Promescent Review:

Does Promescent Delay Spray Actually Work?

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 5th, 2023

It's rare that I'd choose to dedicate an entire review page to a single bottled product like lubricant or in this case a delay spray. They're typically pretty simplistic products that really don't deserve their own page as everything relevant and how they're used can be summed up in a paragraph or two. 

Promescent Delay Spray isn't one of those products, there's a lot more going on than just throwing a bunch of raw ingredients together haphazardly and hoping the end product works as advertised.

Not only is it hands down the most effective and my favorite delay spray of all time it also has clinical studies backing up how effective it works.

If it wasn't already over the counter it'd probably be available by prescription for men with premature ejaculation issues, but luckily for all of us anyone can take advantage of some extra time in the sack.

This product is FDA compliant and has been clinically proven to help prolong ejaculations.

The company boasts a pretty impressive advertising reach with mentions by popular pornstar Johnny Sins and popular TV shows such as the Doctors. Promescent has been popping up in large retailers such as Target, which now carries the product in locations all across the country.

What Is Promescent Climax Control Spray?

Unlike a lot of products in this industry, Promescent actually has a story behind it.

Any time a sex product has some serious thought and care put into it by it's founders, I tend to take notice and sniff around myself to see if they're really what they say they are or just applying some fancy marketing to pull the wool over our eyes.

As far as I can tell, Promescent is completely above board. The spray itself was developed by a urologist who commonly had to deal with patients complaining of premature ejaculation issues.

Delay sprays had already been on the market for quite some time, but they suffered from some design issues that seemed impossible to get around.

Using either lidocaine or benzocaine, a delay spray will work to reduce the sensations felt on the penis to enhance sexual stamina. Lidocaine is a much more effective at completing this task and for a longer period of time. The issue is that benzocaine is extremely easy to develop into a liquid or gel that will absorb into the body so a lot of designers decided to go with benzocaine instead of finding a way to make lidocaine viable. Others still stuck with lidocaine, but how well the product was absorbed varied wildly per brand.

Instead of starting with crystalline lidocaine and adding it to a solution, Promescent figured out a way to turn it into an oil-liquid type substance before adding it to the other ingredients, leading to a product that could much more readily penetrate the top layers of the skin. This increased penetration means that no product gets transferred to the sexual partner of the user and that there's no un-absorbed residue left that would have to get wiped off after the fact.

These claims were actually put to the test in clinical studies, no doubt made easier by the fact that the person who developed the spray was himself a urologist and involved in the scientific community. The findings of this study was that men were on average able to prolong their sexual encounters by a factor of 64%, with a bit of variance per individual. Such studies make it actually viable as a treatment option offered by urologists themselves, so when you can say that X/10 doctors recommend your product it tends to mean it is at least worth taking a look at. 

So what we're working with here is an actual doctor made and doctor recommended delay spray meant to be the cream of the crop. Their oil-aqueous solution of introducing lidocaine into the final mixture is patented so I doubt we'll be seeing any lidocaine delay sprays on the market that work as well as Promescent does.

Here's an entertaining video which outlines (kind-of) how Promescent works:

Is It Safe To Use?

Before we go any further...

You might be wondering, is it safe?

It's what I was concerned about before I purchased it, so I can only assume other men would have the same concerns.

According to the companies website, the only active ingredient is lidocaine which has been shown to be well tolerated by most people. It's an anesthetic which is commonly administered by dentists. Some people should avoid lidocaine due to intolerance or allergies but this is rare.

If you apply too much Promescent, one side effect could include temporary loss of sensitivity and you may lose your erection. Other less common side effects may include skin irritation, burning, or excessive numbing. If any of the above side effects occur, you should stop using Promescent immediately, wash your penis with soap and water and consult with your physician if symptoms persist for longer than 12 hours.

That being said, I personally didn't experience any negative side effects from using Promescent.

How To Use Promescent Delay Spray

Using this spray isn't just spritz and go, there's a bit of preparation needed. I'll state right off the bat that you need to begin the application process at least 10 minute before you actually start to have sex. This is a great opportunity to bring foreplay back into your sex life.

To use Promescent, simply do the following:

  1. Spray Promescent onto the underside of the glans & shaft (you can be flaccid or erect, it doesn't matter). It's recommended that you start off with 2 or 3 sprays your first time, and work your way up as needed. According to the company, you should never use more than 10. How much you need will be up to you to figure out through trial and error, but three should work more than fine.
  2. Rub the spray into the area in a small, circular motion. Massage your penis and make circles about the size of your fingerprint so that the spray can absorb deep into the nerve endings found on the penis. I find it easiest to apply it by essentially jerking myself off to rub it in everywhere.
  3. Once you've applied Promescent, wait 5-10 minutes for the spray to do it's thing and then you're ready to go.

From my experience, it normally takes just over an hour for the effects of the lidocaine to wear off.

My Experience Using Promescent: Does It Work?

Safe to say I was extremely eager to give this spray a shot. All of the fanfare and fancy talks of studies and urologist approval made me quite interested.

So, the spray came in and there's .25 fl oz of actual Promescent spray inside. It's labelled as each spray containing 10mg of lidocaine and at three sprays a go I've found that there's something in the realm of 20-30 uses per bottle.

I decided to spray some somewhere that wasn't my penis as soon as I got it before I trusted this on my junk. 

If I was allergic to it or wouldn't like the sensation, I would immediately know. Upon spraying it I immediately noticed how it smells, namely, extremely good. It smells like a very high end lotion, I wouldn't be offended if my wife bought a candle that has the same smell. Maybe I'd get some kind of Pavlovian response from it too, but I digress. Even after massaging it in I was expecting to feel some kind of tingle or obvious sensation that showed it worked. I got no such thing. I flicked the area and it was maybe a little less noticeable, but it isn't incredibly obvious how well it works. The forearm isn't the penis, I figured, and after there was no bad reaction so it was time to give it a shot in action.

My wife and I didn't know if I should just apply it one day and not tell her and see the results, but because I didn't know how it would taste I decided to let her know just so she was prepared in case she went down on me. I went with four sprays after the forearm test and lightly massaged it around the frenulum of my penis and worked the liquid up and down my shaft. After 5-10 minutes, still no tingle or anything exceptionally noticeable. I decided to see if Promescent really had their money where their mouth is.

And man, I was absolutely floored by how well this worked while still letting me have an amazing time with my wife. The sensations weren't necessarily dulled compared to other sprays I've used, perhaps muted is a better term to use. 

Shortly after I got an erection, I could immediately notice that it was working. I definitely wouldn't describe it as a numbing sensation, but there was a noticeable feeling to it.

In all honesty, it really turned me on. I could immediately tell that I would be able to withstand much more stimulation during sex than I normally would be able to handle without climaxing.

I was in complete control of my ability to ejaculate and it took much, much longer before I even started to feel myself "going up the hill" towards orgasm. 

I would say without a doubt somewhere in the realm of 10-20 minutes was added to my overall stamina, plus there was never a point where I felt I had to slow myself down or avoid certain movements to prolong the fun. I was able to "hang in there" much longer during some of my favorite positions without blowing my load. I was extremely impressed.

Promescent has become a great tool for me. If I want sex to be as rowdy and memorable as possible, you can guarantee I'll have some of this stuff on hand for the occasion. 

Don't just take my word for it though, read what other customers had to say by reading verified customer reviews at Promescent!

Where To Buy Promescent?

If you're looking to buy Promescent for yourself, I'd recommend you purchase it directly from the official Promescent website.

Also, be sure to use the coupon code "CLIMAX" at checkout, which will save you an extra $5 off and also comes with free shipping!

There are a couple different sizes of bottles to choose from which both have different prices depending on your budget. You can start off with the sample travel sized option if you're a little skeptical. The little bottle will give you enough tries to get a feel for it, while I'm still on my first full sized bottle myself.


Worth the time? Definitely. Worth the money? I'd say so.

These kinds of products immediately bring out the skeptic in me. They always claim to be some kind of magical elixir, and almost always either end up being almost entirely useless or way too good at dulling sensation, as in dulling sensation to the point where I wonder why I even bothered.

Luckily Promescent had the R&D team to make a delay spray actually worth buying and keeping around. Far from a novelty item that I'll only pick up once in a blue moon, I actually consider it to be something of a godsend. If you battle with premature ejaculation, this might just be your saving grace.

We'd like to thank Promescent for offering to create a coupon to save our readers $5 off!

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Unlike many of our competitors (that I won't name but I'd like to), we actually buy and test the products we write about on our website. We only write about products that we would recommend to a close friend that would hold us accountable if the product didn't work like we said it would.

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It costs you nothing and you'll still be able to save $5 by using the "CLIMAX" coupon code.

Anyways, I'll stop now. I just wanted to be real with you guys.

If you have any questions about Promescent, don't hesitate to leave a comment down below! I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Dan - February 10, 2019 Reply

I can definitely testify to the success of this stuff. I started using Promescent Climax Control Spray a few months ago after seeing it at my local Target.

It seems to add a few minutes at minimum to the time I’m able to have intercourse with my wife without fail. The sensation is definitely not “numbed” like Don says (which is something I’ve experienced with other sprays). I really like the term you used “muted” as I find that to be a good description. The feeling of intercourse is still very noticeable and enjoyable, I just experience less of the “that feels too good, I think I’m gonna blow” feeling which usually is followed by ejaculation.

Overall, a fantastic product which I highly recommend to men who want to prolong their orgasms during intercourse.

    Don Watson - February 10, 2019 Reply

    I’m glad to hear its worked well for you as well Dan, and thank you for sharing your experience!

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