Lelo Enigma Review

Reach Those Buzzing Orgasms!

Lelo Enigma Review

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated:  June 26th, 2021

Some of my favorite female sex toys on the market are rabbit vibrators.  You will recognize them by their two arms (shaped like rabbit ears, hence the name): one that provides internal pleasure to stimulate your g-spot and the other that pleasures your clitoris.

This creates an irresistible double sensation that so many women cannot get enough of. I will admit though, sometimes the double sensation of each vibration can be a bit much, especially for women who are more sensitive to different vibration patterns or who like to have a more gentle warm up to their solo play. In comes my product of the day: the Lelo Enigma.

The Lelo Enigma is a versatile dual action vibrator that provides an innovative design and a new sensation that departs from your run of the mill rabbit vibrators. 

Rather than the traditional double vibration, the Lelo Enigma stimulates you externally with a suction sensation that you might be more familiar with from other sonic sex toy clitoral vibrators, but now it is paired with a pulsing internal arm as well.  This means that with innovative sonic sex toy air technology pleasuring your clitoris and a gentle pulsing designed to hit your g-spot, you can reach two different kinds of very satisfying orgasms with just one very small toy. Brilliant, right?

Lelo Enigma Full Specifications & Sizing

Now, I will admit, when you first take a look at the Lelo Enigma you might feel a bit confused and find yourself asking: which part goes where?

Trust me, the confusion fades as soon as you have the Lelo Enigma in your hand. This water-proof and silicone (body-safe) toy is small and thoughtfully designed to be as useful as it is discreet. The curves in this toy intuitively form to the natural curves of your body, to allow you to place the toy perfectly in place so that you are enjoying pleasure from inside and out.

Its design also offers a ton of flexibility- the toy can be bent and moved easily to suit all body types.

For those who are new to sonic sex toy technology- let me break it down quickly for you. The sonic waves work to stimulate your clitors without actually touching it. A lot of people who enjoy clitoral stimulation and orgasms compare the sensation of sonic sex toy play to oral sex.

It is a gentler stimulation that is great for people who find their clitoris gets over-stimulated really easily, and are turned off by the more powerful buzzing that a lot of vibrating sex toys create.

Lelo Enigma

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I would also suggest sonic sex toy simulation to people who frequently play with similar vibration patterns: changing up the ways you stimulate your clitoris can really help you achieve new orgasms that have different sensations but deliver the same level of pleasure. For people who enjoying having multiple orgasms during one session, sonic sex stimulation is also great way to keep the fun going and not feel oversimulated when your clitoris is especially sensitive.

At the top of the Lelo Enigma is an easy to grab handle that is so intuitively designed that you should have no problem using it under the covers or with your eyes closed. There are three buttons on the Lelo Enigma: one that lets you turn up the intensity of the toy’s sensation, another that turns it down, and a middle button that easily allows you to cycle through the eight different pleasure modes this toy has. Exploring these different settings as you play is a great way to build up to your orgasm and really discover how your body responds to different modes

My Experience

When I purchased the Lelo Enigma, the first thing I needed to do was charge it up, as with all rechargeable vibrators. Now, you will be happy to know that within two hours the toy was fully charged. It also came with a very easy to use USB charging cord that plugged in to the top of the toy.

The product manual does say to unlock the toy before you begin to use it, so make sure that you press and hold the plus and minus button on the handle of the Lelo Enigma for three seconds to unlock it for use. 

Once it was charged, it was really exciting to explore all the different levels of pleasure the Lelo Enigma offers.

I used the Lelo personal moisturizer on the toy and myself to make it easier to enter my body, and I would recommend it to increase this already arousing sensation this toy creates. The silicone body of the toy made it feel so soft and natural inside of me. 

The sonic wave technology of the Lelo Enigma’s outer arm was a welcomed change from the usual vibrations of female sex toys, and it brought on more than one satisfying orgasm for me.

I was also impressed with how quiet this toy was, making it really discreet. Usually with higher vibration toys I need to take longer breaks between orgasms, but the gentle sonic wave of the Lelo Enigma paired with the different pleasure modes let my solo play last as long as my desires did!

The Lelo Enigma is water-proof which makes it so easy to clean. You will want to make sure to clean the Lelo Enigma before and after you use it with warm water and antibacterial soap. If you use your own lube with the Lelo Enigma, make sure it is water-based so that you do not ruin the silicone on the toy. 

Lelo Enigma
Lelo Enigma

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Where to Buy

You can buy the Lelo Enigma at the Official Lelo store.  Make sure you enter our coupon code - "DRCLIMAX" at the checkout to ensure you get the best possible deal!

It is always advisable to purchase directly from the manufacturer when possible. It ensures that you have the manufacturer's warranty, the newest product, as well as a genuine item.  


In all honesty, what sets this sonic sex toy apart from other rabbit vibrators is the sleek and elegant design of this toy; Lelo is a sex toy company that truly cares about your pleasure, and it shows in the elegance of their products.

This is a toy I will continue to swap into my solo and partner play to change up the sensation of my orgasms and get those mind-blowing orgasms that double stimulation and sonic pleasure create. 

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