Le Wand Review

More Than Just a Tickler

Le Wand Review

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 24th, 2021

Pleasure products previously did not receive much public recognition.

Within more conservative societies, vibrators were a mild curiosity kept in strict confidence among women; in discussions of modesty and decorum, dildos were treated as taboo objects of unacceptable behavior and taste.

Thankfully, that completely ridiculous, absurd and hugely outdated worldview is out of the window these days. 

Sexual pleasure and pleasure products have transitioned from whispered conversations to blatant billboard advertising, viewable along the highway during your morning commute to work

Healthy conversations about consent, body positivity, safe sex and confident sexual performance have made their way into public discourse.

Nowadays, it is actually taboo and, to be honest, completely bonkers if you still uphold the misogynistic, male-centred viewpoint of sex and sexual pleasure.

It is an important and fun aspect of life, and it definitely has the power to turn any bad day into a good one, and any good day into a better one.

 At the forefront of any conversation about sex toys is the classic debate: what pleasure product is best for me? Whether you have a bevy of experience, or are a curious mind anxious to make your first purchase, there is a world of toys at your disposal.

If you are a sex toy enthusiast, you will find that certain toys have different qualities that you would want to use on different masturbation sessions (for example, clitoris focused toys vs deep, thorough penetration).

Le Wand’s Physical Features, Specs and Measurements

As a loose comparison, strictly in terms of appearance only, Le Wand resembles a wireless microphone -- it has a long handle and a round head, except with a small, thin bridge area connecting the two.

Made of silicone and ABS plastic, Le Wand has a simple, yet classy design that is body safe, practical and pleasant overall to look at and feel, even without the positive sexual associations you will have in your head.

Objectively speaking, its clean white handle and head, along with its rose gold accents evokes a clean and elegant, almost spa like, impression of the toy. You really feel like a woman each time you use the Le Wand.

Packaging and Care for the Le Wand

After purchasing Le Wand, the first thing you will notice is its discrete and elegant packaging. Coming in a classy white and peach, sturdy yet small, box.

Le Wand is further encased in a plastic wrap, along with a user instruction manual/setup guide, chargeable USB cord and a zip pouch for clean storage and further users. 

Before your first use, it is highly recommended to fully charge Le Wand, similar to standard practice wit most other sex toys.

Doing this will result in your massage vibrator living up to its full battery life. Speaking of battery, your Le Wand massage vibrator will last  up to approximately 180 minutes, or three hours.

 Furthermore, from a completely dead battery up to a full charge, the recharging time will be roughly the same amount, at just around three hours for a full recharge.

To indicate that Le Wand is currently charging, you will see a flashing light on the surface of the vibrator; conversely, a solid light along the toy’s surface will indicate that it is completely charged.

If the light is blinking while the toy is not plugged in at all, that means that your battery is low and the Le Wand will require a charge soon. Similar to most other toys, do not use the vibrator while it is plugged in and charging to avoid accidental injury, over-heating of the toy or damage to the Le Wand.

Pertaining to cleanup, Le Wand is as simple as they come, but caution is required as it is not a waterproof toy. Do not use water to clean this massage vibrator; instead, after use, be sure to use a silicone safe cleaner and cloth to gently apply and rub along the silicone head.

The same procedure can be done with the handle as well as its texture and material are similar to the head. Once it is thoroughly cleaned and dry, you may store it and its contents into the zip pouch provided for a reliable and discreet storage.

My Experience with Le Wand

I initially purchased the vibrator specifically for my clitoris, but I was thoroughly surprised with the Le Wand all across the board. Firstly, I found that its packaging was elegant and really worked well with the French theme.

To me, the wand itself and its packaging and storage are reminiscent of a spa-like vacation--clean, bright whites, gentle peachy colors and a touch of elegance with subtle rose gold accents. 

In terms of using and operating the wand, I found it to be incredibly intuitive, as the plus and minus signs increase or decrease the intensity, while the circular button in the middle changes the rhythm of the vibrations.

In terms of speed, Le Wand has 10 options to choose from, but do be wary as a user who has a more sensitive clitoris may not like higher speed options.

Regarding different rhythms and patterns of vibration, there are a whopping 20 selections to choose from, all of which can have adjusted speed as well.

Although vibrators are typically used for the clitoris, I was pleasantly surprised to feel that the Le Wand was useful as an actual massage toy, albeit a sensual, sexy massage to get me in the mood, instead of a massage to ease pain. 

I found that the constant vibration pattern, set at a low to medium speed was very effective when using the wand to massage my inner thighs, breasts and neck, before inevitably being used on my clitoris. The vibrations can really be felt throughout your body and inner vaginal walls. I found my orgasms to be especially powerful in this regard.

Pros and Cons of Le Wand


  • Pristine design that is discreet, yet elegant
  • Handle length was excellent. Neither too long nor too short
  • Easy to control
  • Wide variety of vibration patterns (10 settings), rhythms and speeds
  • Easy to clean and take care of
  • Simple to store


  • Not waterproof, limiting some play use
  • Large choice of vibration settings can be intimidating for first time users.

As you can see from the pros and cons list, there was much more to love about it than there was to bemoan, so thankfully the only moaning that will be occurring is in pleasure. All in all, I highly recommend Le Wand to eager first timers and experience sex toy enthusiasts like me. Have fun! 

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I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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