The Ultimate Guide to Edging

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 24th, 2023

Masturbation is a staple of the routine of billions worldwide. Masturbation helps release built up sexual tension and can be a great way to end your day. For most males, that intense build up of pleasure right before orgasm is the pinnacle of the masturbation experience. Many have sought ways to prolong this feeling, and edging was born.

Some who suffer from premature ejaculation also employ edging to help extend their time from erection to orgasm.

What Is Edging?

Before becoming colloquially known as edging, the edging technique was simply referred to as delayed orgasm. When edging, the participant masturbates right until they hit that point of no return where ejaculation occurs, and then abruptly stops stimulating the penis. The participant allows themselves to return to a point before they are about to orgasm then repeats the process as many times as necessary. Most people who have edged, including me, notice it becomes more difficult each time you restart the process to not go over the edge and ejaculate. Some choose to not ejaculate at all when edging, deriving satisfaction from their increased self-control and increased the ability to be in control of when they ejaculate. Those who do masturbate to completion after edging report a much more intense orgasm than if they had not edged at all.

Why Is Edging So Popular?

Edging has gained a lot of traction in recent years for many, many reasons. From simple extending of pleasure to a method of training one's self to last longer in bed or treat premature ejaculation, to a means of feeling sexual pleasure without reaching orgasm, or to adjust some aspects of their orgasm in ways more desirable to themselves.

Those who edge consistently become infatuated with the feeling of being on the "edge" itself. Constantly bringing one's self to the point right before ejaculation, withdrawing stimulation so climax is not achieved, and then reintroducing stimulation is in and of itself a very pleasurable experience. That extremely gratifying phase of sexual stimulation right before ejaculation is changed from a five-second experience to an experience that goes as long as the edger can push it before their body cannot take any more and goes over the edge. The resulting orgasm is also typically several times stronger since so much physical and mental effort has gone into the process.

Edging is a fantastic way to naturally treat premature ejaculation, as it helps to increase the amount of control a man has over his orgasms and level of sexual stimulation. If too little stimulation causes an orgasm in typical situations, being able to consistently go to the edge of the stimulation threshold, maintain it without orgasm, and maybe even learn how to "push back from the edge" mentally or physically is a much-needed ability to help PE suffers have a more fulfilling sex life. There is heaps of anecdotal evidence on the internet from PE sufferers saying edging helped them be more in control of their penis and when they ejaculate.

Others, like some in the NoFap community, for instance, think that they would rather not actually reach the point of ejaculation for either health, spiritual, or other reasons. Those in this camp see edging as a way to gratify themselves sexually without the need for orgasm. Typically, these people report changes in cognitive function or mood after ejaculation and would rather avoid that but still would like to release sexual tension from time to time.

Edging can also increase the amount of semen shot out during sex as well as increase the power and distance of the ejaculation. For many males, a mind-blowing orgasm that ends in a satisfying money shot like that seen in porn is something they would like to strive for and edging helps them accomplish that goal.

How To Edge

There are different edging techniques that people use, but the basic principles are very simple.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Begin masturbation as you normally would, and gradually bringing yourself towards the point of climax
  2. As you inch closer and closer to climax, you near what is referred to as the Point Of No Return, this is the point at which an orgasm cannot be stopped and you start reaching for the tissues.
  3. Bring yourself as close as you can to the Point Of No Return, but do your very best not to pass this point and ejaculate, stay right on the edge of this point (easy to find out why it's called edging).
  4. Withdraw sexual stimulation as you approach the PONR. Some stop touching themselves entirely and some men squeeze the glans of their penis to stop stimulation. Experimentation is key with how you are best able to bring yourself back down from the edge, everybody is different in this regard. What is important is that you are able to physically and/or mentally stop yourself from going over the edge.
  5. When you feel the sensation of imminent orgasm go away, begin stimulating your penis again until you are just shy of that Point Of No Return.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you either fail at stopping yourself short of your PONR or you would like to terminate the masturbation session by either packing up entirely or by reaching climax.

Tips For Ladies - How To Edge Your Man

Hey girls (Angela here), if you're looking for tips on how to edge your man, or how to help your significant other practice edging during sex, here are some tips.

  • Communication is key. Be vocal with your partner during intercourse (get dirty with it if you want to), but the idea is to understand how close your partner is to blowing his load so that you can stop before it happens. If you're communicating with your partner during sex, you'll know when to stop before its too late.
  • Take it slow. Taking things slow for the entire duration of a sexual encounter is not something some couples have ever experienced. If you take things slow, you'll be able to have a longer sex session and also enjoy a more intimate experience with your partner than you've maybe ever experienced before. 

This concludes our guide to edging, best of luck to all of our readers who'd like to give this technique a shot!

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