Lelo Sila Sonic Clitoral Stimulator Review

Experience Heavenly Sensations With This Toy

Lelo Sila Sonic Clitoral Stimulator

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 10th, 2021

It is no question that vibrators have been around for a very long time. With the genius minds in the sex toy industry, we have seen--and used--many different variations of the same toys, whether they are insertable or external, synthetic or realistic.

However, the formula has generally been the same: put something close to your vagina and have it vibrate, because let’s be honest ladies, pretty much anything near our vaginas feels amazing.

There have been variations along the way, but a sex toy cynic would say that once you have tried one toy, you have tried them all.

That is, until the sonic clit vibrator came into existence, making all of our lives better one vibration at a time.

Ladies, we are lucky in a few ways when it comes to our sexual enjoyment and the advancement of sex toys. For the most part, if you were to place women’s sex toys beside their male counterparts, you would notice a significantly larger amount of varieties, upgraded models and newer technological features among female sex toys.

You could blame this on society’s stigmas around the female body and outdated, misogynistic power structures all day, but it can also be a solution as simple as the female body being harder to please. 

This is why clitoris centered vibrators like the Lelo Sila Sonic Clitoral Vibrator are such precious toys for both beginners and sex toy hobbiests alike. We know what we want and how we want it--and this vibrator delivers every time.

In this review, I will take a look at the Lelo Sila and discuss my experiences with it, what I like and what could be better, along with some of my observations on how you could really make the best use of this sonic vibrator. I will also discuss the standard features like its measurements and size, packaging and maintenance.

If you take away only one thing from this review, it is that the Lelo Sila is a sonic vibrator and not a regular vibrator. Read on to find out the key differences, because this can either make or break (or just worsen) your amazing orgasm.

What is a Sonic Vibrator?

It could be helpful to first describe what a sonic vibrator is not. 

As we all know, traditional vibrators work by using a vibrating motor that is contained underneath a protective coating of silicone material.

When the silicone touches the clitoris or labia and the vibrating motor is turned on, you can bring yourself to orgasmic pleasure because of the speed, texture and intensity of these vibrations.

Usually, traditional vibrators are mostly enjoyed at the site of contact--a vibrator being applied to the clitoris will mostly be felt on the clitoris alone.

As great as this feels, we usually feel a numbness that occurs post-usage because of the vibrator being applied to the same spot for an extended period of time. Sonic vibrators, on the other hand, work by a different principle.

Instead of your pleasure deriving from the direct contact of vibrator on skin, sonic vibrators seek to provide a deeper pleasure through reverberations inside the vaginal canal, which ultimately results in a deeper and more fulsome climax.

As opposed to the vibrating motor found in traditional vibrators, sonic vibrators use an oscillating disc to create sonic waves that are capable of penetrating deep into the clitoral tissue and can be felt as far up as the pelvic region. With its suction effect on your clitoris, more blood flow enters the clitoris, which offers more stimulation and deeper pleasure. Although post-use numbness may still occur, sonic vibrators generally offer a deeper orgasm than traditional vibrators.

Now that we know the difference between traditional and sonic vibrators, we can begin our examination of the Lelo Sila, which is a clitoral sucking toy extraordinaire.

Lelo Sila Sonic Clitoral Stimulator Appearance & Design

The Lelo Sila will strike you as a unique toy in terms of its appearance when compared to its competition.

While most clitoris stimulators will have a handle and follow some similar designs, the innovators behind the Lelo Sila disposed of the traditional handle and went forward with a rounded body that almost resembles the body of a measuring tape unit. Upon holding the vibrator, you will immediately notice that its unique shape contributes to your masturbation session in an efficient and effective way.

For starters, by doing away with the wand-like appearance of traditional toys, you can easily have more control over the Lelo Sila while it sucks on your clitoris and your body excitedly moves in response.

By being a much smaller toy, you can easily move about without much interference with the vibrator itself--it also goes without saying that its small size makes for a much easier process of hiding the toy in case you live with others.

Made entirely of ABS plastic and body safe silicone, the Lelo Sila is completely waterproof and can be sold in one of three colors: bright pink, aqua and lilac. Along its body is a sexy circular plastic colored gold, with Lelo written across it in an aesthetically pleasing way. It is just a really pretty toy! All in all, it looks like a high quality vibrator, and after using it, you can certainly confirm that it is.

Along its body is a simple three button interface: a plus sign, a circle and a minus sign. As you can deduce, the plus and minus signs change the speeds of the vibrations, while the circle button in between them changes the vibration pattern among its 8 selections. The plus sign also acts as a lock function to avoid accidental operation during unwanted moments, or to keep your favorite vibration setting locked in place while masturbating. 

As a whole, the diminutive vibrator measures ever so slightly over 3 inches in length, just under three inches in width and just about one and a half inches in terms of height (Lelo logo facing up). With its small size, you can easily keep the vibrator hidden in your purse, bag or pocket if you so choose, for any spontaneous fun in not so secretive places.

Lelo Sila Packaging and Maintenance

After purchasing your Sila, you will see how unique of a package it comes in, which I felt was a highly favored touch by its innovators. 

Coming in a matte black box with a see through window and gold text saying Lelo, we have the Lelo Sila, lying on top of a spongy protective base.

After opening the box, you will see your Sila, a tiny packet of Lelo’s water based lube, a USB charging cable, a stretchy and discrete black storage pouch, an instruction manual and a warranty registration card.

Before your first use, you can easily charge the vibrator by inserting the one end of the cable into the Sila and the other into a computer or adapter.

From a completely dead battery to a full charge, the vibrator takes about 2 hours to charge, and on a full battery, the Sila can last you about 2 hours of playtime. While charging, a steady LED light will flicker, while a solid light indicates that it is fully charged.

Because of the Lelo Sila’s waterproof body, you can easily enjoy the vibrator underwater; however, you can also have a ridiculously simple time cleaning the toy. Cleaning the Sila is really a no frills activity, being as easy as ever.

Just like most toys, you would thoroughly rinse it under warm water and by using antibacterial soap to allow it to fully dry. It is strongly advised to avoid using hand creams, silicone based lubes or standard cleaning products that contain alcohol so that you can maintain the Sila’s body and preserve it for long time use and keep its operational performance intact.

To dry it, you would simply air dry the Sila or use a lint free cloth to gently pat dry the vibrator. If you must rub your cloth against it, be sure to not use too much pressure so that you can keep its material in top shape.

Using the Lelo Sila

Being a clitoris stimulator, the Lelo Sila’s 8 different vibration patterns are more than enough to cycle through and to decide on your favourite combination of speed and pattern. Before starting, it is worth mentioning that you should already be warmed up.

To use it, you would simply place the Sila’s mouth over your clitoris with the buttons facing upwards, toward you. Once you turn on the vibrator, you will notice how the vibrator sucks in your clitoris and that the toy stays connected even if you yourself are moving wildly.

Once the Sila’s mouth is comfortably wrapped over your clitoris, you can change the speed intensity and pattern setting to your liking, which range from a constant buzz to rhythmic pulsating sensations, long vibrations or multiple quick ones, or combinations of any of these.

When it comes to noise levels, the Lelo Sila is barely audible. The packaging and advertising describe the clitoris stimulator as “whisper quiet” and boy does that ever ring true. Of course, quiet is subjective, so in terms of the raw numbers, a Sila during operation ranges from 40-50 dB in sound.

If the toy is still loud, if you live with others or have very thin walls, you can always play music or have some background noise to cover up your secretive activity. I found that with my husband in the same room, he could only hear the Sila when he was right beside me (with no music or background noise playing.)

My Observations While Using the Lelo Sila

My first takeaway for the Lelo Sila was the wideness of the vibrator’s mouthpiece. If you have a smaller clitoris, you might have more difficulty keeping the Sila connected. Aside from this (I have a medium sized clitoris) I had only positive experiences with the Sila.

I found that it stayed on my clitoris very confidently and I was able to easily adjust the patterns and speeds without much interference from the toy’s design or functionality.

My personal favorite for this toy is the constant buzz, starting at a slow speed and then slightly increasing to a high speed, because of the way that the Sila fit on my clitoris.

I found that because of its small size, I was able to use the Silo in combination with other penetrative sex toys, or with my husband teasing my vaginal exterior through oral or another vibrator.

I found that there was unfortunately no effective way of avoiding the post-masturbation numbness. 

This sonic vibrator is specifically designed to enclose your clitoris, so it took a few minutes after masturbation to cease having the vibrations. In terms of the orgasm itself, the Sila provided a very profound and satisfying climax because of the depth of its vibrations. I felt the pleasure from my clitoris immediately, but then the echoes along my vagina’s inside, all the way up to almost my hips, made each orgasm thoroughly pleasureful. 

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Lelo Sila


  • Unique design that is easy to hold and stay in place
  • Waterproof
  • 8 different patterns, each with speed variations
  • Quiet overall
  • Easy cleanup
  • Attractive packaging


  • Wide mouth might not be ideal for a small clitoris
  • Two hour charge time
  • Post-orgasm numbness requires a few minutes to subside


Sonic vibrators are such unique and deeply satisfying sex toys because of the depth and thorough coverage of pleasure that it provides both inside your vagina and along your clitoris. 

The Lelo Sila is remarkably small and compact, quiet, and holds many different variations of speeds and patterns despite its diminutive size. Being completely waterproof allows for an easy cleanup in addition to making bathtime a lot more fun. 

The Lelo Sila’s only shortfall is its wide mouth, which might make it exclusive to any woman who has a smaller clitoris. However, with its many strengths and positive uses, the Lelo Sila is a remarkable clitoral sucking toy that you should enjoy as soon as you can!

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