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RealCock 2

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 16th, 2021

Historically speaking, dildos are one of the oldest and most reliable sex toys. Despite being relatively simple in principle--something phallic and conveniently designed to penetrate any orifice--the sex toy industry has brought a lot of innovation and originality to really bring dildos up to perfection.

Relentlessly improving the formulas for pleasure, dildos in particular are constantly improving with each release, and the RealCock 2 is the latest and well deserved crave and popularity. 

For dildo aficionados worldwide, there is a wide range of humanesque toys out commercially that can successfully substitute penises, fingers or any of our favourite penetrative body parts. While there is merit in explaining key differences between dildos, today’s review will examine the human penis replica, the RealCock 2. As one of the latest releases from Abyss Creations’ lineup of hugely successful dildos, the RC2 improves drastically from its predecessor in terms of its intricate detail, realistic movement, reactive responses and dimensions.

Being dubbed as “the world’s most realistic dildo” by its creators, the RealCock 2’s mission to prove itself to the world is not an ambitious task, as it very well can claim that title. Despite its heavy price tag, every inch of this dildo justifies not only its worth, but its value on the sexual satisfaction scale.

In this review I will talk about all aspects of the RealCock 2, ranging from a brief examination of the dildo, its measurements and dimensions, details about its main components (head, shaft, balls and base) before ending with my experiences using this ludicrously detailed toy. As I will explain later on, there are many sizes to this dildo. It is worth mentioning that my review is based on using the Bruce model, coming in the medium skin tone. Read on to find out more about what that means.

RealCock 2: Description & Specs

Having been modeled after a circumsized penis, the RealCock 2 has quickly become the head (and shaft, and balls) of Abyss Creations’ successful line of realistic dildos. As a toy with a wide variety in terms of preferences, it comes in one of three colours or skin tones (fair, medium and dark) and in one of five penis and balls shapes. 

When it comes to measurements, the RealCock 2 provides very good selections--while we first think of length when talking about penises, the RC2 has got you covered for width, girth and balls as well. Named after the models who were the likely namesakes for the dildos, the RC2 line provides five dildos of varying sizes, all available in the colours mentioned above. 

From shortest to longest, the five models to choose from are named as follows: James, Rockwell, Jones, Dirk and Bruce. The James model is usually selected for its impressive thickness and average length, measuring at 6” long, 6.75” in circumference and 2.2” in diameter. The Rockwell model gives a more realistic and average experience, measuring at 6.5” long, 5.5” in circumference and 1.875” in diameter. For users with tighter vaginas, there is the Jones model, which is known for its average length and skinniness, measuring at 6.5” long, 4.75” in circumference and 1.625” in diameter.

On the other side of the selection menu, for those whose primary preference is length with average girth, there’s the Dirk model, which comes in at 8.5” long, 6” in circumference and 2” in diameter. Finally, there’s the Bruce model, which is the favourite for those who prefer maximum depth and width, measuring at a whopping 10” in length, 9.5” in circumference and 3.25” in diameter. With all of these selections and skin tone options, there are lots of opportunities to customize your sexual pleasure. 

When it comes to appearance, the RealCock 2 jumps at the top of the charts due to its handsome design, modeled after objectively good looking and everyday penises. Keeping true to its realism, there are faint blue veins on the shaft that slightly change the smoothness of the surface throughout, the skin along the shaft moves up and down with your hand if you were to jerk it off, the ballsack is detailed with realistically textured wrinkles and to top it all off, there are small balls inside the sack to truly emulate real testicles. These can be massaged and moved around as well as if they were real.

Paired with its realistic appearance are  the safe materials and flawless textures that are meticulously given to high-end sex toys. With a well-crafted mix of hard and soft layers, the RealCock 2 stands out from its competitors in the dildo market. Made with completely body safe, medical grade, platinum-cured silicone, the RC 2 provides a durable and non-toxic sexual experience of profound satisfaction.

With a firm, reliably steady and durable inner core, the dildo can easily handle tight squeezing and jerking movements without any damage whatsoever. The outer layer consists of silicone and the new Sil-Slide technology, which means that the silicone exterior is able to slide along the inner core safely without any rips, tears or damage to the material. Despite the durable materials, Abyss Creations strongly advise to not bite the dildo.

Finally, at its base, the RealCock 2 provides a unique feature called Vac-U-Lock, which allows the flat base of the dildo to be “locked” into place or against a surface such as on a strap-on, harness, suction cup, sex machine or even a steady wall surface. 

Using the RealCock 2

As mentioned above, my RealCock 2 model is the Bruce version with the fair skin tone because I am enthralled by deeper penetration and a gentle stretch of my lips and vaginal canal. Divided into sections, my thoughts and experiences are as follows. Be sure to apply a generous amount of lube before penetration.

The Head

Modeled after a circumcised penis, the dildo’s thick head will be the first change of texture and size that you will feel. With its squishy head, I immediately felt how wide the dildo was and how it still maintained its hardness along the inner core of the toy.

As an added bonus, the RC 2has  a pretty accurately sized urethra on the tip, again making it seem like a replica of a penis.

The Shaft

The shaft has a smooth exterior that slides up and down along with your movements, with the inner core staying intact and providing realistic resistance thanks to the Sil-Slide technology.

When giving the dildo handjob or blowjob, I found that the skin followed your movements and speeds, matching the realism of a true penis. The Bruce model is quite veiny, but with its large size, I found that it accurately resembled the same behaviours of a penis.

The Balls

While many popular dildos have one connected set of balls or none at all, I was thoroughly impressed by the RealCock 2 having two separate balls, each having testicle like balls inside. I was able to massage the balls, pull on them gently and squeeze them with moderate force.

It is worth mentioning that each testicle could be felt very clearly when the balls are in your hand or in your mouth. Similar to the handjob along the shaft, the Sil-Slide technology allows for the balls to freely move according to your movements, so for positions like doggystyle, your clitoris will join in on the fun as the balls will bounce to gently rub against it. 


The RealCock 2’s Vac-U-Lock function is extremely ideal for a hands-free masturbation session, or with joined play with another person. With its thicker and heavier base, the RC 2 can withstand aggressive thrusts, jumps, pulls and slaps. When hooked onto a strap on, I found that I was able to shake aggressively without any doubt of the dildo being disconnected and falling off. Though I have not used it on a partner, I am impressed with how easily it locks on and how durable it is, despite me having the largest Bruce size.

Maintenance & Cleanup

Similar to most other dildos, do ensure that your vagina is warmed up and prepared before using the RealCock 2. The texture of the dildo is realistic; however, at the end of the day it is still a toy and as such, should be coated with lube in addition to your body being prepared. It is worth mentioning that a water-based lube is best for the RC 2; due to its complex and detailed exterior, you would strive to avoid oil based lubes.

For cleanup, the RealCock 2 would follow standard procedures, with warm water and antibacterial soap thoroughly ensuring that all areas of the dildo are cleaned. To dry it, opt for air drying or gentle taps with a cloth.

Given the hard work of the creators, you would not want to pull or wipe the RC 2, as either one could potentially tear the dildo.


The RealCock 2 is a fantastic dildo in all definitions. In terms of realism, all the factors are there to replicate a human penis when it comes to behavior, texture and appearance.

The Vac-U-Lock makes it accessible to couple play or enhanced solo play, and the maintenance and cleanup are nothing out of the ordinary and can be done with ease and quickness. 

When it comes to realness, as of the time of writing this article, you can do no better when it comes to dildos. 

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