Tenga Iroha Stick Review

Discreet, Sleek, Stimulating

Tenga Iroha Review

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 7th, 2021

Have any of you ladies ever wanted to carry a vibrator in your purse, but got worried at the thought of someone finding it?

Tenga has created quite the interesting product here in the Iroha Stick that I am going to be talking about.

Seeing as how I have enjoyed Tenga products in the past, I decided to pick one up and give it a shot.

What is the Tenga Iroha Stick

The Tenga Iroha Stick is a vibrator that is disguised as lipstick. From looking at a few photos you might not think it is that realistic, but throw it behind some other lipsticks and you’ll be surprised at how well it blends in. This is the main selling point of the Iroha Stick. 

It’s not out there to provide the strongest vibrations you’ve ever felt, or completely change the way you masturbate. It’s there to be a concealed lipstick vibrator that can do the job when you are looking for a nice bit of pleasure on the go.

The Iroha Stick is 3.9 inches in length and you’ll notice that it is similar to the size of any standard lipstick. The vibrator itself is made from silicone and ABS plastic so you know that it is 100% body safe.

When cleaning the Iroha Stick, use a standard soap with it and then dry it off with a towel afterwards. Do not submerge the product or boil it as it will break. The product is advertised as being slightly waterproof, therefore it can withstand water from cleaning but nothing too further than that.

The Iroha vibrator also comes with a plastic cap that you can use to keep the tip clean and ready for use whenever.

I did find that it was prone to coming off however, which can be slightly frustrating, especially if it is going to be bouncing around in your purse with your other belongings.

 The Iroha Stick is powered by an AAA battery that you insert at the bottom. Simply screw the bottom off and slide it right in. On average you are going to get about 5 hours of usage with one battery, which honestly, I was quite impressed with.

On the edge of the lipstick vibrator, there is a point which I imagine is meant to be used for pinpoint stimulation. When I try the Iroha Stick, I’ll be sure to give it a crack and see what kind of clitoral stimulation it can accomplish.

The final thing to mention with the Iroha Stick is the power dial at the bottom. Just like how you would raise and lower lipstick, turning the dial at the bottom will turn the Iroha Stick on, and then increase the power of the vibrations. Keep in mind that the dial can be a little stiff at times and difficult to use.

My Experience with The Tenga Iroha Stick

I wasn’t expecting much when I pulled out the Iroha Stick as it’s fairly inexpensive and isn’t made to be too strong. After getting myself ready, I removed the cap and fired the thing up right to the highest setting.

As I mentioned above, it is slightly difficult to adjust the speed settings, and I found adjusting it while in the act to be rather annoying.

Before even inserting it into my vagina I noticed two major things. I found that the vibrations themselves were rather buzzy, and that they also vibrated the entire Iroha Stick.

I guess that is to be expected somewhat based on the size of the Iroha vibrator.

The buzzing from the Iroha Stick did add a slight level of noise to it, but I’d say it’s a toy I could conceal fairly well.

It was time to dive right in and I started with some standard stimulation in the vagina. I was actually quite impressed with how much oomph the Iroha Stick had.

As I said before, it’s not going to compete with the likes of their premium products, but for what you are getting, it isn’t bad in any way.

I decided to then try out the tip of the vibrator for some pinpoint stimulation on my clitoris. I must say that this was not the most enjoyable situation. The point was slightly sharp and while there was pleasure involved, it was difficult to get into. If I applied the Iroha Stick directly onto the center of my clitoris, I found it hurting slightly.

With some experimenting around however, I found the edge worked well, stimulating other areas of the clitoris while letting the flat end hit the center.

When all was said and done, I definitely didn’t have any problems reaching orgasm with the Iroha Stick and I was quite impressed with what it had to offer.

Pros and Cons


  • Discreet and easily concealed
  • More powerful than I thought
  • Long battery life
  • 100% body-safe


  • The vibration controls were a little finicky
  • The cap falls off inside your purse sometimes
  • The vibrations were buzzy and vibrated the entire Iroha Stick

My Final Thoughts

Overall, I definitely did enjoy the Iroha Stick and what it had to offer. It does have its quirks, but there is a lot of fun to be had.

That being said, this isn’t going to be the perfect product for everyone. If you are looking for something powerful to use at home, you should look towards some of Tenga’s more expensive toys.

If you are looking for concealed fun, this is the perfect toy for you. It fits right into your purse and people might not even know what it is when they see it. For fun you could even walk around with it out and no one would be the wiser. For what the Iroha Stick sets out to do, it accomplishes it quite well.

If you want to pick it up, I recommend going straight to the official Tenga store to do it. You are generally going to be getting the best deal, while also guaranteeing that you are getting the right product and not a cheap knockoff.

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