How To Cum More:

Increasing Your Semen Volume

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 11th, 2020

Maybe porn is to blame, maybe it's just human vanity, but tons of guys have approached me asking about how they can increase the volume of semen they produce during ejaculation. After all, who doesn't want to improve their ejaculate volume to better satisfy themselves & their partners?

Luckily, there's loads (pun semi-intended) of ways to increase your seminal volume that can be as simple as adding a couple extra things into your diet or doing some more exercises to increase the distance you shoot your man juice, which is definitely more desirable as opposed to a lackluster dribble.

So you want to learn how to cum more?

This article will teach you how to cum harder with more semen volume than you ever have before.

By exploiting how the body deals with semen production, anyone can be shooting massive loads within a week. I can't count the amount of times I wish I had just a little bit more to show off come time to shoot my load, so I was excited to test these supplements myself.

Increasing semen count for the average male is as simple as making a few simple lifestyle changes. These changes will have profound effects on your overall sexual health. The best part is there's very little change in overall diet required to produce more cum.

There are also plenty of supplements that have been shown to be effective at increasing semen count and ejaculate volume. 

Here are the methods I've tried personally:

How To Increase Semen Volume


If you're looking to cum harder and increase your semen production, don't forget to hydrate yourself. Hydration is a huge part of having an impressive ejaculatory evacuation, keeping hydrated is necessary above all else in keeping your semen the desired consistency for it to be launched forward impressively. The recommended 8 glasses a day should suffice, extra water won't really add much more volume but being dehydrated will absolutely decrease volume.

Here's one thing about the whole "8 glasses a day" thing, it isn't meant to be literally interpreted as eight glasses of straight water that you'll need to choice. By that I mean that for instance a banana is 74% water, so eating enough of certain foods can count as a "glass" of water as far as hydration is concerned.

Keeping yourself hydrated might be one of the best ways to increase semen volume naturally, especially if you're not drinking enough water daily, or eating enough foods that contain water.

There's also a plethora of health benefits to keeping yourself hydrated that I won't get into. It's also probably the cheapest method on this list depending on where you live.


So now that we've established that most of what comes out of the penis isn't made in the testes but in fact the seminal vesicles and prostate, it should stand to reason that supplements that give those male organs more to work with & use will increase the count of semen they can produce. Guys, make sure to take these supplements if you want to give your body the building blocks it needs to produce more cum.

After pouring over anecdotal and scientific evidence, here's what I've found works best, use them all in conjunction to ensure fire extinguisher levels of cum.


Semenax is an all-in-one solution for increasing semen production and sperm quality.

Lots of the things I'll be suggesting in this article are already in Semenax, namely L-Arginine and Zinc.

Those however are just two of the over a dozen ingredients present in their special formulation specifically meant to enhance the male orgasm. 

Besides other crucial vitamins, minerals, and amino acids there's a whole bunch of herbal supplements included that help the prostate work at maximum efficiency. It's worth noting that the prostate produces about a quarter of the fluid found in semen, so giving it all the help you can is a very prudent choice.

Other ingredients help to elevate blood flow such as maca root as well as hawthorne. This is important since increased blood flow will elevate the sensitivity of your penis to help naturally stimulate a bigger cum shot. After all, I know the loads I've dropped when as aroused as possible are a lot bigger than the ones I've had when just reaching climax for the sake of it.

What really brings Semenax to the forefront here is the inclusion of Horny Goat Weed. This herb has been used for quite some time now for it's amazing full-spectrum boosts to male vitality and virility. In fact, its method of action is actually quite similar to prescription erectile dysfunction medication. When you want to give your man downstairs everything he can possibly use, Semenax has all of the bases covered.

There's very few other supplements out there meant explicitly for boosting semen volume, and even less out of those options that actually use proven materials like Semenax does. For that reason, it's a great option in my book.


There are manymany, sources that espouse the benefits of L-Arginine as being extremely helpful for the male reproductive system. Nearly all parts of the male reproductive system make use of this amino acid at some port or another, and it's one of the few supplements that also increases the volume & health of your sperm and not just your semen itself. L-Arginine can also improve erection quality due to it's vasodilatory effect and is helpful in increasing semen volume overall. There is some evidence to suggest it increases testosterone levels indirectly by increasing levels of nitric oxide, which helps to produce testosterone.

Good sources of L-Arginine you can include into your diet include nuts/seeds, meat, and leafy green legumes.

Make sure to purchase your L-Arginine from a reputable source to ensure it actually works as intended, the supplement industry is notoriously dodgy as far as selling products that actually contain the right amount of what they say they contain and in a form that the body can actually absorb.

The dose required to see benefits is 1g of L-Arginine daily. I personally take this brand of L-Arginine, each pill contains 1g of L-Arginine.

Soy Lecithin Granules

Want to know how to make more cum?

You should look into Soy Lecithin.

Arguably, this is the most powerful of all the supplements listed as far as increasing seminal volume. One dose of 1200mg in the morning (some take one at night as well) is sufficient to drastically increase your cum output, and I mean by a lot. After just a week of trying it myself, my junk was feeling "fuller" and keeping hydrated meant that with the proper watery consistency the extra semen was shot further & with more force than had I not been drinking enough water. I use this brand of Soy Lecithin granules. The granules are very inexpensive and provide noticeable effects.

Despite what you might hear online & how funny the jokes making fun of soy products can be, soy lecithin won't decrease testosterone levels. Plain and simple, it's got what your load needs without anything that'll mess with your male hormones.

Soy lecithin granules made the difference for me in making my ejaculations go from normal to downright volcano-esque. If you had to just take one of these supplements, I'd recommend soy lecithin.


Increasing the amount of zinc in your diet will increase the amount of prostatic fluid created, which makes up something in the realm of 25% of total semen volume. So it appears that L-Arginine helps the testes (5% of total volume), Soy Lecithin helps with the seminal vesicles (65-75% of total volume) and Zinc helps supplement the prostate which makes up more or less the rest of seminal volume. In layman's terms, Zinc will help your body make more cum. 

Around 40-50mg of Zinc is best for this purpose. DO NOT overdo it on the zinc, an excess of zinc in the body will result in your body being unable to properly absorb iron and copper which leads to its own set of problems. Zinc toxicity is said to occur at levels of 225mg or more, so unless your diet is extremely heavy in zinc the extra 40mg won't cause you any issues.

Something worth mentioning about zinc is that in males who have low testosterone levels zinc supplementation has been found to help improve the issues this can cause on the male reproductive system. The benefits are a lot less pronounced in men who already have enough zinc, but they're still there.

I use this brand of Zinc and I've been taking it for years. Zinc is a great supplement for men period, besides the seminal benefits it also provides.

Optional: Pygeum

For those who want a fully comprehensive increase to every part of their male secretions, pygeum has a stimulatory effect on the Cowper's gland which results in a higher production of pre-cum. In short, if you're looking to increase pre-cum, Pygeum is worth looking into. If you're going to produce more cum, you might as well produce more pre-cum while you're at it.

There is scattered evidence that suggests there might be a bit of a boost to overall seminal volume as well, but these claims are a pinch less substantiated.

A dose of 200mg pygeum daily is enough to see the positive effects. I personally take 500mg daily.

The brand of Pygeum I'd recommend is Swanson Pygeum 500mg

Other Tips To Increase Cum Quantity & Quality

So those three supplements will have all of your bases covered as far as semen volume, but there's two major attributes you're also probably looking to enhance as well: appearance and distance shot.

Here's what you need to know to succeed:



Celery will work to make your cum pearly white instead of an off-yellow or clear color. Just munch on a few extra stalks of celery throughout the day to get the color changing benefits and you're good to go. It's a calorie-neutral vegetable on top of it all, so it fits into any diet.

As far as foods that improve the look of your loads go, celery is the gold standard.

Exercises For Increasing Distance

Kegel exercises are your first line of defense in going from dropping loads to shooting loads. Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, these muscles deteriorate primarily with age and inactivity, but it isn't too hard to get them back to puberty levels of potential.

Locating your kegel muscles is a pretty straightforward procedure. Next time you're in the bathroom, try and stop the flow of urine without holding your breath or tensing any of the muscles in your hips or abdomen. Once you've stopped the flow of urine using this method, those muscles you've engaged are your pelvic floor muscles. There's no need to repeat this procedure again once you've located them once as repeatedly doing this is bad for your urinary system.

Exercising these muscles is as simple as tensing these muscles up for five to ten seconds, releasing them for five to ten seconds, and then repeating this ten times to do a single "set." Do three sets a day to start seeing increases in how far you can shoot your load. 

What Cumming More Doesn't Do

  • Does Not Increase Fertility/Conception Chance Significantly

Sperm itself makes up only 2-5% of total semen volume, and anyone who's passed a high school level health class knows that sperm is produced in the testes. The majority (65-75%) of the volume of sperm is produced in the seminal vesicles, the liquid produced there is high in fructose and other substances that function as the energy source of the sperm, your little swimmers need a snack if they're expected to make it to the egg and fertilize it. The remaining 30% volume of semen comes from the prostate and the bulbourethral glands, their contributions help to keep the DNA inside sperm intact and to increase how mobile the sperm is once inside a human female. 

In short, any increase in seminal volume is mostly attributed to an increase in other liquids not produced by the testes, so if you're desperate to conceive and think a heavier load might help you increase your sperm count, I regret that this is not the most effective way to go about it, although one of our suggested supplements has been shown to help the quality and motility of the sperm of subfertile men.

  • Does Not Replicate Pornography

Despite how it might seem, all porn is incredibly staged and has a number of edits made to make it seem like a semi-organic sexual encounter. Think about it, there's no way any pornographic actor has beautiful, thick cum shots 100% of the time, especially after a physically & mentally exhausting shoot. A lot of smut flicks employ sneaky tricks like water pistols to create the illusion of long, stringy loads. That's fake cum, guys. Sometimes its even a fake penis, it seems we can't even trust the loads we see in porn these days.

So, while your finishes will be more cinematic than before should you follow this guide, it's to be kept in mind that pornography is a spectacle and not representative of what a man is capable of in real life.

What Cumming More DOES Do

  • Increases Orgasm Pleasure

The feeling of semen exiting the body is extremely pleasurable, effectively prolonging the feeling of orgasm by a few seconds as the reproductive system pushes all of the extra semen out of the body. Guys, this one is a no-brainer.

  • Increases Sexual Confidence

A strong, powerful release of sexual energy is much more satisfying than a slow dribble of man goop for both partners, the giver has direct proof of their sexual prowess and the receiver knows for certain their partner is turned on and interested. If you're proud of what your penis can do, chances are you'll be a lot more comfortable dropping some loads to show off what you can do.

  • Satisfies Your Sexual Partner

Many women and men have a degree of fetishism around the act of ejaculation. It is, after all, called the climax. The amount of satisfaction derived from a sexual encounter is increased in a lot of people with a nice, photogenic ejaculation. It's simply appealing to us as sexual beings, it's partly why porn stars focus so much on the money shot.


There's a lot of information out there about what does and doesn't increase how much a man can cum, so I decided to settle on what I know works for sure thanks to them being backed up by pages upon pages of evidence from both scholarly and regular sources. Tons of companies out there will try and sell you proprietary "blends" or "specially formulated supplements" but they are in the end just trying to capitalize on ignorance, their ingredients aren't sophisticated (usually just a blend of all of the ingredients in this article + some extras to sound fancy) and if they were really as magical as they're advertised to be, more people would know about them, period. When it comes to how to produce more cum, its best to stick to proven science.

These supplements and lifestyle changes are simple and no-nonsense ways to get you the results you desire. There's no man behind the curtain or crazy scientific theories behind any of these, it's simple: give your body what it needs to produce more of what it's already good at producing naturally, your body will do the rest. It should be noted that these supplements aren't concerning themselves with modulating testosterone, they're completely safe and won't mess with your hormonal balance. 

So remember: hydration for the right consistency, supplementation for the right volume, celery for the right appearance and kegels for the strength to force it all out.

Make sure to have a towel handy! 

You'll need it. And if you want to outsource your cum production, choosing a quality cum lube can help bridge the gaps you can't fill naturally.

About Don Watson

My name is Don Watson and I love to support my wife Angela's passion for human sexuality. It pays dividends for me personally and I enjoy writing about the topic as I'm a sexual person by nature. I concern myself with everything on the website that has to do with the male reproductive system to compliment my wife's female-oriented content. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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Dindoll - March 19, 2019 Reply

did not know that prolonged cumming increases pleasure. will try your tips to see how it works:)

tom fahey - April 17, 2019 Reply

nice someones going to be getting a salty surprise

Alexander R. - April 26, 2019 Reply

I’ve been taking Zinc and L-Arginine for years (not to increase my semen count, only for their health benefits). Not only do these supplements help me stay feeling my best but I can attest to the fact that these supplements definitely have a profound effect on the amount of cum my body produces and also my overall sexual performance.

Ever since I started taking Zinc tablets (200mg daily), I’ve noticed I’ve been producing a lot more sperm/cum in my average orgasm. Before taking Zinc it would take a few days of no cumming for me to have a sizable load and if I jacked off twice in the same day, my second or third loads would be driblets. Now after supplementing with Zinc daily, I notice my cum loads take less time to replenish. My first load of the day is probably at least 25% bigger than before and my second or third loads of the day are about 60-75% the size of the first load (although this does vary depending on how long I wait in-between).

I have also found that after starting to supplement L-Arginine, I’ve been getting much hornier when it comes time to make love to my girlfriend. My erections seem to be firmer and I seem to get erections a lot quicker, which can be annoying at times when we’re just making out for example.

Craig - September 22, 2019 Reply

Once cum more comes out feels good it’s real cum out of penis whole lot during the weekend also do this at motel room or house really fun to do it again and again 3or 4 times always said feels good man

    Don Watson - September 22, 2019 Reply

    Very eager.

Ben Kulaba - April 26, 2020 Reply

I am 65 years old
If I took the supplements will my cum have volume and strength of that of when I was in my thirties?

    Don Watson - April 27, 2020 Reply

    No clue how much mojo you had when you were thirty, Ben. All I know is that you’ll be closer to whatever that might have looked like than you were before. Godspeed.

Boris - November 13, 2020 Reply

Hi I had the zinc supplement for about a week and omg I shot about a litre of the thickest cum it was like candle wax. My mrs the poor girl didn’t expect that

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