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Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: July 11th, 2021

There is no shortage of innovative ways to explore our deepest pleasures, naughty curiosities, experimental inquiries and secretive fetishes.

In a time where body positivity is not only being encouraged, but enforced by putting an end to sexual stigmas, sex toys are becoming so creative these days.

One company in particular has a formula that has been revolutionary in terms of unmatched sex toy excellence, and that company is Fleshlight.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some notable competitors in the sex toy market to Fleshlight, but most pleasure product users will give their loyalty to Fleshlight just because of their wide selection of products, variations of popular toys and commitment to being the very best--it seems as if each toy one ups what came before it. 

So, it is true that Fleshlight has traditionaly dominated the male sex toy market with most notably, their iconic Fleshgirl series: a line of sex toys where real life pornstars use their own vaginas to be replicated, thereby making the man’s masturbation experience an entirely new, personalized and explorative experience. 

However, the very same Fleshlight company came up with a new line of products about which us ladies can be filled up with pleasure--long gone are the days of the man being the only one to finish, we need to get ours too, after all!

Without further ado, I proudly present Fleshlight’s way of giving women their sexual helping hand: the Herspot Dildo, designed by Fleshlight co-owner Kathy Shubin. In this review, I will look at the various dildos offered in this product line developed by and for women.

From important aspects such as design, specs and measurements, packaging and cleanup and different uses for the Herspot Dildo, I’ll have you covered. Of course, I’ll wrap things up with my own experiences using the Herspot and my carefully constructed pro and cons list.

Herspot Dildos have three different design specifications, with three different sizes for each one, so read on to find out which design and size works best for you!

Herspot Dildos: Designs & Measurements

As mentioned above, Herspot Dildos come in three different designs to give the sexually inquisitive customers a variety of different looks, feel and of course, pleasure.

There is: the Cobalt Lily Dildo, the Plum Orchid Dildo and the Golden Rose Dildo, all of which are named after flowers to inspire images of elegance, passion and class while masturbating. 

Each Herspot follows a similar design: a flat and circular base, with the attached dildo extended from it. It is worth mentioning that they are sold exclusively as single-sided dildos as of the time of writing this article. 

While there are three designs for Herspot Dildos, each design is available in three different sizes so that women of all types can happily orgasm to these amazing sex toys. 

There are the standard small, medium and large sizes, so if you are a smaller person, if you lack vaginal depth or have particularly tight vaginas, you will surely have options.

There is nothing worse than discovering mid-masturbation that you just wasted money on a poorly designed dildo that didn’t even make you orgasm. I hope I can give you the information you need to not only avoid this completely off-putting tragedy, but to guarantee that you will reach your orgasmic peak every time.

Cobalt Lily

The first dildo in the Herspot Dildo line is the blue Cobalt Lily, which is best known for its simple and straightforward design--pun intended.

As a dildo, it is a completely straight shaft, so its main focus is to provide a sleek and slender experience, but more importantly, it gives you the freedom to explore your own angles and areas of pleasure. 

Being completely flexible, yet durable and firm, the Cobalt Lily can withstand a surprising amount of force and tension, although I do not foresee this dildo being used for any kind of extreme masturbation that requires it to be bent that much.

The flat, circular base of the dildo is entirely suction cup and dildo handle compatible, allowing the Cobalt Lily to be attached to strap ons, harnesses or any kind of sex belts for couples play, or on walls, desks, floors or chairs for creative solo play. 

When not attached to anything and used on its own, the handle provides you with a great grip on the dildo for maximum control.

In terms of measurements and features, the Cobalt Lily offers:

  • Length from base to tip: 5.1” (small) ; 6” (medium) ; 7” (large)
  • Circumference at base: 4.55” (small) ; 4.87” (medium) ; 5.18” (large)
  • Highest quality, platinum-cured silicone material
  • Safe for vaginal and anal insertion
  • Hypoallergenic and body-safe

Plum Orchid

Next up for Herspot Dildo’s line is the purple Plum Orchid, most recognizable by its slight curve, much similar to the smile on your face after all is said and done, masturbation wise.

About the dildo itself, it contains a bit less than a 45 degree angle curve--as a comparison, if you hold up a finger and give it a slight bend, you will approximately match the curve of the Plum Orchid. With this curve, the dildo is highly ideal for stimulating your G-spot as once you get going and find the right angle, it will serve you well every time.

The Plum Orchid is highly firm and flexible as well, capable of easily withstanding both gentle play, energetic and intense business, as well as everything in between. It goes without saying, but be sure not to try and bend the Plum Orchid the other way--if you want a straight dildo, you are better off buying the Cobalt Lily.

Similar to the other Herspot Dildos, the Plum Orchid comes with a flat and circular base as well, which is suction cup and handle compatible, with the same capabilities as listed above. The curve of the Plum Orchid gives you a lot of creativity if you attach it to anything, allowing you to let your body go wild on the dildo, instead of the dildo being used on you.

In terms of measurements and features, the Plum Orchid offers:

  • Length from base to tip: 5.1” (small) ; 5.75” (medium) ; 6.7” (large)
  • Circumference at base: 4.55” (small) ; 4.87” (medium) ; 5.18” (large)
  • Highest quality, platinum-cured silicone material
  • Safe for vaginal and anal insertion
  • Hypoallergenic and body-safe

Golden Rose

The third and final sex toy for Herspot Dildos for now is the pink Golden Rose, which is best known for its combination of a straight shaft and a curved head.

The dildo itself is a great midway point between the two above because the shaft is completely straight until about halfway, then it gently curves as you get to the top of the sex toy.

This design is personally my favourite of the three because it allows for a great combination of G-spot play and smooth, deep penetration.

Dare I say that the G-spot sensations are subtle, yet still present because of the slight bend. It’s a very nice touch, but I will talk more about that in my personal observations section.

Similar to the other Herspot Dildos, the Golden Rose also has a flat and circular base that is suction cup and handle compatible with the same experimental capacities as above.

Much like the Plum Orchid, the curve on this dildo gives you much more room for creativity if you attach it to a surface or a harness.

In terms of measurements and features, the Golden Rose offers:

  • Length from base to tip: 5.35” (small) ; 6” (medium) ; 7” (large)
  • Circumference at base: 4.55” (small) ; 4.87” (medium) ; 5.18” (large)
  • Highest quality, platinum-cured silicone material
  • Safe for vaginal and anal insertion
  • Hypoallergenic and body-safe

Packaging & Maintenance

When it comes to packaging, Fleshlight stays true to their discrete promise as the Herspot Dildo comes in a small box that is easily concealed in case you live with others and do not want to openly announce that they will have a noisy neighbor from now on.

If you have your own DIY space to hide your Herspot Dildo, the toy’s silicone material makes it safe to do so as it is not fragile or sensitive--although I highly recommend that you use some kind of bag to prevent dust or other unwanted substances from touching your dildo. Of course, always make sure to give your dildo--and any other sex toy--a good look before use. 

When it comes to maintenance, Herspot Dildos are as easy as they come. Only use water or oil based lubricants because silicone ones will deteriorate the dildo’s material. Be sure to wash them with antibacterial soap and warm water. 

If you want a more thorough cleaning, you can boil it in hot water, and even run it through a dishwasher cycle if you so choose--I told you, these are highly durable dildos! Always be sure to air dry the dildo, but if you cannot wait for your next masturbation session, dry it with a lint free cloth before your safe storage.

Personal Thoughts

Each Herspot Dildo became a favourite depending on what I wanted to go for while masturbating. That is a weird thing  to type out, so let me elaborate. Of course, make sure your dildo is well lubricated before having fun.

When I wanted to explore deep penetration, I felt that the Cobalt Lily was the best option due to its straight shaft and smooth insertion. I did not have any issues going deeper or reinserting the dildo, and I loved how the flat base made for a great handle.

I preferred using the Cobalt Lily manually (by hand) instead of attached to a surface because I felt that it was too smooth, to a fault--I don’t have the deepest vagina, so I easily lost control of depth control while in doggystyle when it was attached to a wall. If you are new to dildos in general, or want to explore your depth, this is the best dildo for you.

When it came to strictly G-spot masturbation, the Plum Orchid gave me numerous deep orgasms because its curve leads you to exactly where you want it to go. I had no problems inserting the dildo and I loved using it to not only tease my G-spot, but to also apply intense pressure on it.

Admittedly, I only applied the Plum Orchid on the floor for me to ride on as both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions, allowing my body weight to naturally apply force on my G-Spot. If you are aiming for deep penetration, you might want to get another model for Herspot Dildos, but if you want strict G-spot pleasure, you can do no better.

My all-around favorite is the Golden Rose because its shaft allows for deep penetration, but its curve allows you to gently tease your G-spot, or if you change the angle, you can completely focus on it.

You get the best of both worlds here, and I also found that mounting it along a surface gave me intense orgasms due to its shape and versatility in terms of where to target. This dildo has the best value in terms of capabilities because its a very good in-between dildo between the Plum Orchid and Cobalt Lily models. 


  • Highly accessible: 3 different sizes for 3 different designs
  • Easy cleanup
  • Easy use
  • Versatile: design for deep penetration, G-spot stimulation or both
  • Great for sex toy first timers
  • Compatible with strap ons, harnesses, suction cups, floor and wall surfaces


  • Longest length is 7”, so penetration deeper than that is not available
  • One-sided dildo, cannot insert to both vagina and anus simultaneously


Herspot Dildos are amazing--plain and simple. Whether you are a newbie or a sex toy enthusiast, you will surely find a model and a size that will guarantee you deep and wholesome orgasms every time. 


You can buy your Herspot Dildo here!

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