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Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 4th, 2021

Sex toys in general are amazing items to have to enhance your sex life as there are a myriad of links between sexual health with mental and physical wellbeing.

Any type of pleasure product is amazing, but there is nothing like the special bond between a woman and her vibrator, given its adaptability to any situation, its discreet size and its jaw-dropping, amazingly excessive speeds that no human could ever match--which is not a sleight against our partners in bed, I’m just saying that in this man vs machine example, machine will always win in terms of speed.

However, as the cliche saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” What if there is a brilliant vibrator that can be used interactively? A vibrator who will perform to its machine like, superhuman speeds, while your human partner provides the intimacy, touch and mental connection that vibrators can’t provide? A vibrator that can work in tandem with your partner to give you the pleasure that you deserve?

That’s where the We-Vibe Unite 2.0 comes in.

In this review, I will take a look at this couples vibrator that is intended to give you clitoral and G-spot orgasms, all while being completely hands free so as to not distract you or your partner from the hot and heavy moments.

We-Vibe Unite 2.0 Features

A couples vibrator that is meant to give clitoral and G-spot stimulation has to contain certain features that make it worthwhile. 

Starting with its design, it is very slim, flexible and most of all, comfortable for both partners during sex.

Resembling an inverted letter U, you can easily see how the vibrator operates, with one side being inserted into your vagina to rub against your G-spot, while the other side remains external and leans on your clitoris, both working together to give you uncontrollable, leg-shaking enjoyment. It comes in a sexy purple and its small size makes storage and concealment possible.

The We-Vibe Unite 2.0 is completely safe in terms of its composition and texture. Made entirely from body-safe silicone, it is free from chemicals like phthalates and BPA.

Also made without latex, it is worth mentioning that it’s completely waterproof, so it is free to use in the shower or in any other water setting. 

Also worth mentioning is that the We-Vibe Unite 20 is noticeably easy to use. 

It comes with an accompanying remote, where there is a single button usable by either partner that changes the speed and pattern of the vibrator, and it completely works up to a distance of three meters for distanced teasing, mood-setting or wildly uncontrollable fun.  

The We-Vibe Unite 2.0 is also very quiet, making it usable at any time of the day or night without attention from neighbours behind thin walls, or for discreet public fun.

It is also rechargeable and lasts up to 60 minutes of play on a single charge, so you do not need to worry about replacement batteries or wasteful disposable ones.

When ordering the vibrator, it comes in a small pink box, which contains the We-vibe Unite 2.0, single-button remote, a USB charger, illustrated multi-language instruction manual, white concealment pouch and a complementary 2ml We-Vibe water based lube packet.

Ways to Play

The We-Vibe vibrator is meant for interactive couples play, but can also be used solo. Let’s take a look at the vibration patterns that you will feel, regardless of who is controlling the remote. 

There’s the standards: low, medium and high vibration speeds, and then 5 patterns. There’s the pulse (consistent rhythm that stays the same), there’s the wave (alternating high and low speed), there’s the cha cha (2 high speeds followed by 3 low ones), there’s the tease (4 high speeds followed by 5 low ones) and there’s the ramp (starting off slow, gradually getting faster and then low again before repeating.) My personal favourite here is the ramp, but all of them feel amazing.

We-Vibe Unite 2.0
We-Vibe Unite 2.0
We-Vibe Unite 2.0

Regarding couples play, the We-Vibe Unite 2.0 is a godsend. Whether you want to use it as a tease or warm up, you both can find pleasure--he can masturbate from a distance, observing while you gradually get into it, or you can use the toy in conjunction with oral sex like cunnilingus or blowjobs, or if he fingers your vagina. 

During sex, the vibrator is completely compatible and remains somewhat unobstructable. His thrusting will apply further pressure to your G-spot in addition to the normal feeling of him inside you, while the clitoral vibration will still be operating--all of these working together to give you orgasmic bliss. If he has a larger penis, more lube may be required to prevent friction. 

We-Vibe Unite 2.0 vs Other Vibrators

The most noticeable difference is that the Unite 2.0 is slimmer and more up to date in terms of design, whereas other vibrators are chunkier and more cumbersome.

In addition to this is that the Unite 2.0 is catered to those who want an easily usable vibrator, with only one button, whereas other competitors have phone-connected apps that have more customizable options.

In terms of packaging, there is a small but potential make-or-break consideration, where the Unite 2.0 comes with a silk bag, whereas other vibratos come with a carry case.

When comparing volume, the We-Vibe Unite 2.0 will win against any other vibrator. This is a whisper compared to other competitors--my partner was on the opposite side of the same bedroom, and he could barely hear the toy.

We found that we could easily use the toy in public for some discreet fun without any issues, given its small size and quiet volume. 


The We-Vibe Unite 2.0 is highly ideal for simple and intuitive couples play. It is not difficult to use at all and can be used before, during or after sex. It is remarkably quiet and the vibrations are surprisingly strong given its small size. I was very happy with its vibration patterns and speeds, and it’s a great way to add some spice to your sex life. 

Have fun and enjoy! 

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