shape and size for hitting the G-spot
  • 6.5 inches of insertable length and 5.5 inches in girth/circumference
  • A very visually appealing penis
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dctbl-table__imageBest Look & FeelBest Look & FeelMick Blue's Dildo
  • The best mixture of look & feel
  • 6.5 inches of insertable length and 5.75 in girth/circumference
  • Extra stimulation from the skin wrinkles
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Lets go over 
each dildo!

Manuel Ferrara's Dildo

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As evidenced by the picture, Manuel Ferrara is not circumcised. For those who are curious, the foreskin cannot be retracted and what you see is what you get. So if you're not particularly the type to enjoy a man with some foreskin, the other options in this line are much better suited for you.

From the base to the tip, the dildo measures 7.75'', but once you subtract the balls that leaves you with 6.5'' of insertable space. The circumference at the base of the shaft is 6.5'', which makes the toy about 2.0'' in diameter with a little bit of variance since penises are hardly ever 100% consistent.

Overall, this dildo is the girthiest option available and the shortest overall, but it's not like 7.75'' is what any of us would consider "small". It's wide and commands attention when you hold it in your hands, that's for certain.

Since the foreskin goes over the glans in this model, it is a significantly smoother ride overall since the ridges of the glans aren't very noticeable when in use. Also, it's pretty straight all things considered with very little bend to speak of.

Ryan Driller's Dildo

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Ryan Driller's Fleshlight Guys dildo is much ore typical of what the average porn penis looks like. Completely circumcised with a big photogenic glans, it's quite appealing to look at.

The full length of the dildo is 8.25'', with 6.25'' of that being insertable. It's a bit less girthy than the Manuel Ferrara option with a circumference of 5.5'' around the shaft, or a diameter of 1.7''.

This is the least girthy option out of the lot as well as the one with the least amount of insertable room.

The glans is very defined and its ridges are quite noticeable when it is in use, I thoroughly enjoy using the penis tip on this dildo to tease my clitoris when I'm not seeing how much of I can get inside of myself.

Compared to the other two options on this list, Ryan Driller's penis has a noticeable curve that gives the dildo a slight U-shape. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for maximum G-spot potential.

Mick Blue's Dildo

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Mick Blue's dildo is right in the middle with Fleshlight's offerings with foreskin availability. While Mick Blue is uncut like Manuel Ferrara, his foreskin was retracted during the modeling process so the edges of the glans could be represented in the model.

From base to tip, this dildo measures 8.25'', with 6.5'' of that being insertable. The circumference at the base is 5.75'' or 1.83'' in diameter, also making it in the middle of girth options for the Fleshlight Guys line.

This option offers the best mix for people who want the look of an uncut penis but still want all of the glans to be exposed.

It's even straighter and more consistent than Manuel Ferrara's penis, and the ball sack is less wrinkly if that's something that might be crossing your mind.

The feeling of the foreskin right below the glans is soft, supple, and actually noticeable when you're using the dildo. Because the foreskin is retracted there's a little more wrinkles to the shaft overall, but these function more like added texture points than noticeably floppy tags of skin.

What Do I Think Of The Fleshlight Guys Dildos?

Since most of these Fleshlight pornstar dildos are relatively similar, I figured a small blurb here is the best way to describe how the experience of using them goes.

After applying a little bit of lube, the dildos feel rather realistic and I wouldn't be surprised if these showed up during a bachelorette party game involving a blindfold, in fact if I don't experience them that way soon I'll be sure to buy some new ones and make sure of it, assuming my friends can trust that I really haven't used them.

Back on track, I mean that they are quite supple and really do have some aspects reminiscent of a man's member engorged with blood. They are slightly bendy which makes using them in all kinds of positions an absolute breeze, and there is a little bit of a two-tiered feel that the upper layer is squishier than the core of the toy, but I think that's just the nature of platinum based silicone over a deliberate design choice.

Since these are pornstar penises, they are on the larger side, with not a single dildo coming in at less than 1.7'' in diameter. However, they aren't freakishly large but instead I find them rather appealing. The muted yet realistic skin tone helps a lot with that, I find.

When using them they are soft, work with your body, and are absolutely satisfying thanks to their larger size. All in all, I'm glad Fleshlight decided to give this a shot.

I really hope that more straight pornstars are added to their line as time goes on, but I do wonder if the modeling process is more difficult to pull off for men compared to women or that some studios don't want their star power for sale. Either way, I do hope that the current limited options is more an indication of the line's infancy than it is legitimate issues.


There they are, the three current Fleshlight Guys dildos. There is more or less something for everybody, so long as you can deal with the larger than average length and girth.

I personally really like the texture of the toys and the fact that they have some bend to them really helps me hit all of my sweet spots when I take them out from storage for some good old fashioned fun.

These high fidelity reproductions of real penises manage to skirt gracefully around uncanny valley territory by being realistically textured but not weird to look at. The fact that the color is consistent throughout really helps this aspect.

If you're worried that your husband or partner might become jealous of you owning a replica of another man's penis, the couple's bundles are a great way to equalize the equation. With the couple's bundle, you'll have both a dildo and a male masturbator bearing the genitals of a famous pornstar couple, so neither of you will have much of any reason to get angry at the other.

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