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Satisfy Your Sultry Cravings With This Toy

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 14th, 2021

The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings on just its tip alone. Is your vibrator pleasuring all of them?

Honestly, when it comes to getting the maximum amount of pleasure from sex toys, I know that regular vibrators, while they feel awesome, are limited to only the surface of your clitoris that they can touch.

The solution? Sonic wave technology. If you haven’t already heard of it, toys that use sonic technology deliver pleasure without touching your skin; rather, they nestle over your clitoris and provide intense sucking and massaging sensations using waves of air pressure that stimulate your entire clitoris, not just the parts you can touch.

Can this design get any better? Well, my answer is yes. Womanizer, the sex toy company that first brought sonic air stimulation to the market in 2014 with their patented Pleasure Air Technology, takes this intense sensation one step further by creating an innovative rabbit vibrator: the Womanizer Duo. 

With this rabbit vibrator, the Womanizer Duo, you are able to stimulate your clitoris with waving and pulsing air pressure while getting rumbly vibrations pleasing your G-spot at the same time. Ladies, let me tell you that this is the ultimate combination to achieve intense orgasms that will bring you to a new level of pleasure. Honestly, I am getting flustered just thinking about it!

In this article, I am going to go over my review of the Womanizer Duo. I will feature my opinions about and experiences with this product as well. If you are not already familiar with Womanizer the brand, let me tell you that they have a ton of different toys on the market. Hopefully, I can narrow down your choices by telling you the awesome features this intelligent rabbit vibrator delivers.

What is the Womanizer Duo?

Upon first look, the Womanizer Duo resembles many other popular rabbit vibrators on the market. It has two arms to provide you with intense double stimulation. This is a feeling that a lot of women prefer when it comes to indulging yourself with very powerful orgasms.

The toy itself is about 8 inches long. The G-spot stimulator that you use internally to pleasure yourself is about 4 inches long and 1.25 inches wide which I found to feel really good and comfortable inside of me.

What I also love to see with this vibrating arm is that it is perfectly curved to match the natural angle of your vagina. This makes for easy penetration (with some water-based lube to make things smoother, of course) and it makes sure that the vibrations are hitting the right spot of your vaginal wall (think: awesome G-spot orgasms). 

While this vibrating arm is rather typical of rabbit vibrations, Womanizer does us one better by adding their Pleasure Air Technology to the arm of this toy that stimulates your clitoris. As I mentioned before, this means that the part of the toy that targets your clitoris never actually even touches it: it just delivers pulsing and waving air pressure that mimics a sucking feeling that can be adjusted to feel as intense or as gentle as you want it to.

This is a great option for women who find the double vibration sensation from regular rabbit vibrators to just be too much, or even too over stimulating or desensitizing in such sensitive areas.  With their innovation, Womanizer does not stop at Pleasure Air Technology. The Womanizer Duo also features Womanizer’s Smart Silence, which means that this toy only turns on what it is in contact with your skin.

This avoids unnecessary battery-draining or any awkward rumbling sounds when you do not want to hear them: imagine you are carrying this toy around in your purse, or you and your partner use it for foreplay and then toss is aside when you move onto sex- the sounds stop when you need them to! 

Womanizer Duo: The Details

The packaging of the Womanizer Duo is both stylish and practical I will say, the image of the Womanizer Duo on the front of the box is not discrete, but what it lacks in subtly it makes up in elegance. Who doesn’t want to feel like they are treating themselves when you open up your new toy?

Inside the box, you’ll find a satin bag to keep your Womanizer Duo stored in. This ensures the toy stays clean and hygienic when it is not in use. The bag can also be used to keep the toy secret from other people’s curiosity white it is in your drawer or even your luggage!

You will also find a second silicone head for the Womanizer Duo which is in a smaller size. This is perfect for women who find the current head that the toy comes with, the medium size, does not quite fit for your body and you need to focus the sensations over a smaller surface area. It can also be a lifesaver if you happen to lose the original head!

The box also comes with a USB charging cord that uses a secure magnet to easily snap on to the Womanizer Duo and charge it up for your next use. This saves you the pain of worrying about batteries and makes charging easy and quick! I would set aside about 2 hours of charging time to make sure the battery is full, and then you are all set for 2 hours of uninterrupted fun!

This is really the box that keeps on giving: along with the product, extra head, bag, charging cord, and of course the user manual (a must read for all the important use and care instructions to go with your purchase), Womanizer even includes a tiny Womanizer Pendant! This looks like a mini clitoris key chain that you can attach to your keys or bag to rock Womanizer’s belief that women’s sexual pleasure should be talked about and celebrated! 

Even more fun: when you choose your Womanizer Duo, you have a wide selection of colors to best suit your personality. I went with the black-gold because I was in love with how elegant it looks, but with other options like blueberry, Bordeaux-gold, or raspberry you really cannot go wrong. 

In terms of material, the body of the toy is coated in soft, body-safe silicone, which is a great option for toys that are used internally. Womanizer boasts that material to be medical grade and phthalate-free as well, to give you even more peace of mind. 

How to use this Rabbit Vibrator

Especially if you are new to the world of rabbit vibrators or sonic stimulation, you might feel a little intimidated by the Womanizer Duo’s different features and settings. But, I can assure you with a little bit of practice (and once you feel the awesome pleasure it gives you) you will be an expert in no time.

Once the toy is charged and you are in the mood, add a little bit of your favorite water-based lube to the internal stimulating arm of the Womanizer Duo. While you are laying on your back, you will then slowly insert the toy into your vagina with the clitoral stimulator facing up towards your clitoris. You will find that the silicone head of the clitoral stimulator rests comfortably over your clitoris. You are now in the position for optimal and truly unprecedented pleasure!

Womanizer Duo
Womanizer Duo
Womanizer Duo

With six buttons and two stimulators, the arousing combinations the Womanizer Duo provides are endless- I was really blown away (and quickly sent over the edge) by the sensations this rabbit vibrator creates. 

Imagine a soft sucking feeling on your clitoris paired with rumbly vibrations stimulating you internally, and as you feel better and better, you can increase those sensations to be more powerful and intense to reach a new climax experience. In fact, you have 10 vibration patterns and 12 intensity levels to get yourself exactly where you want to be. 

Want to bring things up a level? The Womanizer Duo is waterproof, meaning you can enjoy this toy in the bathtub during your next couple or solo date night. I promise you, the Womanizer Duo’s intense double stimulation is that much more pleasing when paired with warm bath water. 

On a more practical note, the Womanizer Duo’s waterproof abilities make this toy exceptionally easy to clean (which is especially important with toys you insert internally during use). You can remove the silicone head from the Womanizer Duo and wash it thoroughly using warm soapy water.

My Recommendation and Where to Buy

In my opinion, the Womanizer Duo is an intelligent, high-end rabbit vibrator that trumps your other options with its unique Pleasure Air Technology.

If you're curious where to buy the Womanizer Duo, an official site that supplies sex toys is always the best bet to get a quality assured product and prompt delivery.

While you might be turned off by the price of this toy (a steep $219 USD), I like to think that with the Womanizer Duo I am getting a two for one deal: this single toy gives me all the internal G-spot stimulation and external clitoris pleasure that I could desire, while being durable and comfortable enough for me to be sure that I will be using it for a long time. 

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