We-Vibe 4 Plus Review:

Is There A Better Alternative?

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: July 10th, 2023

We-Vibe initially released their iconic couple's vibrator quite a few years by this point, however there is one big difference between this toy and any other toy similar to it.

We-Vibe has not given up on constantly improving and tweaking their initial design & releasing new iterations of the toy once every two years or so much in the same way that Apple does with the iPhone.

To draw even more similarities, the main changes to the device are usually either to the size & shape and what kind of consumer they're optimizing the device for. By this point, the toy being the "4 Plus" model has little to do with how many models have came before it, they now alternate between names like the We-Vibe Sync and numbered iterations, I think there's at least six or so different models by now.

Each iteration the toy grows stronger and more comfortable to use, we've been in ever since the original, the We-Vibe Classic, was released. By the time we got around to reviewing it we had to get the Sync, what must have been the fifth or so iteration. Seeing how much they've refined the toy over the years had my husband and I hooked at seeing what would come next. 

That eager anticipation, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to the We-Vibe 4 Plus.

Specs & Design

This U-shaped hunk of body-safe silicone is what's known as a couple's vibrator. Long story short, those are vibrators meant to be worn during sex to increase the stimulation felt by both parties. One end fits into the vagina while the opposite ends rests on the clitoris and delivers its own brand of external pleasure. Both ends have their own vibrating motors inside of them as well.

The toy is 2.9'' long with about 90% of it insertable and is no wider than 1.2'' at its widest point. The construction of the toy is fairly stiff, there isn't the option to bend and move the toy on its own.

This isn't either a negative or a positive, some toys that can be "bent" aren't particularly good at holding their shape when you don't want them to bend but it means that We-Vibe is putting their faith in the toy being able to hold on. 

The biggest complaint about most couple's vibrators is the difficulty related to keeping the vibrators positioned properly while in use without having to dedicate tons of attention to accomplishing that task.

Through the remote control any of six vibration patterns can be chosen, however the We-Vibe 4 Plus does add in the ability to control the device via smartphone instead of relying on the remote control, the intensity of both vibrators can be fine-tuned much more precisely with the smartphone app.

By this point in toy's development, it has a real laundry list of positive features, there are few toys of any kind as developed as We-Vibe's line of couple's vibrator if I'm being completely honest. It's rather quiet while in use which nips that issue in the bud immediately, is completely waterproof, and even comes with a charging/storage case.

As for battery life, six hours of charge gets three hours of use pretty consistently regardless of the power setting chosen. It sounds like a long time to charge a toy, but if you just tactically charge it overnight you'll find it isn't too steep of a price to pay for a toy that practically refuses to die.

My Experience Using It With My Husband

Couple's vibrators have always appealed to my husband and I. It's a toy that allows us to have penetrative sex and both receive pleasurable stimulation at the same time from the same toy.

We still get our human connection & little added complexity, but we get to exploit the surprisingly huge benefit intelligently designed vibrating silicone can bring. Plus, I'm something of a fiend for clitoral stimulation.

What we don't like in a couple's vibrator is a toy that's underpowered or won't stay in place. Having to constantly readjust to make using the toy possible eventually just kills the mood. For this kind of toy, if you can make it stay in place without it being too large/oddly shaped for penetrative sex to be possible, you've just made a unicorn.

Compared to our original buy, the We-Vibe Sync, this toy is much more sturdy and does not include pivot points. That's because this toy moved past the idea of a user adjustable toy and instead went for a more one-size-fits-all approach. I was worried they wouldn't be able to pull it off and it'd actually be a step backwards, but thankfully I was not proven right.

Compared to previous models, there's less empty space in the U shape but there's a little bit of give to the main arms of the 4 Plus. As you move outwards the bend, there's significantly less room for adjustment which helps keep the toy anchored. Because of how they distributed the amount of elasticity in the exterior design, it actually does a great job at form-fitting to the female anatomy. It fits me perfectly and it is incredibly snug without being too tight. I'm about an average sized woman and I personally think that someone a lot smaller than me as well as a lot larger than me could make this thing work.

Because it fits so well, there is a much wider array of possible positions compared to most couple's vibrators. Gravity is the enemy here, so missionary is often the safest bet. With the We-Vibe 4 Plus we could engage in doggy style, missionary, standing sex, and we even pulled off some girl-on-top action that would usually dislodge this kind of toy. For the very first time, we had sex with a couple's massager that didn't involve at least 25% of the time spent making sure the toy was okay. That's something I'm pretty excited about, let's just say I don't keep the 4 Plus far away these days.

How they've shaped the internal arm has also changed, it's much smaller in profile and reminds me more of a stingray's tail barb than anything else. How it's shaped means it rests on the pubic bone and the back portion is very close to flat.

Don says that this makes the toy the absolute most comfortable couple's vibrator from his perspective. This type of toy should occupy a minimal amount of vaginal space so the penis still has enough room to operate properly. What this translated to was quicker thrusting and a lot less like the internal arm was an unwanted roommate taking up too much space.

As for the raw sensations, I'm very happy with what was provided. From the standard low to high scale to the special undulating patterns, each setting is worthwhile for the right moment in time. At its lowest I'd call it a tease and at its highest I'd call it a straight-up harassment, but in this case that's a good thin

My experience with the toy was excellent clitoral stimulation while at the same time having my g-spot tickled each and every time my husband completed a full thrust cycle. My husband's experience is that I get much more aroused during sex while using the toy which translates into me doing much more adventurous things all while he has his penis massaged for going through the "trouble".

I try to give as nuanced an opinion as I can whenever I review a toy, but if you're looking for a couple's vibrator, the We-Vibe 4 Plus is a clear juggernaut in its field. If it weren't for the fact that this specific toy is We-Vibe's seventh or eighth crack at it, I'd have trouble believing anyone could make a toy this worthwhile.

The New & Improved Model: The Match

Just leave it to We-Vibe, I had this article all ready to go and as I was posting it, they managed to blindside me with a whole new We-Vibe vibrator,  one that's now made the 4 Plus obsolete as well as discontinued. This toy goes by none other than the name of the We-Vibe Match.

I'm guessing they quickly made & released the Match due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the 4 Plus, there's a couple noteworthy additions that make me a little less agitated We-Vibe decided to make yet another iteration of this toy before we could all even settle in to the 4 Plus.

It's slightly longer at three inches long (0.1 inch increase over the We-Vibe 4 Plus), but besides that keeps nearly all of the same tertiary attributes. That means it's still completely waterproof, quiet, and comes with included charging case. App connectivity isn't present in the Match, although that's mitigated entirely by the next point I'll be touching on.

We-Vibe Match expands on the amount of patterns available out of the box, there are ten vibration modes and each mode has 10 different intensity settings. This is likely because people wanted to fine tune some of the more extravagant settings but couldn't before. Denial of pleasure because the toy won't operate exactly how you'd like it to is no longer an issue.

Another big change is that the recharge time has been cut in half compared to the 4 Plus, the Match will fully charge in 90 minutes, although it does take a hit in the overall battery life department with a battery life of 2 hours. Honestly, I never used all three hours of my 4 Plus battery life and would sometimes get worried when I forgot approximately how much life was left, so I can see why this option makes sense moving forward.

Where's The Best Place To Buy It?

If you're ever looking for We-Vibe products, the best option is of course the We-Vibe store.

While the normal things I talk about like warranty guarantees, proper prices, and the fact that you won't receive a knockoff do apply here, there's a bigger reason you should go to We-Vibe directly. They release new versions of their toys so often and only their official site will let you know whether or not you're looking at a current model.

So whenever looking at any We-Vibe product, make sure you're on the official We-Vibe website so you won't end up buying a couple's massager that they worked the kinks out of two years previously.

That alone is enough to keep me going to their official site, I'd rather not pay for last year's model if I have any choice in the matter.


I did really enjoy the We-Vibe 4 Plus, but now it is worth saying that it is completely discontinued in favor of the We-Vibe Match. If you notice, there are about three different We-Vibe couple's massagers with proper names, I feel as if they are releasing beta models for certain types of women before finally releasing a "complete" version with a proper name.

As it stands, someone who's interested in a wide array of pleasurable sensations in a package that'll get everyone involved off before you even have enough time to figure out where you left the charging cord are well taken care of by the We-Vibe Match.

It's essentially the spiritual successor to the 4 Plus, so I don't feel as if I'm talking about two different toys here. It fits well and feels even better. Nice work, We-Vibe.

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