Womanizer Starlet Review

Pleasing Sensation for Clits

Womanizer Starlet Review

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 8th, 2021

You might have already heard about the latest innovation in the world of women’s sex toys: sonic technology.

And trust me, this new design is absolutely something that you will want to invest in, especially if you are getting bored or overstimulated by the regular buzzing of your other vibrations.

How does this sonic technology work? It’s actually quite simple. Toys that feature sonic pleasure use air pressure to stimulate your clitoris, instead of the usual vibrations that you are probably used to.

This means that you get a gentle sucking and massaging sensation that many women comment is similar to the irresistible sensation of oral sex.

What is even more enjoyable about sonic technology is that while regular vibrators stimulate only the parts of your clitoris they can touch, sonic sex toys have the ability to stimulate you without direct contact and deliver arousing sensations to your entire clitoris (not just the part you can see and touch) to bring you to another level of orgasm entirely.

I was first introduced to sonic stimulation by trying Womanizer sex toys. Womanizer is a German company that is known for their patented Pleasure Air Technology. In fact, they are the first company to design sex toys that use sonic air technology, so they are who I trust when it comes to toys that deliver this pleasing sensation.

Since 2014, Womanizer has developed their design to offer new and improved toys to give you ultimate pleasure, and that is where the Womanizer Starlet comes in!

I would recommend the Womanizer Starlet to women who are curious about this gentle (and addicting!) air pressure sensation, and want to give it a try for themselves. In this article, I am going to provide you with a Womanizer Starlet review, and share with you some of my own experiences and opinions about this great little toy. 

What is the Womanizer Starlet?

I would consider the Womanizer Starlet to be the most basic model of sonic sex toys that Womanizer offers, but don’t mistake basic for underwhelming.

Instead, this really is the perfect toy for women who are newer to sonic stimulation, women who don’t like their toys to be too fancy or extra, or even women who are just beginning to explore sex toys in general. Honestly, nothing about this product is intimidating.

Unlike other toys and virbators that might have multiple or confusing heads, arms, and features, the Womanizer Starlet keeps things easy and straightforward so you can get straight to the part where you feel really, really good.

The product itself is simple: the Womanizer Starlet is a tiny and lightweight toy toy that will fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Actually, it's the smallest of the Womanizer products.

It features a silicone head that perfectly and gently delivers Pleasure Air Technology to your clitoris. 

Thoughtfully, this head can be easily removed for cleaning. On the back of the toy you’ll find a single button that is used to turn the toy on, cycle through its settings, and turn it off when your session is done.

The body of the Womanizer Starlet is a combination of soft silicone and reliable ABS plastic, both common materials for vibrators and other similar sex toys. The toy is splashproof, not waterproof, meaning you can use it with lube (I recommend water-based) but do not bring it in the tub or shower.

Even though the Womanizer Starlet does not directly touch your body, a touch of lube will still help increase the pleasing stimulation it provides.  

The packaging for this tiny product is sleek and stylish. It comes with the head attachment, an instruction manual, and a USB charging cable. If you need a head attachment in a different size, or happen to misplace or lose yours, you can easily buy another one on the Womanizer website.

Some women opt to buy the larger head attachment because it provides a larger surface area to stimulate even more of your most sensitive area. When you want to charge the Womanizer Starlet, this cable easily plugs into the bottom of the toy. It does not come with a storage bag, but since this toy is so small I was easily able to just tuck it in another bag I own. 

How do you use this Womanizer Sex Toy?

Small but versatile, the Womanizer Starlet can be used to show yourself some self-love during solo sessions, or enhance your orgasms during sex with your partner.

When you first try out the Womanizer Starlet, you want to be relaxed and comfortable. If this is your first time using a sonic toy (trust me, the sensation will be a memorable one!), do not feel like you need to do anything different than your normal solo routine.

Get yourself into the mood for more, maybe by teasing yourself with your fingers or usual virbator (on a low setting). Then, when you are ready, spread your labia slightly to expose your clitoris, and allow the head of the Womanizer Starlet to gentle neste your clitoris.

This toy is not to be used internally, so keep it on your clitoris while you settle into those arousing, massaging sensations. 

I would suggest starting with the lowest setting of air pressure that this toy provides, and working your way up once your body is responding (and craving!) more of this new kind of simulation!

It is really common for many women to need a little bit of help to get over the edge and into a really satisfying orgasm during sex. What I love about the Womanizer Starlet is that its small size and easy to use technology means that you can incorporate this toy seamlessly into your sessions with your partner. 

Whether it is you or your partner controlling the toy, use the Womanizer Starlet during foreplay to get things rolling or after the two of you are done with PIV sex and you are still craving more intensity.

However, because you do need to keep the Womanizer Starlet comfortably resting around your clitoris to experience its sonic sensations, this is probably not the best toy to using during PIV sex, since during sex your positioning is likely to get bounced around, misplacing the toy. 

Once you are done, rinse the Womanizer Starlet with warm, soapy water. Do not submerge it in water completely. 

Womanizer Starlet Review: What does it feel like?

The Womanizer Starlet has 4 settings that increase with the pressure and intensity they deliver. With one button, it is so easy to switch between these choices and pick the one that gives you what you desire! 

I absolutely agree with other women that the sonic air pressure from Womaizer sex toys and other sonic products delivers a sensation similar to oral sex.

The air pressure from the Womanizer Starlet creates a waving and sucking experience that really feels like a tongue moving gently around your clitoris. 

I will mention that while using this toy, I noticed that it did have less power and intensity than other Womanizer Sex Toys, but it was not so much of a concern as I will still very able to have fun and reach very satisfying climaxes with the Womanizer Starlet. 

I hear from a lot of women that they feel overstimulated by virbators. Some women also voice their concerns about using the same vibration patterns again and again on their clitoris to orgasm, and worrying about desensitizing themselves to other forms of pleasure.

If you have felt either of these things, the Womanizer Starlet can help by changing up the way you are stimulating yourself and reaching orgasms. This helps keep you sensitive and stimulated, and I always find that when I change up the way that I orgasm, the sensations only get more satisfying and intense! 

Final Thoughts and Where to Buy

On the Womanizer website, they proudly display to their customers that they are a company who wants women to show themselves more self-love. Womanizer encourages women to openly explore masturbation and the pleasure they can give themselves, and the company wants everyone to feel sexual fulfillment. Now, that is a belief statement I can get behind. 

At only $49 USD, this is a great toy to help you experiment with Womanizer sex toys, sonic technology, or to begin your exploration of sex toys with! And, with a 5 year warranty you can trust Womanizer to take care of you if you have any concerns about the toy.

Give yourself the gift of self pleasure (and next level orgasms) by trying out the Womanizer Starlet. 

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