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Updated: May 30th, 2023

Promescent was kind enough to give us our very own discount code to give to our audience to help all of you save on your first order of Promescent (or any order). Our coupon code will help you save money at Promescent.com!

In an ideal world, sex toys would grow on trees and lube would flow like the Nile river. Okay, maybe that's a bit far, but it's true that sex enhancers don't come free and easy. The Promescent delay spray, which we've written a full review about, is great for those who'd like to upgrade their sexual stamina with a use-as-needed product that's proven to get results.

There's still the need to keep your wallet in good order, so that's why we'd like to share this Promescent coupon with our readers to reduce the financial burden of this spray. I've used it myself and it's definitely far from snake oil. I find it pairs best with hotel rooms on a fancy vacation where there's no room for an underwhelming sex session to stop the rhythm of the night.

So, use this coupon to enjoy 5$ off your purchase of what I personally think is the most worthwhile delay spray money can buy and take full advantage of what it can do for you. It's just about the only delay spray that actually has some clinical data to back it up, that alone sets it apart from something like 90% of the market.

How To Use The Promescent Coupon Code

Using the code is extremely easy, but here's a quick rundown on how to properly enter the code to ensure your discount is applied:

First, go to the Promescent website and then from there navigate to the shop. Once you've selected your Promescent bottle of choice, simply add it to your cart and then go through checkout until you've reached the order screen. It should look something like this:

From there, simply input our code "CLIMAX" into the "VOUCHER" section of the website and Bob's your uncle. You should see an updated total once the code has been entered.

Free Shipping

Promescent offers free shipping to most countries and they also ship all orders in discreet packaging with no mention of what is actually inside.

So you can rest assured knowing nobody in your household will know what you've received in the mail. 

Did this coupon work for you? Let us know how much you saved in the comments down below! 

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