Penis Pumps:
Do They Actually Work? Are The Safe?

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: November 19th, 2019

Capitalizing on penis panic has become a multi-million or possibly even a multi-billion dollar industry. People who are truly anxious about anything aren't really thinking logically and are sometimes willing to try anything that's been marketed properly, no matter how outright bunk or unsafe it might be.

The result of this is a plethora of pills, pseudo scientific jargon, and strange contraptions being created meant to enlarge your manhood. To this day it is still a preferred topic of junk mail across the internet.

Those in a temporary moment of weakness might think they have nothing to lose and everything to gain with minimal risk. The truth is these products are largely money pits designed to capitalize from insecurity.

At DoctorClimax, as far as penile related products go, my husband is willing to try just about everything, however, he draws the line at products which have the potential to cause injuries to him our our readers.

He's tried everything from male masturbators, blowjob machines, cock rings, chastity cages, delay sprays and many more types of products.

Many other websites like ours will promote products which have the potential to cause injuries to the penis or are just flat out dangerous.

Products such as penis pumps, penis extenders and pills that claim to make your penis grow all fall under this category of products.

This article specifically is going to be talking about penis pumps and the dangers they pose for users.

The Penis Pump

A vacuum pump draws blood into the penis causing it to swell for 5-10 minutes before returning to normal. The results are extremely temporary, with repeated use leading to insensitivity and general sexual issues. Some users report more permanent gains after repeated use, but please, think about it: you're just stretching your penis out. If you chew up some gum, roll it into a cylinder, grab either end and pull it you will have a "longer" piece of gum but the structural integrity is very changed.

The most appealing attribute of the penis pump is that results can be seen almost immediately, with no need to chart progress like your penis is a child going through growth spurts. All things come at a price, and in my experience the way that promises the highest amount of instant gratification is often the most addictive and harmful way. The potential costs of using a penis pump outweigh the benefits tenfold.

Over Pumping​​​​

This is most likely to occur to those new to using the device and don't know exactly when to stop. An inexperienced user can draw too much blood into the penis and rupture a blood vessel.

Screaming and a different bodily fluid than intended are soon to follow, with a high likelihood of longer lasting cosmetic or functional damage.

Can you think of a single time "rupture, blood, penis," can all be used in the same sentence without it being shiver-inducing?

Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie's disease is not an infectious disease, it is a physical ailment in which scar tissue is formed in the penis that can cause curvature of the penis and all the discomfort surrounding having hard to stretch tissue where it absolutely shouldn't be.

Improper use of the pump and the use of sub-par pumps can result in significant enough trauma to stimulate the formation of a large patch of scar tissue along the shaft of the penis. Scar tissue is extremely rigid and has no business being on what is usually a very stretchy appendage. Besides being painful, Peyronie's disease usually leads to an Irish curve of varying severity.

Reduced Erection Quality

So we've established that the general principle behind penis pumps is the drawing of blood into the penis by creating a vacuum inside the pump. Even if used what's described as "properly," there are serious drawbacks to stretching the blood vessels and the tissues of your penis. The most obvious of which is a major loss of sensitivity throughout the entirety of the penis. The skin tissue and blood vessels of the penis are put through stress, which in turn results in less oxygenated blood being able to reach all of the necessary places and this results in a less rigid erection. 

One of the main purported benefits of penis pumps is the ability to make an individual last longer, but they're really just dressing up a negative side effect like its something desirable. You last longer because your nerves are damaged and you don't feel down there as well as you used to. Couple this with the damaged blood vessels, and you have a limp, floppy dick you frequently have to coax into getting hard enough to play.

Male Enhancement Pills​​​​

Got a headache? Take a pill. Feeling nauseous? Take a pill. Want a bigger dick? Take a pill. Wait, no, don't do that because there's no magic dick pills that actually work how they're advertised.

See, we've already established this industry exists solely to prey on those are already panicking and aren't concerned in reading the fine print. This means unscrupulous pill vendors have put nearly anything that can fit into a gelcap together and sold it to people for exorbitant prices. The ingredients chosen can range from overpriced health store supplements (zinc being commonly added), supplements of questionable effectiveness, to things that are downright dangerous. Any sort of gains in erection strength or size is most likely attributable to a common additive within the pill and the gains will not last once you stop taking the pills.

These pills aren't magical and don't use any concepts not already known by science at large. Don't support this predatory industry by buying their products. There are some natural herbs and supplements that can be used to increase blood flow or otherwise help minimize sexual shortcomings, but I recommend you buy them from a reputable health food store that you can guarantee sells genuine products. Some of the dodgier male enhancement pills have small bits of prescription boner pills hidden inside them, and while it might seem convenient to get a bit of Cialis in your zinc and mix of Eastern herbs, I must caution against taking this kind of risk with your manhood.

Penis Stretchers

I'm surprised I even have to mention why these are a poor idea, they looks like a medieval torture device or a prop to a terrible Forrest Gump porn parody. A penis stretcher works by attaching one end of the device to the base of the penis and the other end just below the glans, the device then stretches the penis out slowly over time. You simply cannot create more penis by stretching it out and hoping the body will take that as a queue to stimulate growth around the stretched tissue. Any gains in length will be offset by a loss of structural integrity and sensitivity, there is still the same amount of penis down there its just been misshapen into something slightly longer.


Jelqing is an extremely common technique used to enlarge the penis, both because it is free and because of the apparent safety of the practice. It is not without it's risks, however. Jelqing is essentially a workout for the penis that lasts about 20 minutes in which the flaccid penis is gently stretched (ideally in water) back and forth, ostensibly to increase the blood capacity of the penis.

Many men report satisfactory results with jelqing, yet there is a lack of scientific evidence supporting those results and the concept at large. Just as many men have came forward about the dangers of jelqing at the same time.

The dangers of jelqing are nearly the same as all other penis enhancement techniques that rely on manual stretching of the penis. Scar tissue can be formed contributing to Peyronie's disease with ease, meaning those who went easy on jelqing most likely still suffered in ways they can't easily detect. Over time, jelqers will report lost sensitivity as well as difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. The penis isn't something that can be enlarged in the same way as your biceps or your glutes, so you should be weary of and product that bills itself under pseudo-scientific nonsense that sounds plausible at first glance but simply is not the truth.


I hope this information helps to guide you towards seeking other forms of validation about the size of your penis instead of going through fruitless or downright dangerous attempts to elongate your penis. Even the success stories of the above methods rarely report gains of more than an inch in length or girth, and I really wonder if there is either something they are leaving out or if those stories are falsehoods entirely. There is a lot at stake here, is it really worth risking the proper functioning of your penis over an extra quarter inch?

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Mike - July 26, 2018 Reply

Im so confused do i do not use anything dont know what to think

    Don Watson - August 8, 2018 Reply

    You sound like you might be tempted to try these out. Realistically, there’s a high probability of a negative outcome. The part of you that really wants a bigger penis is trying to override the more logical part of you. There simply are not very many ways to grow the penis significantly without a serious risk of some complications.

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