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Minna Limon, June 2021

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: July 1st, 2021

People like me - sex therapists, sex bloggers, adult toy reviewers, sex enthusiastic, and so on- are all rallying for the same cause: we want more people to have more orgasms, and more incredible sex.

And every now and again I come across a sex toy or vibrator that makes me think “oh yes, this is the one... this will be bringing orgasmic pleasure to all sorts of people who need and deserve it.”

It makes me feel excited, you know? That something as tiny as a vibrator can bring women so much satisfaction and empowerment. And let me tell you, that was my exact reaction when I was first introduced to the Minna Limon vibrator. 

I knew right away that this little toy is going to do great things. The Minna Limon is a vibrator, but it is also so much more than that; it is a handheld, discreet, playful, versatile, and elegant little toy that will surely revolutionize the way you think about sex toys. 

Interested? Read on for my complete Minna Limon review.

What Exactly Is the Minna Limon Vibrator?

The Minna Limon is not your average bullet vibrator. In fact, the Minna Limon is not even a bullet, it is a lemon.

I am not kidding: the Minna Limon is shaped exactly like a small lemon! This vibrator is round with a small curved head, and just like you can squeeze a lemon into your favourite pasta dish or cocktail, when you squeeze the Minna Limon it responds by delivering more powerful vibrations. 

Better yet, the Minna Limon is incredibly soft and supple. Minna has achieved this comforting texture by crafting the Minna Limon small vibrator out of high quality medical grade silicone that does not collect lint from your bed sheets, and feels natural and warm against your skin. Plus, it is totally body safe.

Minna Limon, June 2021

And isn’t a soft, squeezable lemon a lot less intimidating and way more welcoming than a plastic bullet, especially for people who are still a little wary of the power of adult toys? I think so. 

Are you starting to see the magic in this small vibrator now?

How Does the Minna Limon Vibrator Work?

The Minna Limon operates by responding to your desires and the pressure of your fingertips. How? The Minna Limon features tiny “squeeze pillows” (essentially air pads) on either side of its lemon shaped body that, when squeezed, trigger the toy’s vibrations. 

As you hold this little lemon between your fingers, you can simply squeeze down on the Minna Limon vibrator to make it vibrate more intensely, or relax your grip or pinch to create a lot more gentle vibes. The Minna Limon is fully equipped with pressure sensors, which make this feature very intuitive and responsive to your touch!

What does this mean for the user? Well for starters, there is no need to cycle through preloaded patterns on your vibrator, or fumble between buttons to get the vibration intensity you desire.

With the Minna Limon, you can set this vibrator to free play more and it responds immediately with the rumbly stimulation you are asking for.

As well, you can create and record your own patterns with the Minna Limon’s air pad technology! You can experiment with your finger pressure to create all sorts of different vibration patterns, from pulsing to teasing to climbing pressure, or really whatever creative mode you get into while in free play mode.

Then, when you find a rhythm you love, simply switch the Minna Limon vibrator over to loop mode, and it will record and repeat your pattern on constant, bringing you completely arousing pleasure that is entirely customized to your liking. 

Between the Minna Limon’s free play mode and loop mode, this little toy’s vibration pattern and intensity possibilities are endless! This makes the Minna Limon such a versatile toy for a wide range of users, since we all have different desires and preferences when it comes to your clitoral stimulation! 

How To Use the Minna Limon

I will tell you that because the Minna Limon comes with all these fancy, customizable modes, without first reading the instruction manual before you give it a try, you may be lost between the different settings.

Thankfully it is not rocket science (like some toys I have tried to figure out!), but familiarizing yourself with how to move from free play to loop will ensure your solo play is smooth sailing.

The Minna Limon is rechargeable, which also makes powering up this tiny toy a very simple task. This lemon vibrator comes with a USB charging cord that can connect to a USB charging adaptor or port, so no need to deal with buying and replacing batteries. 

The Minna Limon is also delivered with its own charging dock that uses magnetic connection to keep the toy sitting upright on the dock as it charges. While the Minna Limon is powering up it will pulse one of its lights, and when it is fully charged it pulses both lights to signal it is ready to go!

To experience the deep, rumbly pleasure of the Minna Limon against your clit, you have two options: you can place the rounded, wide surface area of the lemon against your clit for more general stimulation, or rotate the Minna Limon so that its smaller, tapered tip is giving you more direct and controlled stimulation where you want it most.

If you want even more silky, sensual pleasure while you use your Minna Limon, add a bit of lube to your sensitive spots and enjoy even more sensitive stimulation. Make sure that the lube is water based though, because silicone based lube can damage the silicone body of the Minna Limon.

Once you are done exploring all the arousing sensations the Minna Limon delivers, it is so easy to clean this toy. Because the Minna Limon small vibrator is 100% water resistant, you can simply use warm water and soap to wipe it clean.

My Experience with the Minna Limon

When I first turned on the Minna Limon and held it against my skin, I was immediately impressed with just how quiet, no, silent the Minna Limon is.

Honestly, where was the Minna Limon vibrator when I was living with roommates? You can hardly hear this toy when it is on, no matter how hard you are squeezing for max vibration power, and so I found the Minna Limon to be super discreet if you are worried about noise.

Speaking of vibration power, I honestly was not sure what to expect. I mean, the Minna Limon is a small vibrator, and at first I was skeptical about just how strong a motor that was controlled by “squeeze pillows”   could get. 

But, I will tell you, that after I played around with the free play mode of the Minna Limon, I was immediately overwhelmed with pleasure. While this is not the strongest vibrator I have used, it makes up for that with the kind of vibrations it gives off: I am talking deep, rumbly, curl-your-toes vibrations, far from anything too buzzy or overstimulating.

I have to admit as well, I am a pattern girl. I have never cared too much for steady state vibrations and there is just something about a deep, pulsing rhythm against my clit that always gets me, so you better bet I got really into creating my own vibration patterns. Even after I had orgasmed, I found myself spending even more time playing with different patterns as I waited to be in the mood for round two.

During partner play, the Minna Limon is equally effective. My husband Don far preferred the squeeze control technology of the Minna Limon in comparison to your standard array of buttons. It is just a lot more intuitive; when he feels like I have been sufficiently teased and toyed with during foreplay, all he needs to do is tighten his pinch around the Minna Limon and soon I am quivering with pleasure.

Where to Buy the Minna Limon

I purchased my Minna Limon from the Amazon for $99. You can buy yours here.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Minna Limon is a high quality toy that comes highly recommended from me. The Minna Limon vibrator uses unique squeeze technology for a totally personal, powerful, and pleasuring user experience that will bring you to orgasm again and again!


  • Suitable for all users with its friendly and gender neutral design
  • Innovative squeeze controlled technology
  • Excellent choice for a couple’s vibrator
  • Rechargeable
  • Water Resistant
  • Endless customizable patterns
  • Rumbly vibrations


  • For external clit stimulation only
  • Does not come with an A/C adapter

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