Bad Dragon Cum Lube Review:

Is It Actually The Most Realistic Cum Lube?

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: July 8th, 2023

Much to our chagrin, we've been getting a lot of positive response from our article about the best cum lubes available on the market. Turns out, lots of people have something of a fondness for lube that also happens to resemble a man's ejaculate. 

There's nothing wrong with having a cum fetish and personally we like using ours from time to time to kick things into overdrive.

We're very visual creatures my husband and I so it works wonders seeing as how despite our best efforts there's still a limit on how much my husband can ejaculate in a single sitting, plus having to wait for round 2 is always less than ideal just to have a little extra visuals to enjoy.

One lube in particular has stood out among the rest among our readers and people have been asking me to do a full in depth review on it for some time. This lube has enjoyed some serious popularity and people want to know just what to expect from it. Of course, we're talking about Bad Dragon Cum Lube. These are the same guys that produce Dragon Dildos, so just keep that in mind if you ever end up looking up their other products. Not my cup of tea personally, but different strokes, etc.

Enough dilly-dally, let's get into it.

What's In A Bottle Of Bad Dragon Cum Lube

First off, a single purchase of Bad Dragon lube will get you 250ml of pseudo seminal fun. The lubricant is offered in both a white variety and a clear variety. The white kind is milky and pearly while the clear stuff is much more opaque in nature. Personally, I'm much more fond of the white variety for looks and feel. If you're going to get cum lube, you might as well go with the most dazzling option on offer. It's not white like say, white paint, either. If you have a thin enough layer it will be somewhat clear much like the real deal.

It's also entirely water based which makes it compatible with condoms and every single type of sex toy under the sun. It also boasts being completely paraben free which is a plus. Parabens are artificial preservatives commonly added to cosmetics and similar products, and it's thought that they are linked to cancer much in the same way that BPA is. It's an entirely non-toxic cum lube that doesn't have any common allergens in it's formulation. To top things off, it's entirely pH neutral so you don't have to worry about it upsetting the internal balance of the vagina should you come into contact with it.

All in all, it's a completely above board product from a safety standpoint and is compatible with all kinds of sex toys, but how is it in action?

My Experience With Bad Dragon

There's a lot that goes into any good cum lube. Obviously how well it stacks up to the real thing should be considered, with viscosity and overall feel absolutely part of the equation. Other more practical considerations like scent and taste are also to be considered. On that note, here's what I have to say about this particular lube:

What Does It Taste & Smell Like?

First off is the smell, if you put your nose right to the bottle then yes, it is a little overpowering and somewhat synthetic. Once it comes out of the bottle and is spread around though, the smell is very tolerable. If you really try and sniff it out it has this kind of minor plastic kind of aroma to it, which is way better than some other lubes can say. All I can say about the taste is that you don't want to give it a shot, just, don't.

The company claims its totally edible but I definitely wouldn't recommend eating it. 

Does It Look Realistic?

The appearance is absolutely spot on. A self contained droplet is pearly white and there was a test I did with my husband that I'll spare you the exact methodology on but it looks almost the exact same as the real thing, in fact I'd have serious trouble differentiating the two if I had to do it on sight alone. It becomes clearer as it becomes thinner and ultimately looks exactly as advertised, boo-yah.

It holds itself together fairly well also, but still has enough give to it for it to make that beautifully runny trail we've come to expect from semen. It's one of the stickiest cum lubes I've tried if you let it be exposed to air for long periods of time which means it's best reserved as an actual lubricant for anal sex mainly, but for look and feel it does an amazingly good job. Being able to play around and make stringy, tantalizing strands of this stuff can keep me entertained for hours on end.

Is It a Good Lube?

As far as an actual lube it does a pretty good job but you might have to reapply now and again to fight off the stickiness. It hugs whatever it is applied to very nicely, a lot of water based lubes I've bought tend to just run off of any toys I put them on whereas just a little bit of Bad Dragon goes a long way. Because of this, it's also super slippery and long lasting, making it a very good choice for a water based lube based on how it works alone.

The only thing that really gets me about this lube is just how stringy and clingy it can get after being exposed to the air for a good amount of time. Clean up is definitely something that needs to be factored in if you're going to use this. Some towels are useful because while it looks and feels like the real thing, it's definitely a lot stringier than the real thing. Like, Spider-Man web level stringy. But if you prepare beforehand this can be mitigated, I'm not against laying down a towel before we use it and just tossing it into the washing machine afterwards.

Where To Buy It?

I bought mine directly from Amazon since Bad Dragon actually has their own Amazon store.

It's a very reasonably priced product and the bottles come with more than enough to last.

The product itself has great reviews on Amazon. I'm not the only happy customer of this product, that's for sure.


Is it good cum lube? Well, I just wrote an entire article about it and people wouldn't stop asking me to give them an in-depth look at it, so I'll say that the popular interest is definitely deserved.

If you're looking for realistic replacement for the real thing that also does a pretty solid job as a water based lubricant, then look no further. I think the amount you get for the price is fair enough and despite the added effort required for clean up I don't think I've ever regretted busting it out. 

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