7 Natural Remedies: 

For Premature Ejaculation

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 9th, 2023

If you're like any of the thousands of men that struggle with premature ejaculation, you might find yourself racked with stress about your sexual performance that might end up leading to reduced self-esteem. Even worse, you might find yourself battling with performance anxiety which only makes the issue even worse as you.

Since the internet has enabled all of us to be major problem solvers, you've now taken online to see what you can do to help fix this issue.

The first things you'll notice are things like prescribed antidepressants or other pretty drastic measures that might end up having more side effects than you'd like with no real guarantee that the problem will be solved.

Instead of immediately reaching for hardcore pharmaceuticals, you're much better off seeing if it's just a minor imbalance behind all of your penile woes.

Natural Remedies For Premature Ejaculation

Want to know what you have to work with as far as natural remedies for PE goes? I've hit the books and this is what I've been able to figure out:

Zinc Supplements

Zinc is necessary for the healthy operation of a man's genitals and for regulation of testosterone production. It's known to boost libido and energy and keep your T levels nice and high. Many studies have found a link between impaired sexual function in men and a zinc deficiency, so adding some zinc into your diet is definitely your first stop. The brand of Zinc I take daily is this one.

Don't overdo it with the zinc, however. If you take too much zinc your body will have difficulty absorbing copper and you'll have a whole other vitamin deficiency to worry about. No more than 40 mg of zinc should be consumed in a single day, and that's including what you get out of your diet. 11mg of zinc is considered to be the most ideal amount for men to consume in a single day.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is very cheap and easy to supplement and is something I take daily. This one is of most interest to those who have considered going on SSRI medication for the perceived benefits of being able to last longer in bed. SSRI medications block the re-uptake of serotonin, effectively treating depression by allowing serotonin (a chemical responsible for balancing mood) to stay in the body for longer.

The B-vitamin folic acid has shown to work in a similar fashion. People who are opposed to taking pills choose instead to supplement with folic acid because it also has some SSRI activity and help treat depression. Since their modes of action are similar, men have been able to take extra folic acid to help increase the time it takes them to reach orgasm. Bare minimum this is worth trying before you go all the way into trying powerful psychotropic drugs just to last a little longer in the sack.

The brand of folic acid that I use is this brand.


Another supplement that I've been taking for awhile for the health benefits is Fenugreek.

While the studies are still inconclusive as to how fenugreek works the way it does, studies have proven that supplementing with fenugreek will lead to an increase in growth hormone and free testosterone, effectively giving the male reproductive system a bit of a boost. Mostly used by weight lifters who want to get more power & endurance out of their lifts, the side benefit of lasting a bit longer tends to come along with the deal.

I've been using this brand of Fenugreek for a couple months now with positive results


Another supplement that has shown to help with mood disorders and other bodily processes, is magnesium. Magnesium is highly recommended for those who are battling premature ejaculation. Why magnesium is found in higher levels in semen than in the rest of the body is still being debated by scientists, but studies have shown that those with lower magnesium levels have blood flow issues to the penis that are though to contribute to premature ejaculation.

I personally take this brand of Magnesium Citrate. Unfortunately, with Magnesium, not all forms that are sold as supplements can be absorbed by the body. One of the most bio-available types of magnesium is Magnesium Citrate, which is the kind I've been taking for years. It's a key supplement for men in my opinion.

Dietary Changes

Changing your diet to increase the levels of zinc, copper, selenium, and magnesium will get you all of the benefits of each mineral on it's own as well as ensure that you aren't battling a deficiency. While supplements can be effective it's much better to take a whole body approach and change your diet to better reflect how you'd like you health to be. 

Including fruits and vegetables high in vitamins A, E, and C will also be of use because they are all antioxidants that will reduce the effect free radicals have on your cardiovascular system which will help your penis work as it should.

Masturbate Before Sex

This tip isn't so much of a fix but more of a work around. If you masturbate an hour or two before sex, it will take more stimulation for you to reach orgasm, while it might not be what you're looking for it is definitely a tried and true way of lasting longer during sex. It's referred to as walking in with an unloaded gun, and if you're strapped for time and want something that works then this is right up your alley.

Train Yourself With Edging

Edging is a process done when masturbating where you stop touching yourself right as you are about to ejaculate and then let yourself return back from over the edge. If you edge regularly you will be able to better control your ejaculatory reflex and gain much more control over when you are going to eventually orgasm. It should be seen as a method of long term training and over time you'll notice you're much more able to stop yourself from going over the edge than you were when you first started.

Parting Words

If these natural remedies don't work, then delay sprays would be my next best recommendation to anyone who feels stuck in the Minute Man Club. I've had great results using delay sprays, (Promescent being the best one by far). They allow for greater control over your ejaculatory reflex.

If none of the above methods end up helping you out, then perhaps you'll have to enlist the help of a doctor to get more insight as to what could be behind your premature ejaculation issues. Sometimes a simple blood test is all you'll need to find out there was more going on behind the scenes than you just being overly sensitive down there, and it might end up bringing your attention to something bigger than how long you last in the bedroom.

If nothing seems to work for you I would suggest you start to focus more on foreplay and ways to satisfy your partner that don't involve the penis and save your orgasm for the end of the encounter. Many women love some oral and manual play so I doubt they will be opposed to the idea.

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