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Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 28th, 2023

SheVibe is a company we've really grown fond of this year. They're a company that has done quite a lot to distinguish itself from other sex toy retailers in this sphere, and quite well at that.

First and foremost they're one of the least expensive places you can purchase your toys from, but what really endears them to us is how aggressively sex-positive they are in just about every aspect.

Everything from their advertising materials to their storefront itself just screams out their inclusive nature for all to hear.

They also post tons of informational content that makes them much closer to a community with a beating heartbeat than just a static storefront.

Who Are They? has made a name for themselves over the years as a sex positive, premium sex toy retailer that boasts a massive collection of sex toys made by many of the top brands on the market.

The company was founded in 2005 by 4 friends. One artist, a coder, a graphic designer, and a writer shared the same vision of creating a brand around sexual positivity, quality sex toys, and a whole lot of creativity. Their website is possibly one of the nicest and most visually appealing sites in the entire sex industry thanks to their liberal use of cartoon drawings. What really sets SheVibe apart is the world-class art/comics that are littered around the entire website. Just about everything aspect of the site has an accompanying comic, and I'd be lying if I said they didn't get a chuckle out of me from time to time.

From there, it's been all about providing the most simple & easy approach to sex toys available. If you've read my blog, you'll notice there's a lot more than goes into sex toys that just picking a dildo and running with it. Considerations need to be made about the materials used, just what you're trying to get out of your toys, and of course what certain brands are better at than others.

Shevibe functions as perhaps one of the most accessible storefronts in that regard. Lots of online sex shops I've perused are entirely money focused without much care for actually helping people navigate the sometimes not-so-straightforward nature of the sex toy industry. The bottom line is Shevibe prefers their customers educated and equipped with everything they need as opposed to merely pushing sales.

Our Experience Shopping With Them

My husband and I are no strangers to sex toys. I've used them for the better part of 10 years and my husband is going on about half of that. We've long sworn off grimy XXX sex shops with questionable ethics in favor of going online. Many of our choices are direct from the manufacturer, but there's times when you just want an inexpensive knick-knack or to see a wide variety of toys for inspiration.

After becoming acquainted with some of the other contenders in this sphere, finding Shevibe was a breath of fresh air. These were people I knew were committed to the same level of sexual positivty & education as myself and they carry just about every type of toy I'd ever want to actually purchase. I recommend them as anyone's first shop when looking for some sexy extras, their lingerie and BDSM section is probably one of the best on the net.

The whole shopping experience is easy from cart to checkout, all of their buttons work as they should and there's never any confusion as to what my next step should be.

SheVibe is constantly rolling back prices and always have deals and promotions available for their users to save.

Their Website Experience

Navigating the website is quick & easy, the beautifully made header at the top serves as your main means of navigation and it doesn't go away no matter where you scroll. I particularly enjoy how responsive and dynamic the site is. By that I mean that you can first choose a category and then select from there a subcategory within that list.

Far too often these goliath sex toy stores neglect the fact that a list of 250 vibrators isn't really too user friendly. With Shevibe's well organized storefront that isn't much of a worry. Anyone who's new to the sex toy game will be able to carefully pick from all of the many types of vibrators, dildos, and other miscellaneous toys without having to worry about being overwhelmed by options. From what I can see, everything you'd reasonably expect people to want from their store can easily be found by a first time visitor.

All of these menu buttons have a wonderfully drawn cartoon to go along with them, and as far as I can tell every actual page has an entertaining comic at the top. Some of them are just the sex toy equivalent to your Sunday comics, but some of them are pretty memorable.

Shipping & Discreetness

First of all, any orders within the U.S. that exceed $68 (must have been tempting not to make that 69) qualify for free shipping, so that's always nice to see. Normally shipping costs $7 for standard shipping while some of the more expedient options cost a bit more. While only the U.S. can take advantage of their free shipping promotion, a huge list of countries are serviced as they do ship internationally. Unless sex toys are illegal or your country's postal system is cost prohibitive, there's a good chance you can have something from Shevibe brought right to you.

As for their actual shipping itself, there's no mention whatsoever as to what is inside the box that is soon to arrive at your doorstep so there's no worry about having any awkward conversations. A plain brown box will appear and the return address will either be the shipping manager's name, SV, or SV Inc. Here's an example of their labels:

So, reliable & discreet shipping is the name of the game with Shevibe. My husband and I really like whatever system they have on hand to handle orders as we find we receive our goods in record time compared to even non-sex toy websites we buy from.

Warranty & Returns 

Should your product not be entirely what you were told they'd be Shevibe does have a limited return policy. Anything bought on clearance is not eligible for a return and things like buying a toy that you neglected to check the size of won't qualify you for a return either.

Defective products will be replaced within 30 days, while non-defective products that have their tamper-proof seals still intact may also be considered for return within 30 days. Some products have the seal, some don't. In essence, it's a good way for you to gauge how big the toy is, if you think it'll be a bit too large then you can return it and try again with another toy if you so choose. Items that don't have the seal won't be considered, unfortunately.

Warranty information isn't cut and dry either since it varies per manufacturer, but Shevibe will handle your warranty, most definitely if you need to use your warranty within 30 days. If 30 days has elapsed either Shevibe will handle the process or direct you to the manufacturer, whichever is most likely to result in a replacement toy arriving as expediently as possible.

Extra warranty/return information can be found in the More Info tab on their site, it never hurts to take a quick look before committing to a purchase.

Always save your receipts!

Well, that's really about all there is to say about

There a great company and I feel very comfortable recommending them. They have a huge inventory and stock all of the biggest brands, while offering the lowest prices available on all of the items they sell. There a hard company to compete with.

If you have any questions or comments regarding SheVibe, leave me a comment down below!

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