Lelo Sila Review

Why Solo Pleasure Seekers Enjoy

Lelo Sila Review

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 23rd, 2021

Us women are complex beings. Yes, human beings in general are unique and complex creations who vary in design, interest, and everything under the sun, but when it comes to sexual pleasure, women require so much more time, effort, and care than our rub and tug gender counterparts.

Luckily for us, when it comes to sexual fulfillment, our orgasmic rewards are much more varied than men and can be achieved by multiple methods and techniques--be it with the use of toys, or flesh to flesh, carnal interaction and stimulation.

As our society finally moves toward a body positive, sex friendly culture for all human beings alike, the general perception of sex toys is one that is seeing an increase in sex toy ownership.

Instead of being seen as a taboo for traditional, misogynistic and hugely outdated old geezers, sex toy usage and enjoyment is seeing a significant development in terms of innovation, originality and target areas of stimulation.

When we think of sexual pleasure and finally getting that well deserved orgasm, our minds usually go to the “starting lineup” of sex: another human, ourselves, our toys, and then after that, we get a little adventurous. 

Ranging anywhere from dildos to massage wands, wearable vibrators to bullets, rabbit stimulation to G-Spot vibrators, there is no shortage of pleasure products for women, and the innovation just keeps on improving because, let’s face it, our tastes change, and there’s nothing like the thrill of a first time when it comes to toys.

Whether you are using a toy alone or engaging in interactive partner play, all of our bodies are different, and every curve and sensation deserves to be explored and enjoyed.One of the more creative, albeit lesser known and a little niched, toys to achieve our maximum pleasure is the sonic vibrator, or specifically the Lelo Sila in this case.

While it’s quite common to immediately think of achieving orgasm by our vaginas having direct contact with a toy or partner, our minds don’t always think of finishing because of sonic waves. And this is where the Lelo Sila provides its worth.

What is the Lelo Sila Sonic Vibrator?

Instead of the traditional vibrator on skin method of pleasure, sonic vibrators operate by using oscillating discs inside of the toy to create sonic waves, which can then be felt against the surface on which the toy rests.

Similar to how a loud music speaker’s vibrations can be felt on walls, a sonic vibrator’s effectiveness can be felt along your clitoris and the internal soft tissues of your vaginal canal.

The louder the music speaker gets, the more powerful the vibrations are, and the same can be said of sonic vibrators, while keeping the literal volume low.

The Lelo Sila is a sonic vibrator that is designed specifically for your clitoris, using a suction method to accurately isolate its focus and provide you with maximum pleasure.

With the suction sensation literally concentrating on your clitoris, the Sila can provide a wholesome, 360 degree, experience of uncontrollable excitement and pleasure for your clitoris. 

Resembling a shell, the Lelo Sila is a bright pink, circular toy that has one straight side at the top with a small hole, the “mouth” section that is the designated area for your clitoris.

On the side of the Sila is a gold design that features the product name in a classy and elegant way, staying on brand with Lelo’s upscale and high quality appearance.

Important Features of the Lelo Sila

Composed from medical grade, body safe silicone and ABS plastic, the Lelo Sila will be a familiar texture to sex toy hobbyists and enthusiasts. Although it is typically advertised as bright pink in colour, it can also come in a calming aqua blue or a relaxed lilac purple.

In terms of size, the Sila measures as a compact 80 x 75 x 35 mm pleasure product, weighing in at a humble 105g -- an guaranteed orgasm within such a small package. 

The anatomy of the Silo is simple and straight to the point. Along the back of the toy (the opposite side of the toy’s “mouth”) are three buttons: a plus, a circle and a minus sign. 

As assumed, the plus button increases the Sila’s intensity, the circle changes the rhythm of the toy, and the minus reduces its intensity.

Holding down the plus or circle buttons will either turn the toy on or off, respectively. Holding down the plus and minus buttons together for about three seconds will lock the toy to prevent accidental battery wastage.

In terms of battery and recharging, Lelo’s packaging of the Sila comes with a USB charging cable, a warranty registration manual, instruction and setup guide, and finally a satin bag for storing and concealment, if necessary.

After purchasing the toy, before your first use, Lelo recommends to completely charge the Sila to ensure that the toy will live up to its maximum battery life. Regarding the toy’s longevity, the Sila can last approximately two full hours from a full charge to completely zero, when it will require a recharge.

With its discrete and compact size, the Lelo Sila is also a practical toy in terms of its waterproof body and effectiveness for any masturbation or pleasure position you desire at that moment. 

Using the Lelo Sila

As described above, the first thing you will notice about the Sila is the suction sensation on your clitoris. The reason for this is in the way it works. To use the Sila, you would place the “mouth” of the toy vertically along your clitoris.

Naturally, the more aroused you are, the more exposed your clitoris will be; similarly, as your excitement increases, you might apply more pressure on your Sila, thereby reinforcing the sensation of section and tight grip.

Once you have the Sila on your clitoris, you would then activate the toy by pressing on the plus button, preferably starting on a low level, then slightly increasing the intensity the more aroused you are by pressing on the plus button again.

The Sila has eight levels of intensity, which can be immediately felt as you increase or decrease the levels. When the toy is on, it will send sound waves to your clitoris, which will subsequently be felt passing through your internal vaginal canal. An increased intensity will determine the speed at which these vibration senses can be felt.

In addition to the Sila’s eight levels of intensity, the toy has 10 wave patterns, which can be accessed by pressing the circle button. Exploring these patterns is especially useful as you can customize your pleasure to your exact specifications and preferences.

When it comes to noise, the Sila is slightly comparable to other sonic sex toys.

While other toys have their own levels of volume, the Lelo Sila can be a bit louder in terms of the noise it makes while activated when compared to other brands such as the Womanizer, We-Vibe and Satisfyer.

This sadly includes when the toy is turned on both in the air, or  when it’s in use on your clitoris--the noise can be a bit loud.

However, a significant saving grace of the Sila is that because of its compact size, the toy can easily be used underneath your bedsheets or any other type of covering without compromising your degree of sexual fulfilment. 

My Experience with the Lelo Sila

As a clitoris focused sex toy, the Sila really provides a thoroughly enjoyable experience as it can effectively focus on my clitoris--I do not have an overly sensitive clitoris, so its suction and vibrations were not a problem whatsoever for me.

However, the real surprise and added enjoyment came from the sonic waves along the inside of my vagina. It is such a unique experience compared to more traditional sex toys, and I found that it was a perfectly complementary feeling to my clitoral orgasms.

I found the Sila extremely easy to operate with its user-friendly buttons, setup and cleanup. My favorite setting was the consistent, static vibration around level five in terms of intensity.

I highly recommend to fit the Sila’s mouth onto your clitoris before starting, after which you stay at level one for a few seconds and then gradually increase the intensity to your favorite setting.

Regarding the noise, that was my only issue with the toy. However, I found that wearing noise-cancelling headphones added a nice touch in terms of unexpected teasing or isolating my focus entirely on the Sila.

I really loved how compact the Sila is as it makes for a very easy cleanup and it is very discrete. Being waterproof as well, I had a great experience using it in the shower for waterplay. 


All things considered, Lelo created a very unique and enjoyable sonic wave, clitoris stimulating sex toy. It is a nice change of experience whenever I get tired of the more conventional toys, and with all of its intensity settings and vibration patterns/rhythms, each time I use the Sila feels like a new experience. I highly recommend the toy if you are a seeker of inventive pleasure like me!

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