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My Thoughts & Experience Using Mia

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: December 3rd, 2019

The Lelo Mia 2 is a clitoral vibrator which has been specially designed to look like a tube of lipstick. 

Many fellow sex bloggers have been raving abou this toy, so I decided the purchase this unique vibrator to see what all of the fuss was about.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love a good clitoral vibrator. Really, I can't get enough of them. Whenever I'm in one of those moods where reaching orgasm is non-negotiable, you best bet your bottom dollar I'll be there, bullet vibe in hand.

That's precisely why I felt so drawn to the Lelo Mia 2, with its sleek design and promises of discreet enjoyment, it was simply too good to pass up. 

Bullet vibrators have tried to look "similar" to a container of lipstick for some time now, but the Mia 2 is the only one that's actually gone the whole nine yards and completely looks the part besides being a bit on the larger side.

Even if it was picked apart by someone nosy, they'd sooner think it's some kind of strange USB key after taking off the cap as opposed to a vibrator.

But there's a lot more to any given sex toy that how it looks on the outside. Namely, how does it feel? Are there any inconveniences relating to how it works/charges?

Me being who I am, felt that I had no choice but to strike out on my own and figure out what what this toy had to offer me.

What Is The Mia 2?

This deceptively powerful bullet vibrator comes in red, pink, purple, or black. The exterior of the toy switches the script a little bit compared to other sex toys, the majority of it's construction is ABS plastic while the controls have a silicone cover. Both materials are 100% body-safe and follow the same general rules for cleaning.

Measuring in at 4.4'' x 0.9'' x 0.9'', it really is diminutive and overall is shaped like a fancy container of lipstick. The vibrations are strongest towards the rounded bottom of the toy, the top portion with the characteristic lipstick-like slant can be pulled off to reveal the USB charger underneath.

No cords with this sucker, it goes right into your USB port to charge although I recommend the use of a charging cube for even faster recharging. The top portion is hollow and functions to cover the charger, I don't recommend you use that end as your problem solver.

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How It Works

As far as power settings go, the amount of variation is rather impressive considering there's only a plus and a minus button available to control the toy. After holding the "+" button for five seconds, the toy will turn on. The intensity of the continuous vibration mode can be changed while there are also a total of five patterns to choose from. By default, the toy is immediately on the continuous vibration mode once it is turned on. If you wish to cycle through the different modes, simply hold the "+" button for two seconds and then use the "+" button again to move to a different mode. The second you'd like to return to continuous vibrations that you can tailor to your personal liking, just press the "-" button and you'll be taken back to continuous vibration mode. Holding the "-" button will turn the device off.

Much thought was placed into how to operate the toy, holding both the "+" and the "-" buttons for five seconds puts the toy in travel lock mode. Why would you need such a feature, you may ask? Well, if you have this toy in your luggage or handbag and want to make sure it doesn't turn on all by itself, that's exactly what lockout mode is for. Hold both buttons of five seconds to place it in or out of lockout mode, when the toy is functional it will display a green light.

It's also one of the most quiet bullet vibrators I've ever laid my hands on, coming in at less than 50 dB even at high power. The lower settings are practically silent unless you're right up to the toy, so anyone living in a dorm room or similar shared accommodation should know this is absolutely the perfect toy for you to get some sexual release without anyone else having to know.

The toy is waterproof but I'd suggest doing everything in your power to avoid how much water you let come into contact with where the USB charging cap connects to the rest of the toy. Getting it clean is otherwise a straightforward experience.

Here's a handy video made by Lelo which shows you exactly how the Mia 2 works:

Battery Life & Charge Time

Battery life is pretty good for a toy this size, it takes one hour to charge it up which will give you 1.5 hours of play time. A charged toy will stay that way for up to 90 days, but I recommend at least turning it on once every couple weeks so you don't end up losing any of the battery's lifespan.

What Comes In The Box?

The Lelo Mia 2 comes with all of the following items:

  • The Mia 2 vibrator (surprise, lol)
  • A small satin storage pouch
  • A warranty registration card
  • An instruction manual

My Experience Using It

While the toy is predominantly made of ABS plastic, I still can't recommend using silicone-based lube because it will make the silicone control panel feel strange after a couple of uses, silicone based toys and silicone based lubes simply don't mix. So, it's water-based lube for the Mia 2. I will say though, the plastic does a fantastic job at transferring strong vibrations compared to silicone which can absorb a bit of the force before you receive it yourself.

After what seemed like the longest hour of my life, I finally had Mia all charged up and ready to go. I could only read the manual so many times before getting antsy. Naturally, I started to warm myself up on my bed before applying a bit of lubricant and getting to work.

I tend to hold the toy with my fingers around the silver band, using the rounded bottom as the main workhorse for the duration of the experience.I've used the flat side sparingly, but the fact of the matter is the vibrations are based on the other end so that's where they are strongest and where I'd like to think Lelo is expecting us to assume the business end of the toy is. 

With regards to that, there is the possibility for pinpoint stimulation but the edge is still somewhat rounded, for what it's worth. I've worked with a few lipstick shaped vibrators by this point, and after each session with one I'm starting to get why manufacturers love that design choice.

This is one of the few bullet vibrations with multiple intensity modes that I've actually really enjoyed using each and every single one of. The intensity can only be played with on the continuous vibration setting, all of the other patterns are static in their intensity. But, the lowest intensity setting has this strange way of really getting me hungry for more. Have you ever had some appetizers that were good in their own right, but just made you even more excited for dinner? That's exactly how I view the base setting on the Mia 2. From there, each setting further plays unto this feeling for me until about the third or fourth setting, that's usually when the moans start. Once I've made it all the way to the max setting I'm usually sopping wet and a little ravenous in how I move this toy around my clitoris and labia.

I really like how easy switching between the multiple modes is, as well. On most toys, you'll have to scroll all the way through the settings until you have the one you want. That means if you skip over the one you want accidentally you'll have to repeat the loop all over again. Not so much with the Mia 2, the other five patterns do work like that but I'm able to easily return back to continuous vibrations with a single press of the "-" button. I had no idea how great this feature would end up being.

See, the other vibration patterns are great for more specialized sensations: undulating waves, crescendos that add lots of tension, or alternating pulses meant to tease and titillate. The second you want to go back to powerful consistency though it's just a button press away. It's the only bullet vibrator my husband uses on me as often as I use it on myself because of how my husband enjoys driving any sexual encounter when we use it. I should be getting used to all of the times where he finds one of the less powerful patterns and starts teasing me before going straight into the powerful base vibrations, but it still takes me off guard each and every time.

The overall quietness of the toy took me by surprise when compared to the power output on the motor. I don't know what kind of sound cancelling ideas went into this toy, but it's ludicrously quiet even while maxed out. I think another reason Don likes to use the Mia 2 on me so much is because the vibrations aren't the type that ruin the experience by making it seem like there's a power drill in the room. For this reason, it's a must have for anyone that needs to get off on the down-low.

All things considered, the Mia 2 is a worthwhile addition to the world of bullet vibrators for it's sturdy construction that gives options to people who aren't bowled over by silicone, strong motor & battery to back it up, plus the noteworthy lack of noise. Once I put all of that together I start to understand why I find myself washing this toy clean as often as I do.

It isn't perfect, no. I'll say that having to be cautious around where the toy clips together while washing isn't ideal in my opinion. I can't say that Lelo isn't learning a thing or two about making toys I like more than I hate as time goes on, though.

Where's The Best Place To Get One?

For the most up to date version of the toy as well as a toy with the most recent extras, you should be buying exclusively from the official Lelo Store.

This way, you've ensured that your warranty claims will be honored and you'll receive a fair price for the toy. Of all of their toys, the Mia 2 is relatively easier to counterfeit and I've actually stumbled upon a direct knockoff myself.

Amazon or other open-marketplace type sites tend to be the worst offenders for knockoffs in my experience, so steer clear.

So long as its from Lelo's official warehouses, there's little to worry about.

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My Rating & Conclusion

All things considered, the Mia 2 gets two thumbs up from me. If you're looking for a clitoral vibrator that will get the job done, the Mia 2 by Lelo is a great option.

Some of the first Lelo toys I bought had difficulty standing out from the competition. They weren't necessarily bad, they just came at a high price point and didn't always bring something new to the table that made their toys truly worth attention if you stumbled upon theirs after a competing manufacturer's option.

Thankfully, Lelo has stepped up to the plate as of late by delivering toys that check all of the boxes most people are looking for while going above and beyond in others. When it comes to ergonomic design, stellar battery life, and toys that deliver satisfying vibrations regardless as to whether or not their toy is actually the most "powerful", they've really cultivated a nice brand.

So, if you're torn between two bullet vibrators and the only thing that appears to be different is the brand, just know that if you choose the Lelo Mia 2 you won't be left stuck in the rain without an umbrella. I'm glad I had the opportunity to share my findings with you guys! If you have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

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