Velvet Thruster Review: 
A Dildo Machine That Really F*cks

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: March 3rd, 2019

The one thing that I often hear about any female sex toy is that while vibrations and a few moving parts can be nice, there's still a lot of manual effort required in the thrusting department. I can't really say that I blame women for bringing this up, it is called penetrative sex for a reason after all. At the same time, a dedicated sex machine might not be what everyone is looking for (if you do happen to be looking for one, I've already written an article that can be accessed by clicking here) and can also be rather expensive.

That's why I perked up so quickly once I found out about the Velvet Thruster line of thrusting dildos. It isn't the first time I've seen a thrusting dildo, but it's the first time I've seen one that actually looks like it might be able to literally go the distance

See, the problem with most would be thrusting dildos is that they just don't actually thrust that much. One look at the Velvet Thruster piqued my interest as to how they'd overcome that hurdle.

What's The Velvet Thruster & How Does It Work?

So it turns out there is not just one Velvet Thruster, but many different ones that all over a similar base. What's different between all of the different models is their overall shape.

All of them are made from 100% body-safe silicone, have 6.5 inches of insertable space, a thrust distance of 3 inches, and a top speed of 140 strokes per minute. For those of us who rather wouldn't do the math, that's 2.3 strokes per second at max speed. Also, the diameter of most of the toys is around 1.5 inches across. The entire toy is about 11 inches from end to end.

There is of course the Velvet Thruster Jackie, the most typical of them all which is reminiscent of a real penis, the Frankie which is similar but ribbed for our pleasure, Abbey which has a mogul-like texture across the sides, and finally the Walter which looks like a space alien probe.

Another toy in the line is the Velvet Thruster Mini/Mini Teddy which is about half an inch smaller in both size and thrusting length. For the purposes of this review, my experience was with the Velvet Thruster Jackie.

The entire shaft of the toy is 100% flexible. It will drain battery power more quickly when bent since it'll put more strain on the motor of course. Overall though the flexibility is at the right level to make finding new and amazing positions without there being much awkward fumbling around.

Where the base of the toy connects to the handle you'll notice a patch of silicone that resembles the bellows of an accordion. This is how the Velvet Thruster overcomes the issue of having to figure out how to expand and contract for some great thrusting action. It is within this accordion like structure that the thrusting mechanism operates, giving a great visual indicator of where the toy actually begins and ends. The flared bottom acts great in that way as there's no way you might accidentally mess with the thrusting portion while using the toy.

Within that 140 strokes per minute max thrusting speed there are 10 individual settings that I can only assume go up in equal increments of about 14 strokes each minute. That means each press of the plus button gives you about 0.23 more strokes each and every second which gives a fairly wide range of personalization options to figure out what's best. It's also worth mentioning that the thrusting is created through an oscillating mechanism so there is a bit of vibration at the tip as a consequence. This adds to the overall experience as opposed to being sloppy since it means there's a bit more dynamic movement than static thrusts.

Despite looking entirely self contained with silicone it's only water resistant as opposed to water proof, so I'd be weary about taking it into the bath but tactical shower play might be possible. Bare minimum it's a cinch to clean off seeing as how you won't have to get the control panel portion too wet anyways.

As for the battery it's your standard rechargeable fare via a magnetic charger. What's different about the Velvet Thruster's battery however is the fact that it can last a whopping 8 hours on a single charge depending on the speeds used. It's more around 5-7 if you stick to the higher settings but that's still double if not triple what most other sex toys can offer. When it comes to charge time itself it takes about 2-3 hours to charge from fully dead. For a portable sex machine, that's a lot of fun from one battery cycle.

My Experience Using The Velvet Thruster

First Impressions

I was quite eager during my wait period for this very special dildo to come my way. When you deal with as many toys as I do, after a while every sex toy can start to feel like only small differences on the same overall concept. A thrusting dildo was news to me at this point, although I've never been quite good at waiting for packages to come in the mail anyways so this was especially difficult.

But less than a week later there I was staring down the box of my very own Velvet Thruster. It was bigger than I pictured in my head, all in all it's about an inch shorter than a footlong sub sandwich. It's also a bit more weighty than I expected but most of it is in the handle area of the toy so it isn't unwieldy to hold.

After the first charging session was done for, it was time to see if this bad boy could move like a sex machine or was just a quick gimmick I would forget about just as quickly as I discovered it.

Since it does all of the thrusting itself I spared no expense in lubricant, if there's any toy where it helps more than hurts to overdo it on the lube it's definitely any of the Velvet Thrusters.

As for the dildo itself on the Velvet Thruster Jackie I think it's absolutely perfect in length as well as diameter.

At 6.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide it's smack dab where most of the most popular dildos I've seen tend to be. The silicone itself quite smooth and has a slight suppleness to it. Where the real beauty is lies in the fact that the shaft is absurdly flexible.

Most thrusters are only usable from a laying down position while solo, being able to bend the shaft so you can still access the controls even in a doggystyle or riding position really does make it worth reaching for at the end of the day.

Naturally I couldn't resist cycling through the power levels myself before my first session. Each increase is very noticeable, once you reach the third or fourth setting if you're anything like me you might actually get a little turned on.

There's something cute about seeing the toy thrust away merrily showing off how it was built to please. Once I got to the tenth speed I just couldn't wait any longer.

The gif to the side shows this off nicely.

Using My Velvet Thruster

So then I lubed the sex toy up nicely and got down to business. I did a few tries all on my own to begin with then got my husband Don to lend a helping hand once he got back for the week.

There was a bit of a learning process involved to fully enjoy the 3 inch range of motion. I needed to learn how deeply to place the toy within my vagina so it could please me fully instead of hitting the end of my cervix awkwardly. Once I managed to figure out the right thrusting depth I was absolutely blown away. There's more than enough power for it to satisfy me in the same way that sex does and it doesn't feel overly mechanical. By that I mean each thrust has a little bit of variance to it thanks to the oscillating motor in the thruster so it isn't like some purpose built robot with no soul.

Adventurousness with the types of positions that work best with the toy is absolutely recommended. Don't worry about the shaft breaking off if you get a bit too overzealous, at no point did I get the impression that the toy was anything else other than sturdy despite the rather sharp angles I tried out. The most difficult part is figuring out how to both access the controls as well as hold the toy in place. To properly enjoy the thrusting a firm enough grip on the controls is required otherwise the toy won't move the way it's supposed to. I had the easiest time doing so in a missionary style position but with enough bending doggystyle was equally as possible. People with flexibility issues should look into getting the Mini Teddy from Velvet Cock as opposed to the full sized Velvet Thruster. I will say that it got easier the more and more I used the toy.

And use the toy I sure did. Whether it was letting myself enjoy the slow and sensual stimulation of the lower settings or having a fully automated dildo experience at the higher ones, I was surprised that this was an experience all of it's own that I hadn't quite been able to enjoy before with any of my other toys. There simply isn't another toy that makes use of this concept in the same high fidelity way that makes it seem like real thought was put into the toy.

Using it with my husband was also extremely entertaining. We use it a lot just for the pure fun of it but also to allow my husband a bit more time to allow himself to back off from orgasm to make any sex session much longer. One hand on the thruster and the other on the clitoris is also a combination with a whole lot of mettle when it comes to jaw dropping orgasm power. Another great aspect of having some help with the toy is it opens up an even wider range of positions to be used since your partner can get a better hold on the toy when you're up to some contortionist type movement.

One unavoidable aspect of this toy however is the noise level. There is a noticeable whirring noise as the motor within oscillates to get the job done. It isn't grating or hard on the ears like those dancing Christmas toys while at the same time there's no mistaking this device is sexual in nature. As far as discreetness goes, there's not really much to speak of. I usually drown it out with a bit of music for my own experience to be a bit more immersive yet there's no real masking of the noise. It's a toy for people who don't have to worry about being overheard is my main takeaway there.

So it's a toy that's an absolute knockout, anyone who's set on a thrusting dildo of any kind should heavily consider the Velvet Thruster line over the other options out there in handheld sex machines. The only other toys that work this well at a thrust like motion tend to be even larger and up to ten times more expensive.

Where's The Best Place To Get One?

As with most sex toys out there, the best place to pick up the toy is from the official website.

In this case that would be which is ran by the manufacturer which is hilariously named Velvet Cock. This way you can guarantee receiving a brand new & functional thruster that's protected by a 1 year warranty as well as shipped in a pretty discreet white box.

Buying directly from the manufacturer also guarantees the best deal, if anyone out there is selling something for cheaper than the people who make it that means they either really want to get rid of it or there's something fishier going on that you should expect to pay for later.

Final Thoughts

So if you've read this far into the review it should be blatantly obvious that I do think the Velvet Thruster has everything it takes to please just about anyone out there. I knew for sure it was a good toy when it was about a month after I first picked up the toy and it popped into my mind on one of my drives home. It might seem trivial to mention, but when a toy comes to mind in a completely natural craving that's how I know I've really found a winner.

A lot of work must have went into the toy itself, their naming convention was extremely straightforward. The Velvet part comes from the velvety smooth composition of the silicone while it's obvious where the Thruster part was inspired from. But it still must have taken some time to figure out how to make a handheld toy thrust in such a way that it's safe, pleasurable, yet still efficient enough on the battery.

All in all, I really appreciate was Velvet Cock was able to bring into the wide world of pleasure with this toy. If you have any questions at all or would like to share your experiences with the Velvet Thruster, don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

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