Jimmyjane Form 2 Review: 

Testing Out The Jimmyjane Form 2

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 20th, 2023

The clitoris is an interesting piece of the human anatomy, that's for certain. Certain aspects of its function mystify evolutionary biologists looking at human biology while the animal kingdom at large also has a few interesting tricks up its sleeve.

For instance, did you know that the female hyena has a clitoris that can become engorged when aroused and be up to six inches in length? Draw your own conclusions as to the origins and purpose of this structure, for now we've got bigger fish to fry.

Namely, we're dealing with how to stimulate the clitoris for maximum pleasurable effect in as practical a manner as possible.

There's a whole gamut of vibrators and toys fit for the job, today we'll be looking at a toy unique among clit vibrators in that it was explicitly made with the clitoris in mind, many toys are "clit vibrators" in name but realistically you can do just about anything with them.

This intriguing device is the Jimmyjane Form 2, a purpose-built clit toy like no other currently available.

Different doesn't always mean better, so let's take a look at what's going on here and see if this cutesy looking hunk of silicone and mechanical parts knows a thing or two about the female orgasm.

Design & Specs

The bunny rabbit looking toy pictured is the Form 2, it's made from body-safe silicone with some parts made from stainless steel. That means no phthalates are lurking around and the toy is simple to keep clean and sanitary with only some mild soap and a little bit of hot water.

It measures at 3.2'' tall, 1.9'' wide, and 1.0'' thick, so it's a pretty small toy overall, no bigger than a particularly thick wallet or an over-sized key fob. 

Each "ear" of the toy has its own motor responsible for the vibrations that it can deliver and the ears themselves can be pinched, squeezed, or otherwise manipulated to better fit the clitoris of the user. The amount of customization and the range of motion is very acceptable, I can't imagine anyone not being able to use the toy as intended which is with one ear on each side of the clitoris itself, barring anyone with a hyena-sized clitoris, of course.

Control of the toy is accomplished wholly with the three buttons on the toy. These controls can be locked for a travel mode if you're the type of person who would rather not have their bags vibrating while going through a TSA security check, something that coupled with its small size makes it an extremely attractive vibrator for travel.

Besides that, there are four distinct vibration patterns each with five customization speeds. The motors inside are POWERFUL at their highest settings, please don't underestimate this toy and go for gold right off the bat, I'm still surprised it ended up being as powerful as it was since I thought I'd tracked down all power behemoths by this point, from the Tango to the Lush and beyond, so it was a surprise to find a new contender for most powerful clitoral vibrator. 

It's worth noting that what the toy gains in strength it sacrifices in noise level. The sound isn't like one of those dancing Santa dolls that make a god-awful whirring noise, but it's definitely noticeable and definitely erotic in nature. Use with caution if not getting caught by anybody is of concern and be sure to keep things on the gentler side.

It is also completely waterproof and submersible, anyone who doesn't give it a shot in the bath is missing out on taking full advantage of this toy, that's for certain.

Completely rechargeable, Form 2 charges via contacts on the bottom of the toy as well as on the base that comes provided and can be connected to a USB port. I recommend using a cube when charging to accelerate the process a little bit. The lithium-ion battery lasts up to four hours on a single charge of about an hour and a half to two hours.

It should be charged fully before the first time you use it as it comes ore or less dead from the factory. What's wonderful about this toy is that the charging base can work as a great place to store the toy since there's no chance that the toy will ever become overcharged thanks to some smart technological choices by Jimmyjane.

Here's a video made by Fun Factory which explains everything you need to know about the Form 2:

My Experience Using It

Any of those among us who don't like having to keep massive quantities of lubricant on hand will be happy to know that if you warm yourself up properly beforehand and make sure your natural lubrication is doing its job that you can get away without outside lube with this toy. Sure, a little spritz of water-based lubricant (don't use silicone on any silicone-based toys) speeds things along but it is hardly necessary.

After a grueling two hour wait for it to charge up, mostly because because patience is not one of my virtues whenever I receive a new toy in the mail, it was time to see what this bad boy could do.

Naturally, if they're going to call it the Form it better be able to conform to my body properly, and to that effect it certainly did. Just a little bit of bending later and it wraps around the clitoris like a key entering a lock. 

That's not the only way this toy can be used, though. The picture on the below from Jimmyjane shows just how far creativity can get you. It also made me have to work a bit harder since I'd hardly be much of a reviewer if I didn't try out each and every way they suggest trying out the toy.

First thing is I'll go over what different vibration patterns are present in the toy. Remember, each pattern has five different levels of intensity that vary from novelty-pen level to just a few steps down from an actual personal massager. These patterns are constant, oscillating, pulsating, and one final one that's best described as a consistent and very rapid throbbing.

It's easy to grip the entire toy in your hand from the base while using the dual motor ears to get some finely tuned clitoral stimulation in. My favorite move is to turn it to the fourth highest setting and lightly pinch my clitoris together while rotating the toy to get into some of the folds and creases of my labia for added pleasure.

The feeling of the power from both motors overlapping is absolutely sinful, for the first month I owned this toy it completely replaced both my own fingers as well as those of my husband.

To this day Don still likes breaking out the toy when he'd rather not focus on fancy finger work and let the Form 2 think about the hard parts while he just delights in my squirms and winces of delight.

If you're just using one ear to carefully target different parts of your outer vagina, I find that pushing the ear that isn't making contact with the body into the ear that is makes for a slightly more powerful experience as well as the ability to apply pressure without having to shove the whole toy into your body. Form-fitting is definitely an excellent way to describe this toy, while it is clit-focused it is hardly limited in options, the variance possible with how you use it , what vibrations it chucks out, and how strong those vibrations are are almost as numerous as toys with Bluetooth support that allow you to control everything with an app. That kind of variety isn't always a simple feat with completely manual toys.

When it comes to more generalized stimulation I don't mind using the base, it is curved nicely to contour to the limits of the outer labia. It is clear that the vibrations were designed to go to the ears rather than the base however, so don't expect as big of a wallop as it can deliver from the other end.

Pinching, squeezing, rubbing, it really can do it all and it does so spectacularly. The Form 2 is capable of bringing me to orgasm multiple times in rapid succession, I enjoy how small the toy is compared to its power output and the fact that it has a battery that's never died on me while in use further cements its place as a versatile, worthwhile, and fantastic toy.

It's usually the first toy I think of whenever traveling, all my bases are covered while in use as well as while in transit, it really did help to round out my collection and also stands as a fantastic clit vibrator with very few, if any, strings attached.

Where Can You Get One?

Should the above attributes prove attractive to you, I highly recommend buying the Form 2 directly from SheVibe.

For whatever reason, the Form 2 on SheVibe has always been $50 less expensive than every other source on the internet, there's a chance they ordered too many and are still trying to figure out how to move them, but ultimately I have no idea how they manage to give us a rockin' deal like this, especially with a toy that actually deserves the extra price point. 

I'd honestly go as far to as that at the Shevibe price it is one of the most fairly priced sex toys out there when you compare price to value.

There's $200 toys I own that can't hold a candle to the Form 2, half the price and double the fun of similar toys was something I'm glad I signed up for.

Final Thoughts

Every category of sex toy has a quintessential representative that serves as the standard for that type of toy. Male masturbators has the Fleshlight, wand vibrators have the Hitachi Magic Wand, and I personally think that the Jimmyjane Form 2 stands as the clitoris vibrator that everyone should look at first before continuing in their search.

The fantastic union between power, portability, and of course actual good design meant for maximum stimulation is what I'll always think of first whenever I think of the Form 2.

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I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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