Womanizer Liberty Review

Sonic Vibrations for Best Stimulation

Womanizer Liberty Review

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 9th, 2021

What I love about Womanizer, a German sex toy company founded in 2014, is their commitment to improving their products.

Womanizer markets a wide range of toys that genuinely have the needs of every customer in mind. And what do these toys all have in common? Pleasure Air Technology. 

Let me explain: Pleasure Air Technology is Womanizer’s revolutionary creation that gives users very satisfying clitoral stimulation from a toy without direct touch.

Now, this might sound like magic, but Womanizer has truly become the expert when it  comes to state of the art sonic technology that will keep you coming back to these awesome toys. 

As I continue to review Womanizer toys, I cannot fail to mention the Womanizer Liberty clitoral stimulator. The Womanizer Liberty still centers Womanizer’s sonic vibrations as its main feature, and builds on that with exciting upgrades and features (particularly with traveller needs in mind for this one!).

This toy is a must have for people who are used to and already love the feeling of sonic stimulation, or for those who want to expand their self pleasure to new and more intense sensations by trying out Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology.

What is the Womanizer Liberty?

This little toy features the perfectly sized design that delivers maximum pleasure. It is pocket sized and manufactured small enough to fit in your purse or make-up bag.

Why? Because the Womanizer Liberty is made for women who want to take their pleasure out and about with them. Think about the name “Liberty”, meaning freedom. This toy is meant to easily travel with you wherever you go, and its small size makes that super convenient.

If you are familiar with other Womanizer products, the size of this toy is similar to the Starlet, made to fit in the palm of your hand. For those who prefer having the numbers, it is exactly 105mm by 50mm by 40mm. 

Despite its small size, the shape of the Womanizer Liberty maintains its style and elegance. It comes in popular colour selections like lilac, red wine, powder blue, and pink rose (my favourite).

It has a smooth, oval body that can be easily overlooked by people at the airport or an onlooker as you search through your makeup bag. 

To further encourage you to take the Womanizer Liberty out of the bedroom along with you, this toy comes with a perfectly fitted travel cover that closes over the head of the toy and makes it even more discreet and inconspicuous. If you have ever felt too shy to travel with your favourite sex toy, this travel friendly cover can change that for you.

The unique travel cover also keeps the Womanizer Liberty clean and hygienic for your next use. I actually prefer this snap on travel cap to the small drawstring bags that many sex toy companies provide to carry their product in (and the Womanizer Liberty does come with a satin bag as well, in case you want even more protection or privacy with this toy).

In my opinion, the snap on case keeps the toy even more protected from dust or other particles that could collect in the head of this toy. 

The Womanizer Liberty’s silicone head, the part that works by enveloping your clitoris and delivering your irresistible air pressure pleasure, is made with hypoallergenic medical silicone. If you are familiar with my blog, you will know that silicone is my go-to choice for sex toys; it is body-safe, I prefer its soft, natural feeling against my skin and it is easy to clean.

The handle of the Womanizer Liberty is made of ABS plastic, which I trust to be durable enough to protect the toy while it is moving or bouncing around in your luggage or purse during travel. 

How does the Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulation work?

Well, with all rechagrable sex toys, the first thing you need to do to get the Womanizer Liberty working is to charge up the battery.

This is so easy because it comes with a USB charging cord that simply connects to the toy using a secure magnet. On one charge, this tiny toy can deliver up to 120 minutes of non-stop pleasure.  

The body of the Womanizer Liberty features two buttons that are clearly labelled plus (+) and minus (-). Simply turn this toy on by holding down the plus (+) button for 2 seconds, and it will start on the lowest level, which I always recommend when you are just starting out with any toy.

To use the Womanizer Liberty, simply position the head of this toy over your clitoris. You might want to use your fingers to spread your labia slightly for better positioning. I like to lay down comfortably on my back and let the sensations take over! 

For more speed and intensity, turn up the power on this toy by pressing the plus(+) button again. You have six levels of intensity at your disposal, so go ahead and explore what sensation helps you build your pleasure, and which one brings you over the edge!

For me, I find I can get a really pleasing and intense orgasm by working my way up to level 4 or 5, which I love because I know that when I need a little more power to bring me over the edge, I have not already maxed out on what this toy can do. However, everyone’s body is different of course, and you might find you prefer higher or lower sensations.

What does it feel like? I think the most true comparison I can make is that the pleasure the Womanizer Liberty deliver simluates the best oral sex I have ever had. The Pleasure Air Technology, in my experience, creates really pleasuring massaging and pulsing sensations that are as gentle as a tongue (and nothing like a vibrating motor of many other traditional vibrators).

Imagine having incredible oral sex available to you at any time. Yes, the Womanizer Liberty clitoral stimulator  can do that! 

How does the Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulation work?

I would recommend the Womanizer Liberty clitoral stimulator to all women, even if you are concerned about how effective it will be on you.

Why? The Womanizer Liberty intelligently comes with two sizes of heads that you can easily switch between when you purchase the toy. What does this mean for you?

If you have a wider shaped clitoris you will not be short of any pleasure with the Womanizer Liberty. Simply choose the medium sized head instead of the small one and allow yourself to indulge pleasure as gentle or intense as your liking.

I think a lot of times women, when packing for their next trip, leave their vibrators and sex toys at home because they want to avoid curious looks from airport security or its awkward fit discreetly in your luggage.

I wish this wasn’t the case though, because just as women want to relax and unwind and treat ourselves during travel, whether it is a weekend business trip or a week at a resort, we deserve some self pleasuring solo play too! 

So, if you are someone who is shopping for a “travel companion” sex toy that features sonic technology and can come with you on vacation, the Womanizer Liberty is a great option for you. Not only does it come with that thoughtful travel cap and rechargeable chord to make it easily portable, it also is extremely quiet!

When I turned on the toy, I could hardly hear it myself, so your hotel neighbours definitely will not either. This also means no worries about surprise rumbles or buzzing coming out of your bag or purse, which will definitely give you comfort while travelling with this toy!  

Another fun feature of the Womanizer Liberty that makes it both convenient and adventurous is that this toy is completely waterproof. Go ahead and use it in the tub, shower, or backyard pool! This can be a fun exploration for yourself alone or with a partner to spice up your regular routine.

I can also tell you that pairing the Womanizer Liberty sonic pleasure with the sensation of water around your body feels even better, and the orgasm is a whole new sensation from this little toy! 

The waterproof capabilities of the Womanizer Liberty clitoral stimulator also makes it easy to clean. You can remove the silicone head from the body of the Womanizer Liberty and submerge both parts in warm soapy water. Then, rinse the toy and air dry it before returning it to your bedside drawer!

I love a waterproof toy during cleaning because I like to have the confidence that I am not harming the toy by giving it a good, thorough clean with water.

Final Thoughts and Where to Buy

Honestly, I keep coming back to Womanizer toys when it comes to sonic vibrations, and here is why: first, the feeling is addictive and I keep craving that new, massaging and pulsing sensation (try it, you will see what I mean). This can be a great break from other buzzing motor vibrators whose intensity can leave you feeling overstimulated.

Second, they were the first to patent sonic vibrators. They know their stuff when it comes to sonic pleasure and it shows in their thoughtful desire and new products. 

Finally, Womanizer gives great (and free!) warranties on their toys, 5 years with the Womanizer Liberty, so that shows mean they truly care about the quality and performance of their toys which is why it's best to buy from an official site.

In all, I hope this Womanizer Liberty review helped you decide if this toy is for you. And if not, do no fret, Womanizer has a whole line of sonic toys that will meet your needs and send your pleasure beyond what you have experienced before - I promise you that! 

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