UltraSkyn Refreshing Powder: Does It Really Help TPE Last Longer?

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UltraSkyn Refreshing Powder, June 2021

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: July 6th, 2021

For some of us, there are months or even years of happy and fond memories with our favorite TPE sex toys--perhaps she was a voluptuous sex doll made after the woman of your dreams or a veiny lengthy penis with great girth.

For others however, sexy time with their amazing TPE sex toy was cut short unexpectedly due to rips, tears or falling apart naturally. 

Unfortunately for all of us, either situation could happen, and there are few things we can do to prepare for it. TPE feels almost identical to human skin, and when it is used in a sexual context, it is truly like no other material for sex toys that is currently out there in the world.

There is so much attention to detail and to texture when it comes to TPE sex toys; however the tradeoff for this is that it is extremely fragile and delicate. 

As mentioned above, there are few ways we can prevent the natural wear and tear of TPE materials. Luckily for us, one of such ways is by using the UltraSkyn Refreshing Powder, which has been proven to give our TPE toys and ourselves lots more time together to continue with our explosive frolicking sessions. 

UltraSkyn Refreshing Powder & TPE

Superior sex toys provide superior experiences, which require superior maintenances. Consider how many Honda mechanics there are out there compared to how many Lamborghini ones there are; how many stores sell regular plateware versus how few places sell valuable China; how many basic violins there are compared to how few Stradivarius models there are.

Similar to all of these truly high quality and high experience things, TPE sex toys follow the same principles. Although they are made with fabulous quality, which leads to a truly otherworldly experience, they are more prone to common usage, instead of special treatment, making them require better maintenance and repairs.

UltraSkyn Refreshing Powder was specifically created for this purpose: to give your toy a delicate, thorough and complete restoration and fix, making each masturbation session feel like the first time. 

Although it is completely understandable to treat your TPE sex toy like any other pleasure product, and to get lost in your excitement while using it, it is easy to forget how fragile TPE is.

How It Works

Doc Johnson’s UltraSkyn is advertised as a refreshing powder that is guaranteed to optimally restore and maintain your TPE toys. Having used the product many times, I can attest that every word is true.

Made with 100% talc-free powder and natural ingredients, it was specifically designed to prolong the lifespan of your favourite sex toys and, in some cases, improve them in terms of their condition. 

When any TPE sex toy is starting to show signs of wear and tear, they start to feel different in terms of its smoothness, their color starts to wear out and in some cases, the texture starts to feel less soft. For sex dolls, fleshlights and penis replicas, these can all contribute to long term damage to either your penis or vaginas, as the sex toys start to lose their chemical integrity and begin to deteriorate.

To counteract this, the UltraSkyn Refreshing Powder, when applied on the toy, retains the TPE’s squishy and smooth texture, restores its color and makes it feel brand new. In some cases, the TPE sex toy even becomes a more poignant version of the same color--for example, my husband’s olive skinned fleshlight appeared almost glossy, similar to a woman’s skin as she comes out of the water.

Packaging & Application

The UltraSkyn Refreshing Powder comes in a small 1.25 oz bottle and features a traditional sprinkle top powder bottle that easily twists open and adjusts to dispense the perfect amount of powder for any item. The label is a catchy combination of black and green with Doc Johnson’s iconic product name on the top. 

Using it is a simple process that must be done after washing your TPE sex toy with warm water and soap. After the toy has been completely air dried, powder your Ultraskyn Refreshing Powder onto the TPE parts of your toy--although you can use it on the desired areas, it is good practice to apply it on the entire TPE section of the toy.

Results for My Toys

My husband and I have used the Doc Johnson UltraSkyn on a few of our TPE sex toys, which includes a number of fleshlights, penis replicas and sex dolls. We had outstanding results on all of them.

The most difficult powder toy in our arsenal was the fleshlight, simply because of their shape. My husband and I always have good habits when it comes to washing and cleaning our toys, but fleshlights have lots of twists and turns that can make you miss some spots if you are careless enough.

However, as mentioned above, the clearest example of the powder’s success was on our olive coloured fleshlight, where what was once slowly discoloring and losing its softness, became glossy and extra soft once again.

For our sex dolls, the wear and tear of the TPE materials showed on the breasts, vagina and hips of the dolls (my husband is a sweaty man.) 

The doll had some sweat marks, discolorations and the doll had lost some of its softness. With a thorough wash and the powder, over time the doll looked brand new.

When it came to the penis replicas, the discoloration and texture changes happened around the lower shaft due to handjob friction. After washing and applying the powder, the penis retained its TPE feeling and color.

Where I Bought Mine

I usually purchase my UltraSkyn Refreshing Powder from Amazon.  


TPE sex toys go through a lot, to no one’s fault at all. Sex in general is an exciting act, and even the most durable toys go through their own wear and tear. 

For TPE sex toys, Doc Johnson’s UltraSkyn Refreshing Powder is the ultimate restoration and maintenance product to restore your favourite sex toy back to its original condition--and sometimes even better than the original.

In mine and my husband’s case, our fleshlights returned to their original form (one fleshlight looked even better than the original after using the powder), our sex dolls retained their softness and coloration while our penis replicas were brought back to their original condition.

After using the UltraSkyn Refreshing Powder, each toy feels exactly like the first use. We all remember our first time, so why not relive it?


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