Fake Cum Recipe:
How To Make Fake Semen (At Home)

Written by:  Don Watson | Updated:  January 7th, 2019

We're all beings who can get behind appealing to the senses. In an intimate setting, that's usually the senses of touch and the gift of sight. Sometimes people decide they want to replicate male orgasm without any extra outside volunteers, so fake semen has became just one of those things made for the Internet.

The sheer amount of different brands and makes of artificial jizz is mind boggling. They don't always make sense either. I found it entertaining asking my wife what she thought the difference would be between Splooge Juice and Nut Butter (both cum lube products we've experimented with). 

While buying your own fake semen can work just fine, many people want to be able to make it on demand and in a way that they know exactly what's going into it. Some women have vaginal pH that's very delicate, so commercial fake cum can throw a wrench into things and risk an outbreak of thrush. If it isn't for internal use, this is less of a concern.

Here are a few recipes that use some extremely common ingredients and are safe for the body:

Xanthan Gum Fake Cum Recipe

This recipe has the honor of being allegedly pulled from the forums of Fleshlight, I'm not sure if they meant they got it from a poster or from the company itself, but it does the job well.

  • 4 oz warm water (base)
  • 1/2 teaspoon Xanthan Gum (thickening agent, commonly used in foods)
  • 3 teaspoons liquid glycerin (easier to make the lube if you add this as it reduces stirring time and helps the slickness & texture of the pseudo semen match up to the real thing)
  • If you plan on making big batches of the lube, add grapefruit seed extract as a preservative. Four drops is sufficient.

These are the brands of Xanthan Gum and Liquid Glycerin that I use. They both worked great for this unique need we all have.

The procedure is very simple. Start by mixing the xanthan gum and the glycerin together and stir until they are mixed, or for about a minute. Then you can add the water and a preservative if you wish. Thoroughly mix for 4 minutes and then put it into a bottle that you can squeeze, preferably. The above recipe can be played with depending on your desired consistency, as well. Higher proportions of water makes things more slick, while higher proportions of xanthan gum makes things thicker.

It's cheap, it's simple, and all of the ingredients can be found at the right grocery store, anything that brands itself as catering to the organic crowd is your best bet. Allergies are of course possible, but these ingredients are in many foods already.

As far as internal use, this recipe is fair game as it won't throw off the pH of the vagina towards the alkaline scale. I'm happy to say that after looking into it all of these, they're all neutral with a pH of 7 except for grapefruit seed extract which is considered to be extremely acidic but after it is stirred and diluted poses no risks to the female anatomy.

Once you're done you'll be left with an easy to clean and pretty true to life stand in for some love butter. 

Methyl Cellulose: How Pornographers Make Fake Cum

The porn industry goes through tubs of methyl cellulose every year. It's inexpensive and it doesn't contribute to yeast infections. I don't suggest eating tablespoon fulls of it if that's the intended goal here, it isn't dangerous in small amounts but you shouldn't go out of your way to consume it. It is a thickening agent at cold temperatures and needs to be mixed as it usually comes in a powder form. 

It's a simple mix adding water to methyl cellulose until there is a very goopy consistency. Baby powder should be added to give the mixture a white color. Methyl cellulose is very potent, you should start with around half a teaspoon of methyl cellulose and add water bit by bit until you have what you want. If you dilute it too much you can recover it with a small dash more of methyl cellulose.

This substitute is easy on the body and extremely easy to make on the fly, keep in mind it might take a few tries to get the recipe spot on.

The only product I've tried to create fake cum is this brand of methyl cellulose

Cornstarch And Water Fake Cum Recipe

This one is essentially the one you should use only if you really need some one time use fake cum with extremely common ingredients.

Corn starch is very common and you probably have some kicking around in your kitchen cabinet. If you don't you can pick some up on Amazon for a few bucks. I'd like to specify that this recipe will not keep (dispose of it immediately, the consistency doesn't last forever) and is essentially the its-better-than-nothing option. Anyway, here it is:

  • Approx. 1 cup corn starch
  • 1 Quart boiling water

Simply mix the two and there you go. Extremely simple, extremely functional. It'll go powdery with time, so you'll have to toss it once everything is said and done.


If you have an cum squirting dildo or just some fantasies you find particularly appealing, any of these three fake cum recipes work in a pinch. The first one is my preferred method as I can get the best consistency, transparency, and color. The best ejaculate substitutes I find are true to life but have this almost synthetic perfection to them which makes it less off-putting as some fake cum recipes make for some pretty gross messes.

Some people might be confused as to why people would invest in this in their sexual routine. Well, its simply because some people enjoy it. The brain is the biggest erogenous zone and people exploit that to their benefit in various ways. What happens behind closed doors is private, you know?

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