Kiiroo Cliona Review

Awakening Your Senses

Kiiroo Cliona Review

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 28th, 2019

The environment of our world is increasingly becoming virtual, with so many everyday tasks now being able to be completed without ever having physical interactions with others.

While uneventful for most activities, couples who are in long-distance relationships have something new and innovative about which to be excited.

Users who are in long-distance relationships will have a widely interactive and intimate means of joined sexual enjoyment.

With the assistance of a small, yet powerful sex toy, the Kiiroo Cliona is the ideal sex toy for those who are separated by distance.

The Kiiroo Cliona fills the separation by its interactive, distance-defying operation and staggeringly simple setup and accessibility. For single people or anyone who just wants to have a new and inventive masturbation experience, the Cliona provides quite the experience.

The Kiiroo Cliona is designed for clitoral stimulation. Released in early 2019, the Kiiroo Cliona quickly established itself as an essential sex toy designed for couples, but not limited to them. It operates with a simple principle: to allow others to control the user’s sexual fulfillment via interactive toy operation.

With this unique idea in mind, this review will examine the Kiiroo Cliona in terms of what it is, what sets it apart, how it works, how it feels and pros vs. cons. We typically lose control during orgasm; with the Cliona, we can look at losing control before it.

First Impressions of the Kiiroo Cliona

As the newest addition to Kiiroo’s highly popular line of interactive sex toys, the Cliona became commercially available on January 7, 2019.

Made of silicone and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) pastic, the 75-gram, 11.5 x 4mm vibrator contains the most powerful motor Kiiroo ever made, according to the company’s website.

Along its smooth ABS and silicone surface, the Cliona has four touch-sensitive buttons and one tactile button, all placed close together for easiness of use and practicality. 

It is important to note that the buttons are quite subtle: they are underneath the rubbery surface so as to not negatively impact the Cliona’s sleek design.

Each button controls the standards: vibration patterns, speed, connectivity and power. The amount of control you have with such a simple and intuitive design is one of the first things I noticed and I had to make it apparent for potential buyers.

As a simple and intuitive toy, it will not take users a long time to find a setting that they like, as the many options are facilitated by the Cliona’s easy use. 

With its practical and tiny size, the Kiiroo Cliona provides a powerful orgasm, which can be achieved by the following features.

Kiiroo Cliona Key Features

One of the most captivating features of the Kiiroo Cliona is that it can be operated interactively from anywhere in the world, making it an appealing item for users in long distance relationships.

As long as the user and potentially the user’s partner’s Kiiroo devices are connected via Bluetooth or their app, “FeelTech,”  control of the user’s intensity and vibration patterns can be transferred.

For those who want to use the Cliona for self masturbation,  the toy can easily be paired with many accessible media options, ranging from interactive content from, or VR, to webcam or 3D services, among others.

Another noteworthy feature of the toy is that it aligns with the higher standard of durability and reliability: it is waterproof and can last a very long time if treated with care.

Using the Kiiroo Cliona

The Cliona is a compact clitoris massager, with its aforementioned 11.5 x 4mm size and approximately 75 g weight.

With a powerful motor built into its head, combined with its simple design, it can easily be placed right on your clitoris with ease and without unnecessary obstacles.

To turn on your Cliona, double click the power button to turn it on. If done so correctly, a blinking pink light will appear, indicating that it is on solo mode--meaning that control is granted for you, the user.

To enable interactive pleasure for those who want to give control to another person, turning on the Cliona is a simple and uninterrupted process.

When the device is off, hold the power button for three to four seconds to turn it on and to activate Bluetooth mode at the same time, as indicated by a blinking blue light, as opposed to the pink one above. 

To change from one mode to the other while the device is on, tap the touch-sensitive arrows located above the power button. Do make sure to note what color the light is--pink is for solo mode, while blue is for dual.

When you first open the box, do be sure to charge the Kiiroo Cliona for about five to six hours to ensure that it operates at its fullest battery capacity. After this first charge, from a completely dead battery to a full charge, the Cliona will only require approximately two hours to fully charge.

It can provide one hour of continuous use, without turning it off, on a single full charge. Operating the Cliona is intuitive, as speed can be adjusted with either the plus or minus buttons--plus to go faster, minus to go slower. Press on the other buttons to change the vibration patterns.

After your rhythm and vibration patterns are set, Kiiroo has your best interests in mind. Click the power button once to lock the touch-sensitive buttons for pleasure uninhibited by the burden of accidental button presses.

My Observations from the Cliona

The most surprising aspect of the Cliona is its speed, intensity and power, given its small size. I first pressed the head down on my palm out of sheer curiosity and I felt strong vibrations through my whole arm.

As a user of Kiiroo products, I can say with certainty that they went above and beyond for the motor in the Cliona.

The Cliona’s curbed head allowed me to confidently press down on the toy’s head without discomfort or pain, to apply consistent contact with the clitoris.

Its thicker handle allows for a reliable grip of the vibrator, regardless of whether the user is standing or lying down, whether in the shower or sitting at a desk. 

Regarding its vibrations once again, it is not an overstatement to say that the body will still feel the vibrations and reverberations throughout, minutes after usage. 

In terms of its sound, the Cliona’s small size certainly comes in handy. Even though there is a powerful motor contained inside, much of the sound is kept within your space of use.

Though my experiences with the Cliona has been in my own house, I imagine that it would only be heard if others are in the same room; otherwise, it is hard for others to detect the product if they are in other rooms.

Kiiroo Cliona Pros and Cons


  • Long-distance interactivity with other users and media platforms
  • Low volume and hard to notice from anyone outside the room
  • Surprisingly powerful motor given its size
  • Wide variety of vibration patterns, rhythms and speeds, highly intuitive and simple buttons
  • Easily manageable and practical size, can be used in combination with other toys or during real life sexual intercourse
  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • Lock option to prevent accidental changes mid-use
  • ABS and silicone texture provides sleek texture and reliable grip


  • Motor can be too strong for users who have overly sensitive clitorises
  • Created for clitoral stimulation and orgasm. It is not meant for penetration or insertion
  • Two-hour charge, a bit longer than other toys of a similar size and weight
  • Solo or interactive modes do not reset after use. So users whose last sessions were from interactive Bluetooth-enabled partner play will have to switch to solo mode every time, and vice versa

Final Thoughts

When it comes to clitoral orgasms, the Kiiroo Cliona is an innovative and unique pleasure product that packs quite the punch.

In terms of the Cliona’s wide versatility is a toy that earns its high ratings. For those who want to engage in a more interactive masturbation experience from afar, users can easily pleasure each other to provide that new and joined moment.

For those who want to masturbate alone, the wide array of speeds and patterns can make each orgasm feel like a different and yet familiar sensation.

For those who want to connect to VR, webcam or 3D platforms, the Cliona will successfully do so, allowing you to stimulate your visuals and your feelings consecutively.

The telltale, noteworthy success of the Kiiroo Cliona is this high level of diversity, and its primary target audience of the oft ignored long distance relationships is a particularly new and exciting idea.

The ability to have a long-distance partner join interactively and be part of the process deepens the intimate connection despite the distance between the two users. The Cliona’s flawless design and simplicity of use will guarantee users an orgasm, or multiple, no matter how, when, and where you are when the mood arises.

For those who want to masturbate with a partner or by themselves, with the visual assistance of porn or imagination; whether the masturbation session in the heat of the moment or built up anticipation during the day, any user about to embark on the Kiiroo Cliona journey ought to be prepared for quite the adventure. 

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