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Fake Cum Recipe: How To Make Fake Semen

Fake Cum Recipe: How To Make Fake Semen (At Home)Written by:  Don Watson | Updated:  January 7th, 2019 Table of Contents Xanthan Gum Fake Cum RecipeMethyl Cellulose: How Pornographers Make Fake Cum​Cornstarch And Water Fake Cum RecipeConclusion We’re all beings who can get behind appealing to the senses. In an intimate setting, that’s usually the senses […]

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Best Cum Lubes

Best Cum Lubes:The 5 Most Realistic Fake Cum Products I’ve TriedWritten by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 24th, 2023 Table of ContentsThe Best Cum LubesMaster Series Jizz (Editors Choice)Doc Johnson Nutt Butter (Runner Up)Bad Dragon Cum Lube (Best Bulk Option)Squirtz Cum Lube by CyberskinSpunk LubeConclusionThe sex toy & adult pleasure industry is a vast, diverse […]

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The Best Lubes For Sex: The Ultimate Lube Guide

The Best Lubes For Sex: The Ultimate Lube GuideWritten by: Don Watson | Updated: July 5th, 2023 Table of Contents Types Of LubeOil-Based LubesWater-Based LubesSilicone-Based LubesLube Sub-TypesBest Lubes For SexLubes For MasturbationLubes For Masturbation (With Toys)Lubes For Vaginal SexLubes For Anal SexLubes For Oral SexSummary The right amount of lubrication is the difference between a lackluster […]

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