GetRoman ED Review: 
Is GetRoman Legit Or A Scam

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: January 29th, 2019

We tend to avoid most male enhancement products on our website since more often than not they are just taking advantage of common male insecurities to make a quick buck. However, a handful of products have enough behind them that there's enough interest from our readers that my wife and I end up deciding that we should give them a shot so people know what to expect.

GetRoman is exactly that. See, Viagra or Viagra-like products have been promoted on the internet for quite some time now. I can't count how many spam emails I've received over the past decade from online pharmacies that make wild promises about what they can do for me & my penis.

Now though there are several different players in the online erectile dysfunction industry that actually appear to be above board. I've actually already reviewed a similar service already that goes by the name of BlueChew, that review can be found by clicking here. Now as far as Bluechew is concerned they were great to deal with and offered a legitimate product with all of the due diligence necessary.

The question is, how does GetRoman stack up to the competition? 

In this review, I'll touch on topics including their sign-up process, prices, and finally my experience using the service from beginning to end.

The GetRoman Sign-Up Process

GetRoman does a lot more than just sell brand name & generic Viagra, they're essentially an online pharmacy that deals with just about every aspect of men's health including hair loss treatment. Their website is very modern with a responsive UI that's very simple to use.

Viagra & Cialis are prescription only medications in the United States. So without a prescription, you aren't going to be able to acquire any medication from any legitimate pharmacy. Any website that promises to provide Viagra without a prescription is more than likely selling counterfeit pills besides the fact they are also operating illegally. Even if they are selling the real deal (which is highly improbable), they're straight up breaking the law by giving out ED medication to those not holding a valid prescription. Any of the trustworthy sites will connect you to a real life physician online and follow all of the regulations where you live. Running a legitimate pharmacy is a big undertaking, nobody worth their salt will risk that to peddle a few boner pills. Depending on which state you reside in, you may or may not need to have an audio/visual call with the doctor to finalize the GetRoman process.

The process all starts by providing your personal information to see if you can get a prescription for erectile dysfunction medication. I had to go through the GetRoman eligibility form in which a handful of questions relating to my sex life & libido. After that, these questions gave way to inquiries that dealt a lot more with things like my blood pressure as well as general health status.

Much of the general health questions have to deal with your heart health. Erectile dysfunction medication will have an effect on your circulatory system & blood pressure, so they need to know everything they can before they can confidently prescribe you some medicine. People on nitrate medications will be disqualified immediately because of the high risk of possibly fatal side effects.

All in all, the questionnaire took me about 10-15 minutes to complete. After that, I was given the choice of my treatment preferences which is where you choose how often you'd like to receive medication as well as what specific one.

Viagra's active ingredient is sildenafil which takes 45 minutes to an hour to start working and gives you a four hour window to make use of its benefits. Cialis on the other hand is known as tadalafil, it takes a full day to become effective but lasts for about 36 hours at a time, longer for some people. That's important to know when factoring in which pill you'd prefer to try first.

Once that was complete the information was sent off to be reviewed by GetRoman's medical team. About a day later I got a message to begin speaking with a physician to further clear up my objectives by receiving this medication and a few other cursory questions. After that, I was written a prescription and was ready to go from there.

GetRoman Prices

Now the price structure is what I was most curious about with GetRoman. A major difference between GetRoman and Bluechew is that GetRoman offers brand name & generic Viagra and Cialis, while BlueChew offers tailor made medicine created through a partnership with drug manufacturers. Essentially, GetRoman serves as a middleman while BlueChew handles more or less everything in-house. This difference in company structure reflect itself in the prices available:

The GetRoman generic sildenafil costs $6 a pill, while their Viagra & Cialis prices costs $34 per dose and $44 per dose, respectively. That's a huge difference compared to what Bluechew offers.

For the sake of comparison, Bluechew's lowest plan of $20 for 6 doses costs $3.33 per pill while their highest plan of $90 for 34 doses costs $2.64 per pill for sildenafil (Viagra). For tadalafil (Cialis), their lowest plan of $20 for 4 doses is $5 per pill while their highest plan of $90 for 28 doses works out to about $3.21 per pill.

Simply put, even with GetRoman's generic option they just don't hold a candle to what's offered by Bluechew. I am personally horrified by the predatory pricing practices of most erectile dysfunction pill manufacturers. People often tie their sex life to their overall life satisfaction in such a way that these manufacturers know they can offer these pills for absolutely exorbitant prices yet people will still pay.

Bluechew deciding to give as competitive a rate they do is what makes me so adamantly supportive of their service, people shouldn't have to choose between a satisfying sex life and a satisfying financial situation.

Throw in the fact that Bluechew offers a 1-month free trial and it's really hard to justify settling on GetRoman.

I've actually written an in-depth review of my experience using BlueChew. I've also written a guide to claiming a 1-month free trial of BlueChew.

What Drug Should I Choose For Erectile Dysfunction?

Both Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) are present on the GetRoman site & work through similar mechanisms by inhibiting a specific enzyme which results in blood being able to more easily go to the penis. They differ however mainly in their onset of action as well as duration of action.

Sildenafil will work within an hour of taking it and from there work for a full four hours. This makes it most ideal for people who aren't quite sure when they're going to need a raging erection to take as necessary. So long as they have a proper four hour window, everything should be just fine. After that the enzyme inhibiting activity of sildenafil stops, the benefit of this is that after that period in time a patient can be a lot less paranoid about the effects of the pill on their heart & blood vessels.

Tadalafil on the other hand takes approximately 24 hours before the benefit can be realized but lasts around 36-42 hours depending on the individual. That leaves a lot more room for spontaneity throughout the following day to get down to business whenever the urge strikes. So some people might prefer tadalafil simply because you can take it a day before and not worry about whether or not you'll manage to fit your sexual encounter within a relatively short time frame.

Does GetRoman Actually Work For ED?

The site practically beats it into your head that you'll be eligible for free 2-day express shipping right off the bat. Naturally I was skeptical from the beginning as "free" and "fast shipping" pretty much never works out. Lo and behold, it took a full four days for me to receive my package despite their 2-day assurances. Four days isn't excessive by any means but had they not been so insistent on the fact that I'd have a package in my hands within two I would be a lot less unimpressed.

I now held a package of GetRoman sildenafil pills in my hand and figured I'd get down to business. Within about 45 minutes to an hour of taking the medication all it took was a little bit of playfulness from my wife for me to see the effects to be apparent. I can confidently say that these pills do contain legitimate sildenafil and that they work exactly as advertised.

While I didn't insist that the doctor also give me an equivalent Cialis prescription to try out, their Cialis is brand name so I'd assume it works just fine.

The GetRoman service does indeed provide a solution for erectile dysfunction so long as your medical history checks out during the online visit.

So Is GetRoman Legit?

Let's consider the overall landscape of dealing with an online pharmacy. I'd wager that at least 90% of online pharmacies peddling Viagra have a blatant failure in one of three aspects. They either aren't legally able to sell the medication they claim to or sell them to individuals without a legitimate prescription, the medication they sell usually isn't Viagra/Cialis at all, and cancelling your subscription can be a near impossible task to complete.

So in simplest terms, GetRoman is completely legitimate and not a scam. You really do have to provide a detailed medical history before you can get started which is then looked over by a real doctor. Once all of the due diligence has been done by the doctor with a proper Telehealth consultation you will then start to receive legitimate medication via mail. Should you ever decide to want to cancel it just takes a bit of navigation through their website to discontinue your service. The fact that they also offer consistent support from the physician with the ability to ask whatever question you want further cements their legitimacy.

Yes, GetRoman is completely legitimate. But are they the best possible choice as an online pharmacy type service for erectile dysfunction?

In my opinion, the simple answer is no. Their website may be modern but it's not necessarily the most intuitive process and I personally thought they were a bit guarded with where you could find the subscription cancellation button.

Their biggest issue without a doubt is their absolutely abysmal pricing. Even their generic options are about twice as expensive as similar service Bluechew and their brand name options are essentially the same price as a fancy dinner for two per pill. Their option of just generic "sildenafil" seems purposefully opaque to make people want to choose the brand-name options in the name of "just being sure".

In essence, I'm not really convinced GetRoman has a desire to actually be part of a healthier shift for the male enhancement industry. Sure, they do a good job at due diligence and proper medical screening, but their poor prices as well as claims of extremely fast shipping that just aren't true leaves me with a very bad taste in my mouth.


I don't really consider my GetRoman review to be scathing, they really do provide a solution for ED in a way that's completely legal and above board. If you really do put a high premium on consistent doctor follow ups, then you will be impressed by how involved you can make the physician in your overall sexual health. When it comes to the pills themselves and their shipping practices though, they leave a little bit to be desired in the grand scheme of things.

Still, it's good to know that GetRoman is also a quality online pharmacy that is working to make the male enhancement industry a lot less skeevy. Those who also want to look into hair loss daily treatments or diabetes/cholesterol treatments might like GetRoman as a one stop shop, I just don't think they are the best choice for those looking exclusively for a solution for ED.

Like I've said already, I found Bluechew to be the superior choice by far if you're looking for sildenafil (Viagra) or tadalafil (Cialis). It's much cheaper and works the exact same way (since it's essentially the exact same product) as GetRoman.

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