The Best Delay Sprays:
Ejaculation Delay Sprays That Actually Work

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: January 27th, 2019

The male orgasm is a wonderful thing. Pumping and thrusting your way to an explosive ejaculation is a feeling so great it's used as a benchmark to compare against other things, have you ever heard the expression that "X is better than sex"?

Not everybody gets everything they want out of sex due, though. This is typically due to physical limitations, namely how long the male can last before reaching orgasm and the fun is over until round 2. This can be disheartening to both the male and the female, as we both know sex is most worth it when everybody gets a cookie.

Increasing your stamina in the bedroom as a male can be done through a few different ways.

You could use a toy like the Fleshlight STU to habituate yourself to extremely pleasurable sensations and build your stamina over time, or you could do it the manual way. However, those options take time and aren't necessarily for everyone.

For that reason, desensitizing sprays, or delay sprays,  have grown in popularity over the years.

What Is A Desensitizing Spray?

A delay spray is a liquid sprayed onto the male genitals that functions to reduce the overall sensations felt by sexual stimulation. These sprays typically contain a topical anesthetic like benzocaine or lidocaine and can increase the time to orgasm for most males by up to a factor of four. 

Men with premature ejaculation or who want to go the distance in making their partner orgasm choose delay sprays because they're easy to apply, are compatible with condoms, and are amazingly effective. They're topical anesthetics so there's essentially no long term health implications to speak if the sprays are used regularly.

The Top Delay Sprays I've Used

Promescent Climax Control Spray (The Best One)

Promescent's delay spray is the top of the line, absolute best delay spray for your money out there. It was developed by an actual urologist and has been backed up by clinical studies to significantly reduce the issue of premature ejaculation.

It's a lidocaine spray that apparently found a way around absorption issues by changing the chemical nature of the lidocaine before adding it to the rest of the ingredients.

Using it was pretty straightforward, I sprayed it under the head and under the shaft with another on top for good measure. The bottle says to use about three sprays but no more than ten, and it should be applied ten minutes before sex. Then it's just a matter of rubbing it around just a pinch to help it absorb and I was good to go.

The numbing didn't transfer over to my wife whatsoever and it was still very pleasurable for me overall, the feelings were just a little muted and it took me longer to reach orgasm. It makes me feel like I have more control over my sexual release, not like it's taking it away.

Hands down the best delay spray out there by a huge margin.

KY Duration Genital Desensitizer (Runner-Up)

Our next contender is from none other than the lube behemoth KY. The Duration delay spray has bout 35 sprays to a 0.16 fl oz. bottle and is another lidocaine based spray.

I like the KY spray because of how their nozzle is designed, it allows for a pretty wide application range with only a few sprays, I tend to get a lot out of very little with this spray. Just make sure to let it dry a bit before getting down to business if you want to make sure none transfers over to your partner.

The spray itself absorbs pretty quickly and definitely increased my time in the sack by a considerable amount of time. In fact, my wife and I often see how many times I can get her to orgasm before I pop myself using this exact spray, so far we're at eight.

While not as mindblowing and sensual as the Promescent spray, the awesome nozzle makes it worth taking a look at.

Edge Delay Gel

So this one is a bit of a departure from the trend in that it is a gel and not a spray. The benefit here is that it's easier to spread the desensitizing gel over the entirety of your penis compared to the sprays where every single drop is precious.

Interestingly enough there's no lidocaine or drugs you'd find in a hospital in this one. It's an all natural concoction made of horny goat weed, jojoba oil, and gingko biloba extracts.

It's tasteless and odorless making it a great choice if you want to surprise your partner with an extra long session that they won't see coming, and to top it off you really don't have to use a lot. A drop or two is all you need. I like the tasteless factor because it means that oral is still on the menu for my wife, as she doesn't always take well to the taste of the delay sprays.

As this is a natural product and not made from clinical products, there are some differences in using it. Namely that you need to apply it about 1 hour before you intend on having sex instead of the 10 minute wait time typical of lidocaine sprays. Once you feel a slight tingle it'll take another 10 minutes or so to reach maximum efficacy.

It's awesome because there's no numbing action whatsoever, it makes me feel like an absolute stallion who's completely in control of the sexual encounter and all of my anxieties about lasting long fade away which really keeps me in the moment, I've pulled off some things I probably couldn't have if I was too busy focusing on not cumming.

This one is great if you want to use a delay product and not have your partner know, just budget enough time beforehand to apply it correctly.

Doc Johnson Power Plus

Doc Johnson Power Plus is another cream and works through benzocaine which is slightly less effective than lidocaine as a topical anesthetic, but tends to absorb better unless you're using the Promescent spray.

There's no taste to speak of according to my wife but there is a slight lotion-y smell associated with it. This is a good in between choice for the sprays and the natural cream as it only takes about 30 minutes to work. Also, you can be a lot more liberal with application as there isn't really a point where you use too much and risk losing sensation entirely, it's perfect for people who are a little more worried about application and how much to use, it's a very forgiving cream.

It does a good job at delaying my cum reflex but it isn't as powerful as others on this list and has a slight effect on how much enjoyment I'm able to receive physically. Although I will say it gives me complete control over when I ejaculate during sex, it's almost like it gives me a remote control that I just have to mentally press a button on to push myself over the edge.

Stud 100 Desensitizing Spray

Stud 100 is the delay spray with the longest history in the industry, being around since about the 1970's. There's a fair bit of lidocaine in it so be careful when applying. 

Since this is another lidocaine spray it works the same as the Promescent one, apply about ten minutes before you want to have sex, massage it into the skin, and there you have it.

The lidocaine content is absolutely staggering on this one, it definitely reduces sensation the most out of all of these on the list which may or may not be what you're going for. If you want to be able to pump away like a crazed horse long into the night, this is the one to shoot for. There's no taste or smell which is always a benefit in my book, the less side effects the better.

Personally it is my least favorite out of all of the sprays but it has its uses when we're on vacation and really want to get our money's worth out of the hotel room.


If you suffer from premature ejaculation and are tired of having to explain with embarrassment on your face that "this usually doesn't happen" then you should absolutely consider using a desensitizing spray or cream. The Promescent spray is the best in my opinion but the others have their slight differences and nuances that might appeal to you more. It all matters how much wait time you're okay with and what kind of desensitization you're going for. Properly absorbed lidocaine causes slight numbing, the natural Edge Gel doesn't reduce sensation whatsoever, and the benzocaine one essentially turns down the volume of each individual thrust, if that makes any sense.

I hope that you find the relief you and your sexual partners are looking for in these sprays, I know they've made for some interesting nights in my house.

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