G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Review:

The Ultimate Vaginal/Clitoral Stimulation Combo

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 9, 2023

So it’s about time I covered the first vibrator of its kind I've ever owned, the G-Spot Rabbit. This vibrator is what fully converted me to the world of alternative female sex toys.

Made from soft silicone, this vibrator’s insertable length is 5.5’’ and the added clitoral stimulator works wonders for melting away the stress from a hard day or just whipping it out when you feel like you could use a little release.

The G-Spot Rabbit vibrator has so many extra features that it takes about twenty times as long to go through them all than it does to actually use the thing to get off.

My Experience With The G-Spot Rabbit

This is the kind of sex toy you get when you want all of your bases covered, both phenomenal penetrative stimulation and mind-numbingly good clitoral stimulation all in the same package.

The total length of this powerful pussy tease comes in at about eight inches, so it’s extremely easy to handle and I had the Rabbit hopping inside me in no time, or is it me that was doing the hopping? Like most of my favorite toys, it’s made of soft body-safe silicone, it has some bend to it and is extremely quick and easy to clean.

No more fumbling with batteries to get that climax you so desperately need, it takes two hours to charge this sucker.

It also lasts about two hours of consistent use in between charges. So long as you keep your USB charger handy I sincerely doubt you’ll ever find yourself pushing the buttons in vain to get a quick orgasm out.

Once I first got it, I threw the instructions to the wayside and got right to figuring out how this thing worked by getting myself into the mood and ready for experimentation. I’m the kind of girl who’d much rather show than tell.

The head slides comfortable into my pussy with ease (and I consider myself to be pretty tight), I think how this product is a little bendy is a very important factor in its ease of use.

Now usually I don’t take the name of a product too seriously because let’s face it, the sex toy industry is often about a lot of show without the substance to back it up. I learned through very intensive research that they put G-Spot in the name for a reason.

The Rabbit is perfectly curved and never before have I had a vibrator that will so consistently reach my G spot while also delivering pulsation onto my clit, keep your windows shut if you don’t want the neighbors to get wise.

There are seven different modes on the device and you can customize whether or not you want undulating waves or a more consistently stimulating experience.

The speed of each of these modes can be customized as well. It has to be hands down the most versatile sex substitute I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting inside of myself, beyond its capability of providing any level of stimulation desired, it’s also waterproof. 

Because of that, I’m worried about my hydro bills because I often get carried away with this wonderful piece of equipment. I love bringing my Rabbit with me into the shower since I don’t have to worry about lubrication, although usually, the mere sight of my G-Spot gets me wetter than monsoon season in the Philippines.

I can’t overstate how powerful this thing gets on the higher settings, sometimes I’ll just lay back and put it on maximum and watch my whole body shake not only because of the waves of intense pleasure going through me but the sheer amount of pulsation this perfect little gadget provides.

In Conclusion

Get this thing, ladies. It’s cheaper than a good bottle of wine and pairs nicely with one too. It’s inexpensive, versatile, and able to provide a two-hour long session on a single charge if your sex drive is really that voracious. Neglected is the last thing the G Spot Rabbit will have you feeling, it covers all the bases and stimulates in every possible way, from G-Spot to the rest of the vagina and especially the clitoris.

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